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Kite The Bay A New San Francisco Kite Surfing Company Says The Use Of A Jet Ship To Help In Kite Surfing Expeditions : Amsoil.


San Francisco kite surfing company, Kite the Bay uses a 21 foot jet ship to provide support to kite surfing customers. The boat, named Windseeker, can take almost 6 folks and their gear on a kite surfing expedition. It affords more space and comfort than the more classic “jet ski” that has been the traditional support boat used by plenty of other kite surfing colleges. “Using a jet ship has so many edges over the jet ski” says Captain John, owner of San Francisco kite surfing lessons press releases, Kite the Bay. Not only is it more delightful for the students to be on the water, but people can take breaks in the ship while their partner is out in the water practicing with the kite.

“When they come out of the water, they relax, and watch their buddies work on the moves. It really speeds up the learning process,” Captain John adds. “It’s great when I’m able to come out with my three friends and we all learn together,” remarks Chris, who started kite surfing lessons and learning how to kite surf with his buddies Martin and Dave in July. “It’s great having all of the gear here in the ship and also being able to get totally out of the water and wind when you would like. You learn much from watching your friends work on the same stuff too!” Kite the Bay kite boarding company started its operation in 2010. The owner, John von Tesmar, believed a larger, more fully equipped ship, would optimise the kite surfing experience.

“Being a kite surfer in the Bay Area, it helps to be creative with how it is possible to get out on the water for a session. There is not a lot of accessible beaches, but there’s a lot of wind and water. The boat acts like an island ; you can launch your kite from it, and come back to it when you are finished with your session. It’s super convenient and fast! We can go wherever the wind is!” About Kite the Bay John is a captain, approved by the US Coast Guard in 2010, and has been Both a windsurf and kite surf instructor since 1999. This San Francisco kite boarding instructor has spent time and kite surfed in the Columbia Brook Gorge in Oregon, the Outer Banks in North Carolina, and up and down the coast of California.

For more info contact KiteTheBay at 650-303-0587, or e-mail Captainjohn (at) KiteTheBay (dot) com.


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