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New After-Dark Wisconsin Dells Boat Expedition Exposes Systems Of The “Lost Voyage” – Non toxic antifreeze.


Summer arrives in the Midwest, disclosing a totally new and highly eerie puzzling journey on the Wisconsin Brook in the popular Wisconsin Dells holiday spot. Opening Commemorative Day weekend, Lost Voyage takes brave-hearted souls on an after-dark boat excursion upriver to Cold Water Ravine, a traditional gorge that cuts deep into the cliffs on the eastern shore. Once there, passengers disembark and take a led walk deep into the almost pitch-black canyon to face a horrifying skirmish with the legendary mystery surrounding a missing tour ship. “Lost Voyage is not a beautiful tour ; it's a totally new brand of interactive entertainment,” explains Amanda Glime, aid chief of Lost Excursion. “On one level, Lost Voyage is a bizarre ship ride and ravine walk crammed with thrills and chills but for people who dare to unravel the mystery, there’s lots more excitement and multiple layers to peel back.” The fictional tale centers round the Badger – an old tour ship and an essential part of the whole experience. According to legend, in the summertime of 1943, the Badger disappeared during a tempest near Cold Water Canyon.

No trace of ship, passengers or crew was ever found till just recently, when a threesome of teenagers press releases distribution stumbled upon the missing vessel in the depths of the canyon – resting on dry land! At least, that is what the photos on their camera advises ; while their camera was recovered, the teenagers have gone missing. Now, you are part of an expedition to try and find the youths and unravel the mystery of the disappearing excursion. Why did the ship disappear 68 years ago? Where did it go? And why did it suddenly reappear? What's happened to those kids? Could Fascist spies, paranormal forces or Native American spirits be the root of these unusual events? “It is that puzzle element that makes Lost Voyage so unique,” explains Emil Bertalot, the creator of the attraction.

“There's not merely an explanation for what is going on ; there’s a whole story that you become an active participant in. There are reasons why you see, hear and experience everything you will on the expedition. Hints to solving the mystery are everywhere.” Discovering the answers will not be easy – but it should be enjoyable. The answers could be faced anywhere : Around the Lost Excursion dock, in the adventure, even on the Lost Voyage site itself. When participants find all the answers, a code will be revealed. That code will unlock a critical part of the puzzle, and qualify the lucky code breaker for the opportunity to win prizes.

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“Lost Excursion doesn't end with the night ship adventure,” says Bertalot. “We are extending the experience by providing some truly top quality entertainment and intrigue by following along online.” The puzzle of the Lost Excursion will be disclosed in stages, over 1 or 2 seasons, inspiring folk to make the nightly trek several times. Annually there'll be new questions to answer and new codes to unlock as pieces of the haunting puzzle are revealed. Even the experience itself will develop over time, presenting a fresh chapter, new frights, and new clues to find. In time, the developers hope this new sort of interactive experience builds an audience of fans that may share their theories and thoughts online about the fate of the Lost Excursion and those hooked up to it. “Lost Voyage is a completely unique mix of Blair Hag, Lost, X-Files and Indiana Jones, with masses of conspiracy speculation tossed in for good measure,” claims Glime. “If you want to figure out where the boat went, why it reappeared, what happened to those youths – the answers are out there.” Due to its ill-omened themes, the Lost Voyage attraction is geared toward older grownups and children.

The experience isn't commended for children age 10 and younger. Parental restraint is advised. The 1189 ; hour Lost Voyage will embark nightly from Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day. Tickets are $20 for adults and $15 for students ages eleven and under.

Reservations are advised. Lost Excursion is a show of Dells Ship Tours, one of Wisconsin Dells most historic and long running attractions with over 150 years of operation. For reservations and more information, please call (608) 254-8555 or visit dellslostvoyage Editor’s Note : The story of Lost Voyage and the missing teenagers are absolutely fictional events. No ship or folks are actually missing.


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