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Different Types Of Car Speakers For Sale

When purchasing an aftermarket sound system for your vehicle, it is important to know exactly what is needed in order to avoid wasting money and get the best possible quality. There are a lot of physics involved in installing speakers into a vehicle and it needs to be done in a very precise manner. There are three major types of car speakers for sale that serve different specific purposes, so it’s important to know the basics between the different types.

Coaxials are the most common type of sound unit. Stock audio systems usually come with at least two sets of coaxial. Basically, they are midrange cone woofers which result in a low to midrange sound level from the midwoofer and a reproduction of high frequency given off from the tweeter which is normally mounted on top. Older cars normally do not come with the tweeter, because makers have just realized its importance in sound quality.

Component systems, in most situations, include midrange woofers, multiple tweeters, and crossover networks. They function similarly to coaxial systems except for the crossovers which significantly improve the quality of sound. They channel the particular sounds to the components which are made for that specific signal – for example, the tweeters will only emit high frequencies. These tend to be much more expensive but have a much better sound.

The materials with which the woofer or tweeter is made will have a significant effect on the cost and could also drastically improve or reduce its longevity. Denser cone materials, like glass fiber, tend to produce the best sound quality, that means nothing if the rest of the speaker is not made with high-quality materials. In the end, it will be a waste of money for the good material if the rest of the speaker is cheaply made and will not last.

This is the same of the surround material, which is kind of like the springs on a trampoline. It supports the system as it moves back and forth and vibrates to create sounds. Thus, the surround material must be tough and stretchy enough to support the movement. Most cars come stock with foam as the surround material, but this is extremely prone to temperature damage. Having a dense material as the surround will improve the longevity of the speaker and give you a better sound for longer.

Once speakers of good quality are installed, it is important to know that their placement could make or break the sound quality. Even the best speakers will not give good quality if they are placed unevenly or do not have good imaging. There must be front, rear, and center channels which are scientifically adjusted to give the best sound. Otherwise, it will seem like the instruments and vocals are disheveled, coming from all over the place, and will sound very sloppy.

Your best bet when browsing car speakers for sale is to get a professional to decide what is best for your type of car. There are different types of speakers to choose from and surely every brand uses different materials for every different component. Choosing the right system will help to ensure great sound quality and durability of the equipment so consumers can avoid wasting money on unnecessary or bad quality products.

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