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Can You Remember Your First Scooter ?

Can you recall your first motorbike? I recall mine was a used motorcycle, a Honda 750 four. I bought it used in 1972 for $700.00. I remember it had something like 3000 miles on it when I paid for it. For what it was it was a great motorcycle.

The Next bike I purchased was a Norton 750 Commando. It was a fast motorcycle its day.

It was sweet, it was about 60hp @ 7000rpm and would run wide open at just around 120 to 125 mph. It was a four speed, I can still remember red lining it and thinking it could Probably run faster if it only had one more gear.

When I was younger I was into used motorcycles bikes. Well it was not that I was so much into them as it was all that motorbike malady didn’t last forever though and in 1975 I joined the United States Army and the next year I paid for a brand new Harley Davidson Sportster 1000cc bicentennial addition. Although it was one of those AMF Harley’s, it was a a nice ride. I got it while I was in Germany and I road it all over Europe. I road my Harley for a good ten years after that, in 1987 I had to give it a decent burial because I had an accident. Alas, my 1976 AMF bicentennial Sportster was damaged beyond repair.

I have owned quite a few bikes over the years. I have owned just about

every kind of motorbike you can visualize. I had a Fat Boy for a while, I owned a KZ LTD. 1000cc Kawasaki Police interceptor, and I’ve also had a couple of dirt bikes for off roading.

Those where all good times and great motorcycle but time marches on, I have grown up and although my taste in motorbikes hasn’t changed very much I do prefer a smoother riding motorcycle these days. The bike I ride now is a Honda VTX 1300.

Although to some, riding a motorcycle that isn’t made in the USA might be considered un-cool or not at all patriotic. To

them I say, GET OVER IT! Long gone are the days of my, it’s got to be a Harley or nothing at all. I am not saying that I wouldn’t own or ride a Harley

they are major league bikes. I’m just saying, it doesn’t matter what the motorcycle is, what matters is that I can get out on the open road.

I must say my Honda VTX 1300 is a nice smooth ride, it is very comfortable on long rides and it has all of the power I need.

The one thing about my VTX though is, it is a 2005 and it’s getting a few miles on it. I am thinking about selling it and getting a different one. I haven’t decided yet what kind of motorcycle I want. I am thinking that I might not buy a new motorcycle this time. Oh well I am not in any great hurry however I just might start searching for a used motorcycle for sale.

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