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Conventional versus synthetic oil for heat reduction in motorcycles

In this Information Series Segment 52/52 Performance Tuning reveals the difference between conventional and synthetic oil in terms of heat reduction in motorcycle engine applications.


Motorcycle Sports – Your Tips For Buying Motorcycle

Motorcycle sports are popular in many parts of the world. There are different types categorized under this sport.
and before your ride a motorcycle you must have an active driving license.

A motorcycle a means of transportation with two wheels. It is like a bicycle, but instead of peddling, it has a motor engine similar to a car for it to run. Therefore it also needs gas fuel, and has a key ignition.

And just as there are car racing sports, there are also motorcycle sports. There are many types, in fact. The most popular is motorcycle racing. In this sport, motorcycles race to the finish line in a disciplined road or off road. A tarmac, discipline road has a smooth surface like a highway. Off roads are unpaved, with sand, gravel, snow, rocks or mud.

In track racing, there are several teams or individuals involved and are racing around an oval track. A grass track is one of the variations but it is mostly held on cemented or asphalted roads.

In a rally sport, racing is done in public roads with checkpoints and traffic laws to consider. Since it uses public roads, there are announcements given in advance to the public that certain streets will be closed for a certain event. In other instances, the sport only occupies and closes one lane for the race, while the rest of the road can still be plied on.

Motorcycles are not that cheap so think carefully before buying one. There are so many models to choose from but always check your personal budget. Consider your needs and preferences. Some may use it only as a means of transportation. If for sports, you might need one with higher specifications.

Include in your budget some useful accessories like motorcycle seats and wheels. These accessories add safety to your ride.

A crash guard protects or supports the legs when a bike falls. Extra hand grips can protect hands from freezing. It also prevents hands from numbness and fatigue.

Rear view mirrors must be of high quality and concave. Other mirrors include LED mirror lights integrated with the turn signals. Some also offer blind spot mirrors, useable when changing lanes.

Chain guards are used to prolong chain and sprocket life. Drive chains and sprockets are the most expensive wear items.

Saddle bags keep your belongings secured during your ride. The best kinds are lockable, bike specific, and with built-in durable liner. Some are metal frame reinforced to prevent sagging. They are easy to detach with their quick release buckles.

Helmet is one of the most essential accessories. It doesn’t only protect the head, it also has added features like: face shield, ventilation, intercom and ear protection. There are five types of motorcycle helmets: full face, off road, modular, open face and half helmet. The full face is the most protective. It particularly protects the chin bar area which is the major affected part in most crash incidents.

A side stand supports the weight of the motorcycle when parked. Some are sensitive and kill the engine when transmission is out. Others offer position detecting device. It is equipped with an auxiliary wheel associated by the clutch lever of the motorcycle.

Riding a motorcycle can be quite dangerous, especially when joining motorcycles races. all risk will can make suspended driving license and other high risk. So always wear protective gears, even if you are just a passenger.

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It’s Easy To Travel Across The United States On A Harley Davidson

Alright you have completed your motorcycle training| then you received your motorcycle license. You have gone out and bought a new Harley Davidson motorcycle, now what?

Visualize getting on your big fat Harley Davidson motorbike. As you turn the key, the motorcycle begins to thunder and your adrenaline begins to well up. With the breeze on your face and street under your feet, you headed out for an experience of your life.

Before jumping on your Harley Davidson and going out and exploring, you’ll want to get a copy of Harley Davidson’s Ride Atlas. This must-have guide has a resilient rubber-like cover and contains well-planned and easy-to-read pages of scenic routes complete with comprehensive descriptions and routes.

You may also want to grab a copy of “Riding the World” by Gregory Frazier. This distinctive paperback offers expert traveling assistance to motorbike riders and comes with color photos, with chapters on routes, motorcycle preparation, sleeping, eating, what you should take, and whether to go it on your own.

You don’t need to own a Harley motorbike to embark on a journey across America. There are numerous companies that let riders to lease just about any model of Harley Davidson motorcycle. Most present travel packages that incorporate hotel accommodations, sightseeing excursions, and food. Bikers can lease a motorbike on a daily basis, weekly, or on a monthly basis.

Some motorcycle excursions are intended to provide life changing travel experiences. Ride Free offers a variety of tours plus a run from Los angeles to Los Vegas; a weekend run along the California coast; the Route 66 to Grand Canyon run; and the ever-popular Sturgis Rally.

The Sturgis Rally all started in 1938 and has developed to be a worldwide motorcycle event that attracts upwards of 500,000 Harley Davidson lovers per year. Bikers from all over join collectively to celebrate their like of Harley Davidson and the liberty they supply.

There are motorcycle rental companies that have nationwide networks hosting locations where you can select from the world’s largest rental inventory of Harley Davidson motorcycles. While some of these specializes in bike tours of San Francisco and Northern California, they even present excursions to areas across the Nation. motorcyclists can escape for a weekend or take part in a month-long cross country trip.

While roaming on a motorbike, the first detail you have to understand is you will have to pack lightly and take only the basic essentials. Pack a small back pack for individual things and include travel size bottles of everything needed. Choose things that have multiple uses such as an Army knife.

Saddle bags are said to be the greatest possibilities when it comes to storing food, clothing and personal items. Bring clothing that is versatile, effortless to take care of, and needs little room. Take along seal-able containers or plastic grocery bags to deposit unclean outfits or dispose of any trash.

If you’ll be camping, you are able to use the luggage rack or rider seat to hold camping gear. Look for lightweight gear and compact paraphernalia that might be tightly folded or rolled up. Cooking utensils should be limited to a single pot and utensil set.

If you are riding your own motorcycle, take it in for a complete check-up prior to going out on an lengthy outing. If you’re renting a motorcycle, ask the representative to offer you the written repair details on the motorbike previous to heading out on your trip.

No doubt chart your course so you understand where service stations, restaurants and camping facilities are positioned. Leave behind a copy of your course with a colleague or relative and keep a map and compass within reach so you do not get lost on your journey or while camping.

Harley bikes are one-of-a-kind motorcycles, designed for the supreme riding experience. Isn’t it time you threw your cares to the wind and ventured out for a weekend escape or a month long hiatus?

Please bear in mind before you ever jump on your Motorcycle, motorcycle safety is always first.


Increased AMSOIL Presence in the Motorcycle Market

In addition to its long-time presence in both the amateur and professional motocross and supercross circuits, including sponsorship of the Factory Connection team, over the past several years AMSOIL has become the Official Oil of AMA Pro Road Racing, presenting partner of the AMA Pro Daytona Sportbike Class and the Official Oil of the three largest bike rallies in the nation: the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, Daytona Bike Week and Laconia Motorcycle Week.
The company’s increased presence in the motorcycle market has produced positive and impressive results. In fact, a series of recent Sport Rider and Dirt Rider reader surveys indicate AMSOIL is among the most popular oils in both the two- and four-stroke motorcycle markets. Surveys Indicate Increased AMSOIL Presence in the Motorcycle Market








Ford Knocks 3,000-mile Intervals

Ford Knocks 3,000-mile Intervals

Ford issued an “automotive maintenance myths” statement March 12 that labels the idea that cars need oil changes every three months or 3,000 miles as a myth, though fast lubes caution that such an interval is still smart for many vehicles driven under severe conditions.

“That used to be true, but not with newer cars,” Ford stated. “Because of synthetic oils that don’t break down as quickly, consumers actually don’t need oil changes as often – more like every 5,000 to 7,500 miles – or even 10,000 on the new 2011 Mustang depending on your driving habits.” The 2011 Mustang features a die-cast aluminum deep-sump oil pan that Ford claims provides for up to 10,000-mile oil change intervals

The company’s current recommendation is 7,500 miles per oil change, said Ford Car Marketing Manager Robert Parker. “Special operating conditions are 5,000 miles, 6 months or 200 hours of engine operation, whichever occurs first, and that’s for severe usage like taxis and things of that nature,” Parker told Lube Report.

Ford noted that there may be two recommendations for oil change intervals – one for normal driving and one for hard use – and advised checking one’s owner’s manual to be sure. The c


PM Activity Wrecks Gearbox


Protecting Bearings From Corrosion

In a humid environment, condensate can form in rolling element

bearings and cause corrosion, leading to a reduction of the

bearing life. The condensed moisture's effect can be reduced by

carefully choosing the grease lubricant. Greases thickened with

sodium soap will absorb (emulsify) large quantities of water,

but may, however, soften it to such an extent that the grease

flows out of the bearing.

Lithium soap greases do not emulsify water, but with suitable

additives can provide good protection against corrosion. There

are also a number of greases available containing synthetic

thickeners that offer excellent protection against corrosion,

prolonging the bearing life.

via (8) RoundCube Webmail :: Lube-Tips – PM Activity Wrecks Gearbox.


Mixed synthetic oil with conventional oil! Need help! – BMW

Saw this post tonight…..

Mixed synthetic oil with conventional oil! Need help! – BMW 3 …
Mixed synthetic oil with conventional oil! Need help! Turbo / FI Engine and 335i -335d Tuning / Drivetrain / Exhaust Modifications.

Once again, there is NO risk to mixing synthetic and non-synthetic oil. I’ve done it in emergencies, and it won’t hurt a thing. Also, there are now several “para-synthetic” or partially synthetic oils on the market. This is basically synthetic mixed with petroleum, so how could it be an issue?

Years ago, before Amsoil came out with Amsoil engine flush, we used to put 1 quart of synthetic in with an oil change to clean out sludge prior to changing to Amsoil. It worked great. No problems.


Let’s Make A Deal: 5 Steps For Buying A Used Car

So you are in the market for a used car or truck. Can you tell a great deal from a lemon? Do you know how to get the best deal? Where do you start?

You could start at the library taking out five or six heavy volumes on the topic. Or you could simply follow these five steps to reduce the risk that inevitably comes with buying anything used.

#1 – Do your research

You have many options. The Internet makes searching for used vehicles easy, but remember to spend the time to really do your homework. If saving money is your top goal, try to remain flexible in your search. There might be a great deal on a different make or model than you were thinking of. Or you might have to search a wider location, including nearby cities or towns…or maybe even the state next door.

#2 – Speak with the seller
Once you’ve narrowed down your search to potential vehicles that you would like to purchase, your next task is to inquire about the condition of the car. Whether you are using email or speaking to the seller directly the following questions will help you get a better idea on the condition of the car:

“Tell me please why you are selling the car?”

“Has the vehicle ever been in a collision? Has it ever had major replacement parts added? What else can you tell me about its condition?”

“Do you have maintenance and repair records? May I see them when I come to see the car

“I assume you have no objections to me taking the car for an independent inspection before I commit to a price?”

4. Observe all the bodylines, do the hood, trunk, and doors line up with the rest of the car? If they don’t this could be a sign that the car was in a serious crash.

5. Look to see if the car has ever been repainted by checking for over spray in the trunk and the engine compartment. Overspraying would be a sign that the car has had bodywork done, most likely following a collision.

6.Check for rust on the undercarriage and inside the car and trunk. Rust on the inside on bolts and other metal fasteners is a possible sign of flood damage.

7. Check the tread wear pattern on the tires. Uneven wear could be a sign of a suspension problem.

8. Test all the power options, including locks, trunk, windows, lights, etc.

9. Turn on the air conditioning and the heater (not at the same time!), as well as the defroster.

10. Look for any signs of leaks in the engine compartment (Oil, coolant, etc.)

#4 – Take a test drive

Now that the vehicle has passed a simple visual and touch inspection, it’s time to find out how the moving parts all work (a car is of little use if it won’t move properly). Don’t be shy to ask the seller to come along. If there are unexpected noises that pop up while you are on your test drive, you might want to ask him about them.

In a vehicle with an automatic transmission watch for signs of slippage. When you accelerate, there should be no hesitation between the engine’s acceleration and the car’s. If there is, it is a sure sign of transmission wear (with a costly repair just around the corner).

Test the brakes, both regular and ABS. The car should stop straight and quickly, without pulling to one side and without any vibration. The one thing more important in a car than going is stopping

#5 – Negotiate the price of the car

OK. The car passes your visual inspection, it passes a road test and your independent mechanic (don’t forget him) gives you the green light. No lemon here. But how to get the best deal?

Buying a used car from a used car dealer and a private seller they are two very different experiences. This is most apparent when it comes to negotiating. Dealers are seasoned negotiators; private sellers are not.

Here are a few tips to help you with negotiating:

1. Use the knowledge you gained when researching. The price of a used car is based entirely on its condition, mileage, reliability, performance and popularity

2. Try to remain positive and confident and if you need some handholding bring along a friend for moral support.

3. If you think you will need some financial help, speak to your bank first and see what kind of rates you can get. If you don’t know what you can afford, you cannot negotiate with confidence.

4. You will most likely end up paying more than your offer Make your opening offer low, but one that is still realistic..

By following these five steps and keeping your options open you are bound to buy a used car that will not only meet your needs but also your budget.

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Experts Predict Continued Growth For Synthetics

The arcle below is reprinted from National Oil and Lube. This information is particularly useful for those considering becoming an Amsoil Dealer; as the market continues to grow this is a good way to start your own business, be your own boss, and make some extra money on the side. Fill out this short form for more information on becoming an Amsoil Dealer.

Experts Predict Continued Growth For Synthetics

by Ed Newman
AMSOIL Director of Advertising
This article appeared in National Oil & Lube News, June 2010

For the past few years we’ve read how the lubricants market has been “flat.” Pundits have noted that though not going away any time soon, oil is certainly not a stellar growth sector in the economy. And yet, if you look back at the historical record there has been a segment of the lube industry which has been quietly growing for a long time. We’re speaking of the synthetic lubricants sector, and a new report by the Freedonia Group indicates that U.S. demand for synthetic motor oil is expected to rise more than 7 percent a year over the next three years. These robust numbers might be worth paying attention to.

An April 7 article by George Gill in his Lube Report* from Lubes ‘N Greases highlights the details of Freedonia’s research findings. The opening salvo is a brief summary of the numbers. He follows with this:

“Engine oils and hydraulic and transmission fluids will experience the fastest gains as synthetics finally begin to penetrate the conservative medium and heavy duty truck market,” Cleveland-based Freedonia suggests, “and as increasing new vehicle lubricant performance requirements and growing consumer acceptance further expand synthetics’ share of the light vehicle market.”

Driving Forces
Ned Zimmerman cites four primary drivers for the growth in synthetic lube sales. First, the major brands have stepped up their marketing efforts in this direction. A lot more money is now being spent to make motorists aware of these new lube technologies.

Second, the trend toward OEMs using synthetics in many makes and models will drive demand. GM and others recognize the role synthetics play in helping vehicles attain increasingly stringent Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) requirements. This, too, is helping consumers become more aware of the benefits of synthetics.

Third, Zimmerman noted that while awareness is already strong in the do-it-yourself market, near-term economic pressures will likely drive many others to evaluate and choose synthetics in an effort to reduce maintenance costs.

Fourth, the consumers who make up the bulk of the do-it-for-me market are the kind of people more susceptible to mass marketing. (See point one.)

In short, we’re seeing a convergence of driving forces that will result in the continued growth and mainstreaming of synthetic motor oils and drivetrain fluids. Is this a good thing? Absolutely.

The Trend Is Your Friend
Wall Street has plenty of pithy maxims for investors that sum up pearls of wisdom learned from the school of hard knocks. For example, when you miss a good investment opportunity, there’s consolation in knowing “another bus will be along in fifteen minutes.” With regard to buying stocks Peter Lynch said, “Spend at least as much time researching a stock as you would choosing a refrigerator.” And this Sioux proverb is also a good admonition: “When you realize that you are riding a dead horse the best strategy is to dismount.”

So, the saying that immediately jumps into my mind when I read the Freedonia report is this: “The trend is your friend.”

In sailing, there’s nothing like the feeling of the wind at your back and clear horizons ahead, the sail taut, catching the wind. The wind at your back makes everything easier. Catch the wind. The trend is your friend.

I recently picked up a hitchhiker on a rural highway. He’d been walking near fifteen miles when I came along. Heavy laden with a rather hefty set of baggage, he said he hadn’t minded most of it until this last portion where he came up a rise and was now walking into a headwind. It had been a beautiful day, but it’s tough to walk into the wind. And we all know what happens when you spit into the wind.

I’ve never been a surfer (other than body surfing in Puerto Rico) but I understand the principle. Surfers watch the incoming waves with an eye to the big ones that will give the biggest thrill. They paddle with the trend and position themselves to make a run. When it all comes together, the rush and roar of riding the wave gives an incomparable thrill. The trend is the surfer’s friend. Successful surfers go with the flow, not against it.

Summing Up
It’s a simple message that oil change professionals can profit from. The trend is toward more sophisticated technologies, and high tech lubricants will be increasingly required in the future, as well as desired. Promoting a properly priced premium synthetic solution is the primary way to benefit from this trend.

*“U.S. Synlubes Outlook Promising”, George Gill, Lube Report from Lubes ‘N Greases, April 7, 2010


3 Mistakes That Most Businesses Make With Email Marketing

Email marketing is considered to be the best way for any business to stay in touch with its customers without spending a lot of money. The only disadvantage of using email marketing in your business is that a lot of people get thousands of email every day.

Today more and more businesses are going about the email marketing in the wrong way and in fact it could really hurt their reputation as well as selling for their business. Below there are 3 mistakes that are considered very common for the email marketing and how to avoid them in your email marketing campaign.

– Sending ‘purchase by product’ emails

Today a lot of people receive hundreds of specials, offers and discounts every day. In fact, people have the time to look at the most relevant ones. If you are looking to purchase a product that a company sells right there, you will look at it. In other case you will delete it.

Though it does not help with potential customers, it does not do a lot to build relationships with them. Such companies are not building any connection with you other than just telling you that they want you to purchase their products. In order to build really trusted relationships with your potential customers you have to educate them, provide them with the information that will be interested for them as well as useful.

– Not mailing enough

If you send your emails to your customers once in some months, for sure it is not enough.

Even if you have some great product to sell to your customers, but you send your email rarely, then you could be marked as a spammer because your readers might forget about you if they do not hear from your for a long time. In fact we all meet some new people every day as well as we buy products from different companies every month. Thus it is very difficult to remember all of them unless they stand out and try to build some relationship with us.

If your customers do not hear from you every month, then you lose about 10 per cent of your buying influence. You have to make sure that your both existing and potential customers always remember who you are and what you can offer them.

At least once a month you have to contact them. As well you have to be sure that you send them really valuable information, so they will see the importance of your emails.

– Adding absolutely everyone to a list

Regardless the reason, but you have never to add someone to your list just because you have such an opportunity. It is a proved way to spoil your reputation and become a spammer. You have to add to your list only those people who are really interested in the information you can offer.

In case you are looking for newsletter template – go to this web site. This is the place where you can see different newsletter templates and choose the ones that fit you better.

And a final piece of advice – today the Internet technologies give you a truly unique chance to choose exactly what you want at the best terms which are available on the market. Strange, but most of the people don’t use this opportunity. In real practice it means that you should use all the tools of today to get the information that you need.

Search Google or other search engines. Visit social networks and check the accounts that are relevant to your topic. Go to the niche forums and participate in the discussion. All this will help you to build up a true vision of this market. Thus, giving you a real chance to make a smart and nicely balanced decision.

And also sign up to the RSS feed on this blog, because we will everything possible to keep updating this blog with new publications about becoming successful in the email marketing industry and getting time proven free newsletter templates in particular.