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Amsoil DOMINATOR – Synthetic 2-Cycle Racing Oil


Amsoil Dominator

Amsoil Dominator

Amsoil DOMINATOR®, an AMSOIL exclusive formulation, lubricates and protects high-performance two-cycle motors, both on and off the track. High-performance motors, particularly those that are modified, operate hotter and at higher RPM than recreational motors, and they need good oil for peak performance. DOMINATOR is engineered for racing. It has the right fi lm strength and clean-burning properties for “on the edge” operation.

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Amsoil Dominator

Super Film Strength

High-performance two-cycle motors have high compression ratios, which significantly increases combustion chamber heat and crankshaft bearing . Hot combustion processes quickly burn off and evaporate light oils and cause rapid piston expansion, decreasing piston-to-cylinder wall clearances. This promotes piston scuffing and possible seizure, and increased pressure on crankshaft bearings promotes metal-to-metal contact, wear and pitting. High heat and pressures require tough oil with better fi lm strength and more lubricity.

Amsoil DOMINATOR, constructed with AMSOIL heavy synthetic oil, handles high heat better
than mineral oils and provides improved fi lm strength and lubricity. DOMINATOR
reduces friction and provides an extra measure of protection against piston scuffing
and crankshaft bearing wear.

Amsoil DominatorAmsoil Dominator

Clean Burning

High combustion processes require the proper additives and oils to control deposits. Amsoil DOMINATOR contains strong, high-temperature detergent additives and highly pure AMSOIL synthetic oil. It helps prevent deposits that cause ring sticking, plug fouling and exhaust port blocking. Amsoil DOMINATOR is an optimized product for severe service.

• Provides excellent fi lm strength for high-heat, high-RPM motors
• Reduces friction for maximum power
• Recommended for use with coated or non-coated racing pistons
• Suitable for use with exhaust power valves
• Recommended for use with high-octane racing gas
• Burns clean; helps prevent ring sticking and plug fouling
• Provides excellent protection at 50:1 pre-mix or in injection systems

Amsoil Dominator

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