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BIG Amsoil Sticker on JEEP

Thanks for the photos RB, it looks pretty good! If anyone else needs some big stickers like this, just contact me through our contact form here; http://www.syntheticoilhq.com/blog/contact-us-form/


Amsoil sticker on Jeep

Big Amsoil Sticker on Jeep

Amsoil Sticker

Big Amsoil Sticker on Jeep

Big Amsoil Sticker on Jeep

Big Amsoil Sticker on Jeep

Big Amsoil Sticker on Jeep

Big Amsoil Sticker on Jeep


AMSOIL Won’t Let Million-Mile Trucker Retire

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When AMSOIL Dealer Jerry Pruett of Woodhull, Ill. purchased his new 1999 Kenworth over-the-road truck in December 1998, he thought it might run forever if he installed AMSOIL synthetic lubricants. Now with more than 1.6 million miles on the drivetrain and over 1.1 million on the factory-rebuilt engine, “forever” still remains in sight.

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The mileage is even more impressive considering how little work the truck has required. The Detroit Diesel Reliabilt® engine still has virtually all of its original components, including the turbo and fuel injectors. The truck accumulates 2,300-3,000 miles a week hauling loads averaging 27,000-35,000 pounds, with some up to 80,000.

The reliability of the drivetrain is also notable. Though the clutch has been replaced a couple times, the transmission hasn’t been touched. “I’ve done nothing to the transmission. All the gears in it are at 1.6 million miles,” said Pruett. The differential gears are also original to the truck.

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Ford Edge Cooling Fan Replacement–Part 2

Ford Edge cooling fan

Part 1 is here http://www.syntheticoilhq.com/blog/ford-edge-cooling-fan-replacementpart-1video/

This is the project to replace the cooling fan on our 2007 Ford Edge myself, to save part of the $900.00 that Ford wanted. It’s pretty labor intensive, but nothing really unusual.

Ford Edge cooling fan

I think there will be 4 parts to this series, still putting the video together. In part two, we demonstrate the following steps;

  1. Start removing wiring harness from the top of the radiator.
  2. Removing the panel across the top of the radiator.
  3. Moving the hood prop rod.
  4. Removing fender well/ wheel well screws.
  5. Removing splash panel from the bottom of front bumper.


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The Proper Way To Ride A Motorbike .

You have always hankered after a bike. But with so many motorbike insurance firms out there, it is hard for you to pick which one is right. Of course, you are paying them your hard-won money. You may as well get the very best that would deal with every need. An expert shop is also certain to be well placed to offer you guidance on finding the best part and also fitting it to your cycle.

Do not be inundated by all of the details the agents tell you. Even though it may appear a bit purposeless, a singular looking tax disk holder can make the standard bike look more fashionable and without having to spend a huge amount of money. For those on a restricted budget, a tax disk holder can add a completely unique look and style to your motorbike. As an example, a carbon fibre and aluminium tax disk holder will be offering a particularly top quality solution with added security. Offered in a selection of colors it can add that final touch of modernism or style. But then you've got to ensure you have heard about the insurance firm at some other time. You're also capable of finding out some inexpensive deals, reasonable policies, multiplicity of services to refurbish and substitute the policy, with unique tenders, price assessment and lots more. You'll also need to discover how much experience they have in bike insurance and claims.

The most important objective of insurance is to guard you from private culpability claims. Figure out if they have handled this insurance corporation and if they'd a claim how well they handled the procedure. And then I am talking about significant enough get you in the hospice and your cycle so damaged it's got to get replaced. Although is appears like this is something you have got to scope out, and it sounds like difficult work, it actually is not, the insurance corporations give you rather good quotes as there is so much competition for them, and they'd like to get you as a client. When you concentrate on this, getting a little more pricey insurance is way less expensive than playing for all this. When you're done with all this and you have simplified it down to only a few policies, like 2 or 3, then it's the time to give them a call.


This Clause Covers Any Wounds Or Damage Caused To Other People In The Eventuality Of An Accident.

Some areas had received more than 2 times the average amount and the Lower Headland was calling to us for a snowmobile ride. Michigan was having the best year it had seen in some time, apropos snowfall. Our three-person group hauled the snowmobiles to Frank street Commemorative Park near West Branch, Michigan. When going north on I-75 from the southeast corner of the Lower Headland , it is the nearest place to catch the trail system. Once on the snowmobile trails, you can go wherever you need – even the Higher Spur . There are a few different sorts of coverage that may be bought for these off road automobiles.

Bodily injury and property damage coverage is among the most typical kinds of clauses found in snowmobile insurance programs. This clause covers any wounds or damage caused to other people in the eventuality of an accident. But if planning on taking a family on a snowmobile rental package tour there might some limitations that impact on the children ‘ in the group. Crash insurance will cover the particular damage caused to the policy holder’s automobile. Be sure to note the age limits in force in addition to any other constraints that could be applied, if any. These snow machines are usually well tended, in fine condition and maintained to a significant level. It’s regularly feasible to book snowmobile rentals every day at a price of $120 to $249 or thereabouts dependent on the location and model of the sled. Hire either a one or two-seater to fit the wishes. If you're attempting to find somewhere to go, the more widely recognized snowmobile trails are in Yellowstone Nationwide Park and Ontario Canada.

You will get the chance to meet more similar minded fans like yourself and should be capable of making plans to meet each winter or perhaps take a role in races together. Snowmobiles are fun, but it's not fun if you get yourself hurt. But recall though that amateurs should take things simple for now and not try too many stunts or tricks. One of them is whether you would like to wish riding it continually or barely. If you wish riding it often, then you want to get a snowmobile of a good shape. Nevertheless this could not apply if you'd like to use it rather barely. Sometimes , snowmobile dealers also deal in used snowmobiles, so there isn't anything to fret about the location.


We Took Snowmobile Trails North To Luzerne, Home Of Ma Deeter’s.

The cold months provide many occasions to enjoy activities that cannot be done during hotter months. These activities include stuff like sledding, skiing, and snowmobiling. There are lots of areas that permit snowmobile travel. There are several critical things someone should do before taking their snowmobile out. If you're getting some guaranty on a second hand thing for sale, then it is in your own interests to purchase the item. This guaranty may protect you for a minimum of 2 months, if some defect happens in that time. 2 months is the maximum guaranty, you can get on used ones for sale.

This is the place you can find different sorts of snowmobiles like used Polaris snowmobiles, used arctic moggy snowmobiles, used Yamaha snowmobiles and used snowmobiles Canada. It's smart to search for inexpensive snowmobiles for sale online. I suggest buying a modular snowmobile helmet, for the extra convenience when you need to speak with your mate or family while you are on a breather. Safety gloves are crucial, to keep your hands warm as cold hands aren't the best for operating the gear. More dedicated snowmobile fans may wish to customize your sled with snowmobile performance parts. Snowmobile glasses and a hardy snowmobile suit are needed also, to guard you from the winter elements.

For the adult, its regularly a straight forward process to hire a snowmobile and than set off on a pro steered tour or a self steered trip in the trails. Be sure to note the age limits in force in addition to any other restrictions that could be imposed, if any. But if planning on taking a family on a snowmobile rental package tour there might some limitations that impact on the children ‘ in the group. It’s regularly feasible to book snowmobile rentals every day at a price of $120 to $249 or thereabouts dependent on the location and model of the sled. 2nd , the Ogemaw Hills snowmobile club typically has its trails in excellent shape. We took snowmobile trails north to Luzerne, home of Ma Deeter’s. Our plan was to reach Cheboygan, found on the Lake Huron coast, that evening. You should not pass thru Luzerne without stopping at the landmark bistro. From Luzerne we continued north thru Red Oak and into Lewiston.


Ford Edge Cooling Fan Replacement–Part 1–Video

Video at the bottom.

Ford Edge Cooling Fan Replacement

I’m going to try to post video of my project to replace the cooling fan on a Ford Edge. Ford gets about $800.00 or more for this. It happens pretty regularly, just go Google it. The parts online are about $200 – $300. So, with some work, you can save a handy $500.00. However, it’s not simple, quick, or easy. Ford Edge Cooling Fan Replacement

This is part 1; it goes through the symptoms, and a quick look at the new fan. Some initial tips; the symptoms here were that the fan ran at HIGH SPEED whenever it was turned on. It never would slow down to low speed. This entire fan is controlled by the PCM (Powertrain Control Module) or “computer”. Ford Edge Cooling Fan Replacement

Fits On:
07-09 Ford Edge (W/ Towing Package)
About this Manufacturer:
One of the most trusted names in aftermarket automotive parts is TYC, a Genera brand. They make OEM-replica products to the exact same specifications as the original parts themselves. They make their parts overseas, and even though their parts are virtually identical to the OEM factory parts, you end up paying what averages out to be about a quarter of the price most times! TYC has been making OEM-grade aftermarket parts for a very long time, and is a name you can trust in the automotive industry. Ford Edge Cooling Fan Replacement
About this Product:
This is a direct replacement for the factory part. TYC makes products that are designed to be factory-grade parts. TYC parts allow you to replace factory parts on your vehicle without needing to go directly to your local dealership and paying top dollar to get them. This is a very affordable alternative to buying the factory-made part from your local dealership when it comes time to replace it.

Ford Edge Cooling Fan Replacement


Here are a couple of links to discussions of this problem;





Stay tuned for Part 2

Auto Insurance

Ford Edge Cooling Fan Replacement

Ford Edge Cooling Fan Replacement


NASBLA Designates Cindy Kalkomey Of The Internet Web Site To Nationwide Education Standards Panel | Ford Edge Cooling Fan Replacement.


Cindy Kalkomey of Ship Edreg ; has been appointed to the National Organisation of State Sailing Law Administrators’ new Nationwide Education Standards Panel. The 15-member panel, which represents state, federal, nonprofit, commercial and public stakeholder interests, will start work this year to review national sailing education standards. Kalkomey, founder of multi-media publishing and education company Kalkomey Companies, played a leading role in developing the our site managed online course. NASBLA and Transport Canada have adopted this sort of course as their internet delivery standard. Kalkomey Enterprises, parent company of Ship Ed and our web site provides lecture room and / or online education courses for 48 states.

“I’ve been a boater all my life and appreciate how boating enriches the bonds I have with family and friends,” Kalkomey declared. “So others can experience the thrill of boating, I’m looking forward to working on education standards to ensure licensed boaters have learned the simple way to stay safe and legal.” Ship Ed joined NASBLA as an associate member in 1998. Kalkomey has actively served on NASBLA’s education panel for 10 years. That experience, combined with a Ph.D. In stats and a pro career focused on having a look at data impassively to come to conclusions, will be a valued asset in the panel’s work.

The panel will judge, develop and revise the nation’s boating education standards using open, consensus-based procedures that fit with the American National Standards Institute’s necessary prerequisites for due process press release distributors . Panel appointees will be trained on ANSI-based procedures, which include prompt consideration of different perspectives and challenges, consensus balloting, a public review of standards drafts, and the possibility for procedural appeals. The panel will review the national boating education standards each 5 years starting in 2011 with the most current standards forming the basis for the 1st review. A preliminary “call for suggested revisions” to the standards will be decided after the panel organizes its work. The NASBLA website will provide directions for submitting proposed revisions, the standards documents up for review, and other resources.

Other members delegated to the panel to represent state interests are Anthony Cardoza (N.H. ), Ed Huntsman (Ariz. ), Jeff Johnson (Alaska), MariAnn Koloszar (Ore. ), and Betsy Woods (Tenn. ) The members appointed to represent Fed. Boating agency interests are John Malatak (USCG) and Robin Freeman (USCG-Aux). As well as Kalkomey of our web site Kerry Moher (BoaterExam) was appointed to represent commercial interests.

The members chosen to the panel to represent nonprofit interests are John Adey (ABYC), Joe Gatfield (Canadian Power & Sail Squadrons), and Terry Leitz (NMMA). Those members appointed to represent the general public interests are Pam Dillon, Joseph Connolly II and Bob Sweet (USPS). To discover more about the Nation’s Education Standards Panel, its rules, and the nominees, feel free to visit the web site Get your sailing license and learn how to stay safe and legal on the water. About NASBLA The Nation’s Organisation of State Sailing Law Administrators is a countrywide non profit organisation that works to develop state policy for recreational sailing safety. NASBLA represents the recreational cruising authorities of all 50 states and the U.S. Territories.

The association offers a variety of resources, including coaching, model acts, education standards and publications. Thru a state network of thousands of pro tutors, police officers and volunteers, NASBLA influences the lives of more than 83 million American boaters. About Kalkomey Ventures Kalkomey Companies, Incorporated. Is the official provider of recreational safety education materials for all 50 states.

Its print, Internet, and video safety courses have been providing official safety documentation for states since 1995. Kalkomey provides safety courses in boating, hunting, bowhunting, and off-road car (ORV) and snowmobile operation. For more in-depth information, visit our Internet website.



Does Your Differential Feel Neglected? Synthetic Gear Oil

Does Your Differential Feel Neglected? Change to synthetic gear oil

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Many truck and SUV owners personalize their vehicles with aftermarket products such as lift kits, tires and rims, custom grills, paint, wheel well flairs and engine upgrades. While these upgrades and accessories can increase engine performance and add plenty of visual appeal, they do nothing for extending drivetrain life like synthetic gear oil can do.  Most people perform proper engine maintenance and change their engine oil on a regular basis, but according to one quick lube business, only about two percent of its customers purchase differential gear lube changes. Even fewer change to synthetic gear oil. Sometimes this out of sight, out of mind differential neglect results in costly gear failure, leaving the motorist stranded on the highway.

synthetic gear oil

differential drain plug

There are two basic ways to change differential gear lube to synthetic gear oil. The old fluid may be drained or suctioned out and the differential refilled with new gear lube, or the differential cover may be removed to allow more of the old gear lube to drain out and allow access to the magnet inside the differential. Unlike engines, differentials are not equipped with filters. Instead, magnets that are open to the entire gear lube sump are used to catch some of the metal wear particles. When changing differential fluid, the magnet should be cleaned to ensure the new gear lube does not
become contaminated.

After draining the old fluid and cleaning the magnet, the differential cover should be re-installed and the differential filled with the correct viscosity grade of AMSOIL SEVERE GEAR® Synthetic Gear Lube. The use of cleaning solvents is not recommended. Initial differential oil changes are recommended by some manufacturers after the first 500 to
3,000 miles. synthetic gear oil

synthetic gear oil

Even when vehicle manufacturers do not specify to change the factory-fill gear lube to remove wear particles, it is a
good practice to do so. For optimum gear and bearing life, AMSOIL recommends the factory-fill differential gear lube
be changed no later than the first 5,000 miles with new or rebuilt gears, followed by 50,000 mile drain intervals in
severe service or 100,000 mile drain intervals in normal service when using AMSOIL synthetic gear lubes.

synthetic gear oil

synthetic gear oil

synthetic gear oil

AMSOIL recommends any one of three SEVERE GEAR viscosity grades, 75W-90, 75W-110 or 75W-140, for turbo diesel or 4×4 trucks, SUV’s and automobiles.

SEVERE GEAR 75W-90 (SVG) replaces competitive 75W-90 and
80W-90 gear lubricants and delivers the optimum fuel efficiency and cold temperature performance of all the SEVERE GEAR gear lubes.

SEVERE GEAR 75W-110 (SVT) replaces competitive 75W-110, 75W-90 and 80W-90 gear lubricants and delivers increased fluid film wear protection over lighter viscosity fluids and better fuel efficiency than 75W-140 gear lubes.

SEVERE GEAR 75W-140 (SVO) replaces competitive 75W-140, 80W-140 and 85W-140 gear lubes in applications where these viscosities are recommended by equipment manufacturers.

Also don’t forget to look at the RACING gear oil options.

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Grand National Cross Country GNCC Racing Announces 2012 Schedule

GNCC Racing

GNCC Racing

GNCC Racing


Morgantown, W. Va. (December 23, 2011) – Just in time for the holidays, Racer Productions is pleased to announce the locations for the 2012 Can-Am Grand National Cross Country Series. America’s largest off-road racing series will once again kick off its 13-round schedule at Westgate River Ranch Resort in River Ranch, Fla., coinciding with Daytona Bike Week March 10-13.

GNCC Racing


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GNCC Racing

GNCC Racing

Highlighting the 2012 calendar is the addition of three all-new GNCC Racing venues in Indiana, Kentucky and West Virginia-giving racers the opportunity to compete on fresh soil next season.

“We’re really excited to introduce three new venues to the GNCC Racing schedule next year,” said GNCC Trail Boss, Jeff Russell. “Since the Loretta’s GNCC, we’ve been traveling all over to find new GNCC Racing venues for our GNCC Racers and I think the fresh trail and new scenery will add a whole new level of excitement for everyone.”

The series returns to many GNCC favorites in 2012, including Snowshoe Resort, Unadilla MX, Ironman and Loretta Lynn’s, which will once again serve as the season finale.

A special weekend GNCC Racing format will take place at Loretta Lynn Ranch in November, in order to accommodate the 2012 ISDE and National Enduro schedules. Motorcycles will compete throughout the day on Saturday and ATV racing will follow on Sunday-atypical from the other 12 rounds of racing where ATVs compete on Saturday and motorcycles on Sunday.

What is GNCC?

Read the entire history of the event at www.gnccracing.com. Here are some excerpts;

How GNCC Racing Works

Six races are held each weekend. Each race contains several classes, with each class separated into separate starting-line rows that begin one minute apart. On ATV day, Youth riders aged 6 – 15 race for one hour starting at 8 a.m. A two-hour race for the Women, Utility, Super Senior and Novice classes starts at 10 a.m., and then the Pro, Pro Am, A and B riders race at 1 p.m. On Bike days, Youth riders aged 7 – 15 race for 90 minutes at 8 a.m.; Women, Super Senior and Novice riders race for two hours at 10 a.m.; and the Pro, A and B riders race for three hours starting at 1 p.m.

Each GNCC Racing class is scored separately using a computerized transponder scoring.

GNCC courses usually run between 10 and 12 miles long for adult classes and 3-5 miles for youth.

Over 1500 GNCC Racing riders will compete during a GNCC weekend, and they hail from all 50 states, as well as Europe, Asia and Australia.

The top pro racers make a lucrative living racing the series thanks to prize money and sponsorship endorsements. Racing is a full-time job for a GNCC championship contender.


About GNCC Racing

The AMA/ATVA-sanctioned Grand National Cross Country series is America’s premier off-road racing series. The 13-round race series stretches through the eastern US, starting with the season-opener in Florida in March and concluding with the season-finale in Indiana in October. The GNCC series is produced exclusively by Racer Productions, a Morgantown, West Virginia-based racing production company with over 30 years of experience in the industry. Cross-country racing is one of the most physically demanding sports in the world. The riders must navigate rugged terrain such as woods, mud, dirt, rocks and jumps for nearly three hours, while racing against the best talent in the world.

The GNCC Championship has drawn interest internationally, as riders from Europe, Africa, Australia and New Zealand compete regularly, usually backed by massive factory teams with an array of technicians at their disposal. Upwards of 1500 racers compete at each GNCC round on custom-built high-performance motorcycles and ATVs. The race action draws several thousand fans each weekend as well as a loyal following t

Through the series television show on the Versus Network here in the US, on the Fox Australia network in Australia, and on Motors TV in over 55 different European countries, as well as media coverage in off-road racing publications around the world. The growth of the series makes GNCC big business, but the core value of the series remains: easy-access, family-friendly, low-pressure racing.

Amsoil Sponsored Ironman GNCC Race

GNCC Schedule

Round Race Dates Event Location
Rd. 1 March 10-13 Westgate River Ranch River Ranch, FL
Rd. 2 March 17-18 The General Aonia Pass, GA
Rd. 3 Mar 31-Apr 1 Steele Creek Morganton, NC
Rd. 4 April 14-15 Big Buck Union, SC
Rd. 5 April 28-29 The Mammoth Park City, KY
Rd. 6 May 12-13 Indy 100 Springville, IN
Rd. 7 May 26-27 Buckwheat Masontown, WV
Rd. 8 June 23-24 Snowshoe Snowshoe, WV
Rd. 9 July 7-8 John Penton Millfield, OH
Rd. 10 Sep 15-16 Unadilla New Berlin, NY
Rd. 11 Oct 6-7 Powerline Park St. Clairsville, OH
Rd. 12 Oct 20-21 Ironman Crawfordsville, IN
Rd. 13 Nov 3-4 Loretta Lynn’s Hurricane Mills, TN

 GNCC Racing

GNCC Racing

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synthetic motorcycle oil

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