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It’s Your Car – Let It Age Gracefully

Do you drive a used car?

Of course you do. Everybody drives a used car. The moment you drive it, it is used. There’s a scuff on the tire. A fingerprint on the door handle.

We all drive used cars, but… we want those cars to look as new as possible for as long as possible. Well, there are way to do just that – clever little secrets that extend the life of your car. Not just so that it keeps driving once it looks like it’s been through a WWF match with a T-Rex, but so that it stays young.

Remember that new car smell? That shiny sheen across everything (except maybe the cloth seats)? Remember how it felt to drive your brand new car?

My how those cars do age. But they don’t have to. A car might grow old, might become used, but it doesn’t have to feel old, used or abused. It doesn’t have to look old. It doesn’t have to moan and groan and make it quite clear to us that it’s seen better days.

Everything ages. Yes, I’m talking to you. You know exactly what I mean. I’m talking about gravity. I’m talking about wear and tear. I’m talking about the relentless march of the sands of time. You can’t escape it. Your children can’t escape it. Nor your pets. Nor your house. Not even your car…sooner or later a new car becomes a used car.

But you can get a make-over. You can use high-quality creams to keep your skin young. You can maintain your house.

And you can keep your car looking…fabulous!

Every woman seeks beauty secrets to keep her skin soft and supple, to stave off the effects of gravity and time. Cars deserve the same attention, so we would like to share with you a few clever little tricks to keep you in a shiny, youthful car longer. Indeed, these tips will also be quite profitable in the long run, because when you go to sell the car later on, it will sell for a higher price.

So sit back, suck up that new car smell and see which of these tips you’ll put to use today.


After shampooing your fabric seats and floor mats, spray fabric protection on them and leave the car doors open or the windows down to allow proper drying. This keeps stains and dirt to a minimum, and will make it easier in the future to keep them clean. It will go a long way to preserving the interior of your vehicle.


Let’s start small… One of the best ways to keep rust from accumulating on your chrome trailer hitch is to take a tennis ball, cut a slit in it and slide over the ball of the trailer hitch. . We always wondered why dogs like to chase cars… now we know.

* This can also help protect you from getting sued by that angry-looking guy over there who just smashed his shin into your trailer hitch while walking past your vehicle in the parking lot


“Don’t park under trees or places where birds hang out.” That’s great advice for the, ah, obvious reason. But also did you know that tree sap is bad for the finish of your car? Yes, yes, so are bird droppings. So get them off as soon as you can.


ArmorAll the heck out of the dashboard and any other plastic type of materials in your car that will be exposed to the sun. ArmorAll is like those fancy skin creams some people use on their face to reduce cracking, wrinkles and other signs of age. It will protect it from fading and keep the plastic from cracking.


If you live in the cold white north, especially in the dead of winter, you should always carry a bottle of De-Icer spray with you. Yes, I know you know that…but do you do it? De-Icer will help you get into those frozen locks, but if you forget to close that sunroof you are going to need a little more help. De-icer is a lot easier on your locks, and occasionally other crevices, than a screwdriver. Or a blowtorch.

(Just making sure you’re still paying attention.)

This is just a short sampling of the many used car beauty tips and tactics you can employ to keep you vehicle looking, smelling and running like new. There are plenty more in this car tips book, a free download for anyone who wants it. Download a copy for yourself. Share with a friend. Blog about it. Share it on FaceBook or Twitter. Spread the word…there is hope yet for aging cars!

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