Synthetic oil and synthetic lubricants can help you save money with increased fuel economy and fewer oil changes. Products now support 12 month or 25,000 mile oil changes. Amsoil is the original, and still the best. See the proof by reviewing the comparison tests. Synthetic oil offers greater protection for you engines, transmissions, and gearboxes, and improved performance.

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Synthetic oil and synthetic lubricants can help you save money with increased fuel economy and fewer oil changes. Synthetic oil offers greater protection for your engines, transmissions, and gearboxes, and improved performance. Take action by using the right sidebar to request a FREE Amsoil catalog of information. Request information with absolutely no obligation; two things will happen if you request info. Amsoil will email you an online catalog, and SyntheticOilHQ will mail you (USPS) a catalog, Amsoil stickers, and any other information you requested. No obligation, so make sure to request a catalog. If you are outside the US and Canada, email us and we will do our best to ship internationally.

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Amsoil gains popularity.

Synthetic oil is becoming more and more popular, with many high performance cars coming from the factory with synthetic oils installed when new. Some cars that are delivered with synthetics include; Acura RDX, Aston Martin, Bentley, Cadillac, Corvette, Mercedes AMG, Mercedes SLR, Mitsubishi Evolution, Solstice GXP, Porsche, Saturn Red Line, Dodge Viper, and more. Educate yourself and you'll learn that Amsoil beat all others in testing. Many manufacturers are also promoting extended drain intervals, something Amsoil has been advocating for decades. Most European manufacturers suggest 9,000 mile drain intervals and are considering doubling it. Big Oil is the main remaining supporter of 3,000 mile oil changes; it helps them sell more. Unnecessary oil changes use 300-400 million gallons annually, and over 1.5 billion dollars annually in U.S. consumer costs. There is also environmental impact; all that old oil has to go somewhere.

The solution? Use a quality synthetic like Amsoil and extended drain intervals of 7,500, 25,000, or 35,000 miles as recommended by Amsoil. This will reduce your oil changes from 4-5 per year to 1-2 per year. Order Amsoil online and have it sent from a local Amsoil warehouse, and can usually be delivered in 2-3 days from the local warehouse. If you're not ready to order, or just need more information, take 60 seconds and request a free Amsoil catalog, or to request information on becoming an Amsoil independent dealer.  

Benefits and features

  • Benefits: Vehicles, motorcycles and various equipments last longer, need fewer repairs and upkeep and emit cleaner exhaust. Less smoking on diesels.
  • Benefit: Vehicles and equipment perform better (Amsoil = more horsepower) and get better fuel economy.
  • Benefit: AMSOIL synthetic oil lasts longer than other lubricants do. I've run vehicles for years without oil changes, by just changing filters.
  • Benefit: Amsoil synthetic oil runs cooler and cooler engines resist stress and wear. I've noticed significant cooler running on my Harley Davidson and other bikes. They last longer, perform better and require fewer repairs.
  • Benefit; Engines stay clean internally when using Amsoil products, including fuel systems, which helps them perform better, last longer and require fewer repairs.
  • Benefit; Easier cold temperature starting. Better high and low temperature protection, which helps engines last longer and require fewer repairs.
  • Benefit Lower wear rate on internal parts from Amsoil synthetic oil, which helps engines last longer and require fewer repairs. Improves fuel economy.
  • Benefit: Reduced oil consumption from synthetic oil. Better oil flow gives better fuel economy and better wear protection. Lower volatility (doesn't evaporate like petroleum oils do).
  • Benefit: AMSOIL synthetic motor oils work safely and protect at higher and lower temperatures than petroleum oils do. I grew up in North Dakota and know from experience.
  • Benefit: AMSOIL synthetic motor oils last longer than conventional oils do, which saves drivers money and reduces the environmental impact of used lubricants.

Synthetic motorcycle oil

We specialize in synthetic motorcycle oil from Amsoil. Request a catalog, use the vehicle lookup, or contact us for the correct Amsoil synthetic motorcycle oil for your bike!

Corporate news, and Amsoil Racing

Tomac Gets Great Start In L.A.
Round three of Monster Energy Supercross brought the nationwide tour to Dodger Stadium for the first time last Saturday and Team AMSOIL rider Eli Tomac was looking for his first career podium. Tomac, who has been riding fast in his rookie supercross campaign but was besieged by poor starts in the first two rounds, was quick on the throttle in Los Angeles. The former Loretta Lynn's Amateur champion started third in the West Coast Lites main and after a few turns had moved into second. From there he would pressure race leader Cole Seely, while being pressured from a handful of riders behind him. While Seely extended his lead, Tomac fought off the competition and picked up his first pro podium. Tomac's teammate James Decotis finished eighth in the Lites class and Kevin Windham finished sixth in the 450 Supercross class. AMSOIL is the Exclusive Official Oil of Monster Energy Supercross. Round four heads to Oakland, Calif. The Oakland round of racing will air on CBS next Sunday morning. Until then, we'll see you at the races, Team AMSOIL

Wanderscheid Wins Record Fourth AMSOIL World Championship
Sunday marked the 48th running of the AMSOIL World Championship Snowmobile Derby in Eagle River, Wis., and this one will have the industry buzzing for weeks to come. Team AMSOIL racer P. J. Wanderschied now stands alone as the Derby's only four-time champion after a hard-fought battle with another AMSOIL-backed driver, Gary Moyle. Officials at the AMSOIL Derby Track shook things up this year by changing the format of the WC race from a 25-lap race to a 30-lap race split into two sections. Drivers raced 15 laps, had a five-minute pit session to change carbides, add lubricants and fuel and check the sled over. Then the race resumed with a staggered start according to how drivers finished the first 15-lap session. Wanderscheid earned the pole position by winning the Sweet 16 race during Friday Night Thunder, but it was Moyle who jumped out to an early lead on lap one with Wanderscheid following close behind. The Houghton, Mich. native led from flag to flag as the first 15 laps closed with no red flags and Wanderscheid only narrowing the gap slightly around lap 13. The race resumed after the mandatory pit-stop and fans were treated to an epic battle between Moyle and Wanderscheid as the two exchanged the lead a number of times until Wanderscheid finally took the lead for good on lap 29 to solidify his place in snowmobile racing history as the first four-time AMSOIL World Champion. Wanderscheid was followed on his Arctic Cat by Moyle and ice oval racing legend Jacques Villeneuve, both on Ski-Doo. The world championship weekend at the AMSOIL Derby Track also features snocross, where the podium was also dominated by Team AMSOIL drivers. It was an AMSOIL podium sweep in the Pro Stock class during Friday Night Thunder with Scheuring Speed Sports? Robbie Malinoski taking the checkers followed by Ross Martin and Mike Bauer from the Judnick Motorsports trailer. Malinoski also took third in Friday night?s Pro Open final behind young-gun Justin Broberg and third-year pro Brett Turcotte. Sunday?s Pro Stock final saw Marin finish on top, followed by Malinoski and Kaven Benoit. Malinoski?s teammate Darrin Mees finished fourth. The Pro Open final featured a fantastic battle between Marin and Turcotte, culminating with an awe-inspiring charge by Martin from the final turn to the finish line for the win. Martin was followed by Turcotte, Broberg and Malinoski. Mees finished sixth. It was a fantastic weekend for Team AMSOIL with riders on the podium in every final and world championships in snocross and ice ovals. Wanderscheid?s feat is truly special and will solidify his position in history as one of the sport?s best. Congratulations, P.J.

Schultz Secures Gold; Martin and Malinoski Also Medal at Winter X
Mike Schultz doesn't let too much affect him these days. Both on, and off, the track, he is moving forward. More often than not, he comes out on the winning end. Despite losing his left leg during a pro snocross race three years ago, Schultz has adapted to his new role in life and has been busy snatching up X Games medals. This past weekend in Aspen, Schultz added to his growing resume by winning a Winter X Gold Medal in Adaptive Snocross on top of his AMSOIL sponsored Ski Doo. Also riding a Ski Doo at Winter X Games this past weekend was Team AMSOIL rider Robbie Malinoski. One of the top pro riders in the AMSOIL Championship Snocross Series, Malinoski had to overcome a poor start in the X Games Snocross final to finish with a bronze medal. Ross Martin, who rides out of the AMSOIL/Polaris trailer, picked up his second straight silver medal in Aspen. Despite jumping the start, Martin was able to push through the field and into second at the halfway point. Tucker Hibbert won his fifth straight Winter X Gold. Up next for Martin and Malinoski is round four of the AMSOIL Championship Snocross Series in Farmington, N.Y. on February 4-5. Until then, we'll see you at the races, Team AMSOIL

Winter X Games Medalists Headline AMSOIL Championship Snocross Series
Direct from Aspen, Col. and the Winter X Games with precious medals to boot are some of the world?s best snocross racers and freestyle athletes coming to the east coast for the third year in a row to compete in the AMSOIL Championship Snocross Series at the Vision KIA Eastern National at Finger Lakes Casino and Racetrack Feb. 4-5. Tucker Hibbert brought home a gold medal in the X Games Snocross. Team AMSOIL rider Ross Martin took the silver medal and the bronze went to AMSOIL Scheuring Speed Sports star Robbie Malinoski. These athletes competed hard and will be bringing their "A Game" to Farmington. Watch your favorite pros race head-to-head in the pro main events both on Friday and Saturday. This is race number 4 of 8 national events with racers competing for the title of year-end Points Champion. Adding more to the extreme excitement, the ISOC Freestyle Team fueled by Monster Energy will perform sick tricks and stunts both days. Spectator doors will open at 4 p.m. on Friday and 3 p.m. on Saturday. You can watch the entire weekend live at Until then, we'll see you at the races, Team AMSOIL

Medal Favorite Hoyer Takes Home Second Straight Silver
Justin Hoyer teamed up with the AMSOIL/Scheuring Speed Sports team this fall to give him a more reliable sled during his Winter X Games competition. The sleds worked perfectly in Aspen and the defending gold medalist held up his end of the bargain during the opening night of competition on ESPN. Hoyer was the top qualifier coming out of the first round of eliminations and backed it up with the top score after two rounds. Hoyer, who would flip his 500 pound snowmobile last in the Winter X Games final, needed to beat Daniel Bodin's 91.66 score for a shot at the gold. A small hand check on a no-handed landing might have cost Hoyer the gold, but his 91.00 run was enough for a second straight medal, this time the silver. That was a battle," Hoyer said. "It was the hardest Winter X ever. We've come a long way and hopefully we can continue to grow. Next year I'm a little nervous though. It's going to get ugly. Real ugly." Team AMSOIL gets another crack at gold tonight when Scheuring sends out AMSOIL Championship Snocross Series pro Willie Elam for the Snowmobile Speed and Style event. Tonight's final will air live on ESPN. Qualifying will be held throughout the day in Aspen. Robbie Malinoski and Ross Martin will look for gold in Snocross on Sunday afternoon, while Hoyer will compete for the title of Best Trick on Sunday night. Both events air live on ESPN. Until then, we'll see you at the races, Team AMSOIL


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