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6 Points Why Businesses Give Irritating Car Salesman A Wide Birth And Go For Car Leasing

In the UK, you will pop along to the local car dealer or shop online if you need a new car. Rarely do we consider the car lease option. Instead we dish out on loans and find ourselves in debt. Now many people are aware of why a lease car can be a good option. The car leasing option is very popular on the other hand, in the US. So why do people go for the car lease model? Here’s why people like to car lease.

You have fixed monthly payments for a start with the car for leasing option. Once your deposit is paid, with the exception of insurance and fuel, there are no more costs. You will know exactly how much to put aside monthly.

You can expect a new car around every three years. You aren’t then left with a car with miles on the clock that has depreciated in value. You can shop it in for a brand new motor!

You can avoid depreciation costs brilliantly here as you can with van leasing. How often have you bought a car, run it for a few years, then found when you trade it in, it is worth peanuts. Leased cars give fixed costs. Imagine having a loan that nowhere near matches the value of the car!

Flexibility in life is paramount. If you have bought a car and have a loan, firstly you will need to sell the car, and secondly you hope you have enough money to cover the loan. Worse still, you may find you are caught in the loan long term, paying monthly for a car you no longer own. Car leasing companies will give you the option of different lease terms, giving better flexibility to give the car back at the end of the term if you need to. Perfect for if say for example you have kids, or move aboard.

Car leasing pricing is particularly attractive. A bog standard car can cost as much as ten figures these days. It isn’t really going to impress your mates. This model will let you drive away with an Audi car lease you’d never be able to afford outright otherwise. Car leasing definitely is a credibility booster!

One thing I particularly hate about car shopping is the whole car salesman routine. The effort of having to negotiate and haggle the best price is painful. You also hope you aren’t being sold a banger! With car leasing, you can pick your car and find the best deal for a brand new car. Stop putting up with the dodgy car salesman. Maybe it is time to give car leasing a try.

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