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Is What Make Of Bike We Ride Essential

What does it matter what motorcycle you ride? A motorcycle is a bike, right? Some would say so. But, I think that the bike you ride is a representation of who you are…

The motorcycle you ride goes along with what type of motorcycling you do, of course. However, it also has a lot to do with who you are and who you want to associate with.

For example if you ride in the dirt, you probably hang with guy’s that that ride off road and have Yamaha, Kawasaki or some type of off road or motorbike.

If you ride a sports bike you most likely ride with guys that street or track race. Some of you may even have a group of buddies that do pop wheelies and do burn outs.

Serious riders that like to cruise will ride big V-Twin bikes. Big motorcycles like Harley Davidson’s, Honda VTX’s, Kawasaki Vulcan’s and Star Motors Big V-Twins.

Some riders have formed groups or motorcycle gangs around the big V-Twin motorcycle. A few of the more infamous motorcycle gangs would not think of getting ongetting on a bike unless it was the all American Big V-Twin, the Harley Davidson. Different groups have been formed around the other V-Twin motorcycles, but, the Harley Davidson is still the number one.

On the other hand I have seen groups of bikers that don’t quite jive together. From Time to time you see a pack of sports bikes roaring up the highway with one straggler in the back riding a Sportster or Honda Shadow. Oreven better a lone Ninja rolling in the middle of a group of big V-Twins.

Don’t misunderstand me it is entirely all right if you ride a V-Twin and you ride with road racing Sports bike zealots. It is just the norm to see like-minded motorcyclists riding with each other in groups.

Let me say right now I hold no judgments of the size, make or model of motorcycle that you ride. The most important thing here is that you ride.

There is also a lone wolf so to speak. He is a biker that loves to ride a bike, but he chooses to ride alone. He is never seen riding in a group and wants it that way. To this biker its not the bike, any bike will do. In most cases though his motorcycle will be a used motorcycle that he bought for a song. He no doubt got it from some one that had it parked in his front yard, with a big used motorcycle for sale sign on it. This is his thing.

Motorcycles have been my life for 36 years and I have ridden just about every size, type, make and model of motorcycles there is. I have had new bikes and used motorcycles, two strokes, four strokes and V-Twines. I have had single cylinder all the way up to six cylinder motorcycles, ranging from 70cc to 1500cc.

I have ridden in packs and all by my self. I believe this about any man or women that chooses to ride; as long as they ride a bike they are family.

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