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California’s, Hall, Mahar & Associates Insurance Services, Inc. Promotes Motorcycle Safety


Local California insurance press release for freeagency, Hall, Mahar & Associates is regularly trying for ways to better serve the surrounding community. With the warm summer months, longer days and variety of completely open road, it’s no surprise that motorcyclists are hitting the streets in full force this season. Whether it is a vet or a newbie rider operating the bike, it’s crucial that motorcyclists make safety a primary concern. According to the California Highway Patrol, regardless of the indisputable fact that only 2 percent of vehicles registered in the state are motorbikes, motorcyclists account for 9.4% of all California traffic fatalities. To make certain that each rider is correctly prepared for a safe ride, Hall, Mahar & Associates has compiled a listing of safety cares and best practices for motorcyclists to consider :

  • Never leave home without the right protection – most importantly is the necessity for a helmet. Riders should go for a full-coverage helmet ; this sort of helmet offers the most protection available in the event of a crash.

All helmets fit differently so find one that is snug between your cheeks and the helmet liner ; it should not twist of lift off due to wind while you ride. Wearing long pants, gloves, and boots are also common best practices most riders agree to.

  • Make intelligent decisions – obey the speed limit, no matter how fast a bike may go, the rider should not push their limits. Motorcyclists should always ride with their lights on and use turn signals.


Another safety measure to pay close attention to is correct riding techniques near hills. When approaching the crest of a hill, riders should move away from the center line ; when approaching traffic is visible it may be too late to move should you find someone after the hill is in your lane.

  • Keep cool in hot weather – motorcyclists should be advised that riding in acute heat can pose threats to one’s health, so preparing for one’s ride the proper way, is a safe way to ensure a safe and trouble-free cruise.


If a rider is decked out in the right safety gear, it should come as no great surprise that all that black leather only makes cooling down harder. Many riders know that keeping one’s neck cool is important but it is also crucial that riders keep hydrated with plenty of water and take pit stops whenever required.

Above all else, riders should secure an effective insurance plan. Obtaining dependable California motorcycle insurance, before a rider hits the road, may actually be the smartest decision they could make.

At Hall, Mahar & Associates, all-embracing bike policies can be customised to include a range of coverages such as : accident protection, passenger protection, breakdown protection, replacement cost coverage and more . Motorcyclists must always consider safety a top priority ; and that includes joining the correct insurance plan. About Hall, Mahar & Associates : Since 1965, Hall, Mahar & Associates has operated as a full service, independent California insurance agent. The agency’s extensive network of suppliers makes sure that they can provide their purchasers with excellent coverage options.

Hall, Mahar & Associates has written LA insurance, Anaheim insurance and coverage policies for residents all across the state of California for over 45 years. Hall, Mahar & Associates resolutely believes in treating their clientele with respect and unique client service. As a leading, local insurance agent, Hall, Mahar & Associates understand that choosing a CA policy can seem like a monumental task, so their team of knowledgeable, coverage execs hopes to make the method as simple as possible for you.


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