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Here Comes The Mercedes-Benz F 125! Concept Car – Mercedes F 125.

Mercedes F 125


The future of automotive technology can’t be represented any better than by the Mercedes Benz F 125! Concept. This amazing car is not only commendable because of the innovative technology it utilizes but also because of the promise that it holds for the future of car manufacturing. A true example of visionary engineering, it is powered by an F-Cell plug-in hybrid that makes use of hydrogen as a power source. This emission-free car speaks loudly about the public’s desire to harness such alternative energy sources to power their cars.

Mercedes F 125

The F 125! Concept introduces the power of a fuel cell drive system in combination with plug-in technology. The F-Cell plug-in hybrid provides a driving range of 1000 km, topping other concept cars in terms of mileage. And to house these amazing engine systems is a revolutionary tank technology in the form of a hydrogen composite storage unit. The lithium-sulphur battery in use is also light and powerful. Mercedes F 125 Mercedes F 125 Mercedes F 125

Mercedes F 125

This Mercedes Concept is a four-seat luxury sedan with an electric drive system. Drivers can enjoy the control and display concept based on touch, speech, and hand gestures; making it a very interactive driving navigation system that one can maneuver flexibly and with the least effort. Even the gull-wing doors, which are very lightweight, can be closed with the use of hand gestures. The F 125! Concept also has a very attractive display with the use of 3D and projector beam technology, another visual milestone.

Aesthetically, this model has the look and attitude of the often-visualized “car of the future”, with a sleek and strong finish from the head to the rear. The wonderfully crafted wheel and wheel arc combination adds enormously to the impression of cutting edge technology that the car projects even from the outside.

Concept cars are an effective way for auto manufacturers to display their engineering and design innovations. Even though most people will never have the opportunity to drive these limited edition vehicles, enthusiasts enjoy seeing real, state-of-the-art examples of their “dream cars”. They do give a sneak peek of what is possible, and some of the technology and design will eventually filter down to the mass-produced models offered to the general public.

The F 125! Concept is an amazing sight to see on the road with its very intelligent anatomy that speaks much of its luxury. Truly, the Mercedes- Benz F 125! Concept is the car of the future.

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