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Amsoil Bypass Filter Install–Ford Expedition

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The Dual Remote Filtration System (BMK23) was installed on a 2008 Ford Expedition equipped with a 5.4L V8. Since it’s 2WD, there is a lot of room for mounting in front of the axle, behind the front bumper. The kit comes with all the necessary hardware, but I custom made part of the bracket in order to fi t it where I wanted. A spin-on adapter was used to attach the feed and return lines to the engine. Installing the system behind the front bumper requires no more than 18” of hose for either line. The EaO15 Full Flow Filter and EaBP90 By-Pass Filter used sit well above the frame rails and are easy to get to. System capacity increased from seven quarts to almost nine.


2008 Ford Expedition 5.4L V8 2WD The area behind the front bumper allows ample room
for installation.


Less than 18” of hose is required for either the feed
or return lines.


Filters are easy to access and sit well above the
frame rails.

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