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Pegram Looks to Repeat Success at Road America

Pegram Looks to Repeat Success at Road America

Holding fifth in the points standings and coming off two strong podium finishes, Team AMSOIL road racing star Larry Pegram will look to repeat his success this weekend at the Road America track in Elkhart Lake, Wis. Road America was the site of an impressive and exciting win by Pegram last season.

AMSOIL is the Official Oil of AMA Pro Road Racing and presenting sponsor of the Daytona SportBike class.


Upcoming Events

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Upcoming Events

Team Geico Powersports/AMSOIL/Honda Motocross
June 5
Freestone County Raceway – Wortham, TX
June 12
High Point Raceway – Mt. Morris, PA
Larry Pegram/AMA Pro Road Racing
June 4-6
Road America – Elkhart Lake, WI
AMSOIL Shock Therapy and Excaliber Monster Trucks
June 12
Sheridan, WY
AMSOIL Cult Energy Activator and Ground Pounder Monster Trucks
June 4-5
Redmond, OR
June 13
Victoria, BC
AMA ATV MX Championship
June 12-13
Spring Creek Motocross Park – Millville, MN


Tomac Captures Win at First Pro Race

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Tomac Captures Win at First Pro Race

The opening round of the 2010 AMA Motocross season at the Hangtown Motocross Classic in Sacramento, Calif. marked Team AMSOIL Lites rookie Eli Tomac’s professional debut. Although the 16-year-old had experienced plenty of success at the amateur level, no one expected him to secure a top finish in his very first pro race. However, Tomac proceeded to take a very strong third in the first moto. The second moto was even more impressive as Tomac took advantage of a strong start and quickly passed the two riders in front of him, including teammate Trey Canard, to take the lead, cruise to the win and earn the overall victory for the weekend. Teammate Canard took the third place podium, while Justin Barcia finished fifth and Blake Wharton took 16th. Team AMSOIL racer Brett Metcalfe finished fourth in the 450 class.

"This goes beyond anything I could have hoped for," Tomac said. "We came in here not really knowing what to expect. You hope you’ll match up with everyone, but until you get out there in a real race you never know. To win this race, my first with this team, is really something."


How To Create A Solid Email Newsletter Campaign

Email marketing has been round for just some time, but the way it is approached today is different. In the past, a company would receive an email list and blow out bargains and coupons with flashy titles in order to attract attention. And in fact, it is called junk mail. Today in order to get email marketing success, you cannot and should not even consider using junk mail. What is the difference between mail and junk mail? In fact, everyone has absolutely various standards, but there are some tips in order to keep your mailing list happy.

– You have to limit the number of your emails

You do not have to overload your target audience. The greatest mistake that a lot of marketer did in the past is sending too any emails. Absolutely every email has had some useful information, but people are usually turned away from too many emails. As well it depends on the particular situation. If you advertise a daily email for your readers who signed up for it, then they surely expect to hear from your every day.

– You have to include some useful and valuable information in your email

Valuable information is considered to be very important for a successful campaign. It is the basis of the whole campaign. After all the main reason why people have signed up for your email is to receive some information that could be used by them. Unfortunately, people could forget about it. You have to constantly provide people with some useful information in your emails.

– Your emails have to be simple and short

The other great mistake that a lot of internet marketers do is making their email newsletters too long. As well it could depend on certain people’s standards or what it is regarding, but in any case you have to keep it reasonable. When people receive long emails they are most likely not read them at all. It is more valuable to send sorter email with high quality content rather than long one.

– You have to include hyper links back to your website

Quite an important part of your email marketing is generating more attention and web traffic to your website. Adding hyper links is an easy and effective way for people to click and go to your website. In this way, you could keep email newsletters short and offer some more useful and valuable information to your website visitors.

– The process of signing up and signing out has to be easy one

You have to make your email list easy to sign up and sign out. Even if your reader no longer wants to receive your information you have to respect this wish and keep it smooth.

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And some general tips – today the web technologies give you a really unique chance to choose exactly what you require at the best terms which are available on the market. Strange, but most of the people don’t use this opportunity. In real life it means that you must use all the tools of today to get the information that you need.

Search Google or other search engines. Visit social networks and check the accounts that are relevant to your topic. Go to the niche forums and join the online discussion. All this will help you to build up a true vision of this market. Thus, giving you a real opportunity to make a wise and nicely balanced decision.

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How A Automobile Cover Can Protect Your Automotive Investment.

Many truck owners find it hard to keep their vehicle’s exterior paint finish shining. One of the easiest and cheapest way to maintain your truck’s fine finish and keep it looking newer and last longer is to cover your vehicle with a good quality cover. By using a truck cover you will save money on car wax, paint job and you will enjoy your ride in a brand new-looking vehicle.

Keeping your automobile outside means exposing your truck to such elements as acid rain, snow, hail, sun, tree sap, dust, debris, bird droppings, high winds and many other harmful pollutants. The sun’s dangerous UV rays can cause your paint to fade. Flying objects can scratch your truck’s fine finish. A good quality truck cover is a great way to help save your truck from the harsh weather and help prevent theft.

Even if you store your automobile in a garage it still can be damaged by being scratched or bumped by other objects. Even dust in a garage can cause scratches. It is a good idea to keep your vehicle covered to protect it.

There are numerous vehicle covers on the market today. Which cover you choose depends on where you plan to keep your automobile and your climate.

· If you keep your truck in a garage perhaps you just need a light weight economy truck cover, for indoor and lite outdoor use.
· If you have a lot of rain you might consider a waterproof automobile cover that is ideal for climates with lots of rain.
· UV Protective Covers provide sun-reflecting white tyvek material that offers superior protection to reduce fading.
· A Premium 4 layer vehicle cover provides all season indoor and outdoor protection, containing layers of fabric to preserve your automobile’s fine finish. This type of cover is great for both rain and snow.

It is important to get a high quality truck cover that has durable material that is a snug fit and has secure tie down methods to protect the cover from the wind. Some automobile covers come with a security lock and a storage bag. Also check the warranty. A good quality cover will come with a good warranty.

Vehicle covers are very easy to adjust as well as put on and take off your truck. Vehicle covers are easy to take care of and can be washed. They are lightweight, breathable and easy to store year after year. There are automobile covers to fit all size trucks.

Truck covers are designed to provide protection and should be your first line of defense to preserve your prized truck. They are also the cheapest way to keep that vehicle in top shape. If you decide to sell or trade your automobile the money you save just by using a vehicle cover will offset the price of the cover, several times over. A vehicle cover is the perfect accessory to help save your automotive investment.

Author: Paul Savoie owner ProtechCarCovers: http://www.protechcarcovers.com

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Diesel Power Challenge – Drmitri Millard

DPC ’10 Competitor Interview: Dmitri Millard

Amsoil sponsors the Diesel Power Challenge


2001 Chevy Silverado 2500 HD

April 01, 2010

By Jason Thompson, Mike McGlothlin

2010 Diesel Power Challenge Competitor Interview Dmitri Millard

Former crewmembers at the Diesel Power Challenge often become great competitors soon after. Last year, master mechanic and nitrous guru Dmitri Millard came as part of Matt Larson’s crew, and helped him to a 5th Place finish. This year, and after getting a feel for how the event unfolded in ’09, Dmitri gets to try his hand at the game.

When we contacted Dmitri with our list of questions, he answered them in a methodical fashion, stating what he planned to do for each event. No doubt, Dmitri will be a force to be reckoned with, and may even be bringing the highest horsepower rig in this year’s Diesel Power Challenge. How does he plan to compete? Read on to see what he had to say:

2010 Diesel Power Challenge Competitor Interview Dmitri Millard

Diesel Power: What changes are you making to the truck?
Dmitri Millard: "We upgraded the transmission, thanks to Mike Lovrich, with a Precision Industries torque converter and new internals. The Duramini pushed the single turbo to its limits, so now it has twin turbos, and of course lots of nitrous."

DP: What tires do you plan to use?
DM: "Toyo Proxes."

2010 Diesel Power Challenge Competitor Interview Dmitri Millard

DP: What is your strategy going to be for each event?
DM: "Drag race: Make a good first run that sets the tone, and then sit back and hope one pass was enough to stay competitive for the rest of the event."

"Dyno: Go all out."
"Sled pull: Shoot for the top three."
"Trailer tow: Finish strong in this event."
"Brake test: I added a few brake upgrades."

2010 Diesel Power Challenge Competitor Interview Dmitri Millard

DP: What spare parts are you bringing?
DM: "I’m bringing a spare transmission, transfer case, driveshafts, and tires."

DP: Who are your crewmembers?
DM: "Matt Larson, Trent Nell, and my buddy Tim."

2010 Diesel Power Challenge Competitor Interview Dmitri Millard

DP: Any other thoughts?
DM: "I’m going to try to be as competitive as possible, and will be shooting for the top three in each event. I plan to use more of a street tire for drag racing and the trailer tow and then sacrifice a little on the sled pull. I’d also like to thank PPE for their help on the twins, Mike Lovrich and Trent Nell with the transmission, and James Brendle and all my other friends who have provided me with their support, and of course Diesel Power."




Bigger Exhausts Bigger Power

Differences can be made on your car by altering your exhaust system. Price normally comes into the equation when it comes to manufacturers making exhausts, so performance may suffer. The other thing is to make a standard exhaust system cheap and quiet it has to be fairly restrictive. Fitting a less restrictive type exhaust, gives you more power to the engine.

One of the first things to look at is the manifold section of the exhaust. The standard exhaust fitted to cars usually have sharp bends in them and are normally made from cast iron. The gasses get restricted because of the bends. Even checking that the ports of the exhaust matches up with the cylinder heads can make quite a difference. To get a good match, by matching up the ports using a small grinding stone on a drill can make a big difference. How the manifold is designed also has a difference. The four-into-one or four-into-two-into-one make are generally a better design than other types, so if your car is fitted with one of these types you could be alright to start with.

After the manifold it is then best to look at the silencers on the car. The normal silencers will tend to be pretty restrictive as they tend to push the gasses through a U-turn to get them through the silencer baffles to keep the car quiet. So buying a new one is not an unusual gift for men to buy for their cars. Fitting a straight through system instead with maybe a slightly larger bore can help eliminate some of these restrictions.

You will have to be careful about going to large a bore as some back pressure is still required to help with performance. If you loose all of the back pressure you could actually loose power rather than gain it. Some of the back pressure is needed to pull the gasses from the engine, so having a tuned exhaust for the car is more beneficial. This is why if a car has no exhausts the car will not perform well at all. So if you are considering buying an exhaust as a present for him, make sure it is suited correctly for the car. You may have been in a position in the past where your exhaust has broken as you have been driving and you can tell how much power is suddenly lost.

A worthwhile check is to make sure that your replacement exhaust is still legal as they will make more noise than the original ones. Some people like the sound of these more noisy exhausts, but be aware that on long journeys, this loud noise could be quite irritating. For greater improvement still is to change the manifold for a free flow tubular type but for normal road use it is best to try and fit a system that will improve the cars mid range power for better acceleration and overtaking capacity rather than the top end power.

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New Audi Driving Experience

Couple of months ago I did test drove the new audi R8. The new R8 is within my budget and I feel German cars are more reliable than any other cars. Why Audi R8? I love the new look and I feel that the new Audi R8 is a stunning machine with speed, power and performance. German cars are well known for their reliability, speed and power and when I first laid eyes on Audi R8 in 2006 I fell in love. Since then I have worked very hard to save money for this car.

The car was designed by Audi AG’s private company and apparently is similar to Lamborghini Gallardo. I bet now you would love to buy this car eh? It is similar to Gallardo and also thousands of pounds cheaper than the Gallardo. It has an amazing pick up speed with 4.2 litre V8 engine. Power output of 414bhp makes it a super fast car. When you reach third gear the power and the speed just kicks in thats when you realise what’s it like to drive a car similar to Gallardo.

I fell in love with Audi when I saw my uncle drive an Audi A4 Saloon. In reality German cars are loved by my family, whether its VW, BMW, Audi or Mercedes. Some have VWs and some have BMWs. Now I am not saying the youngsters like me have those cars too but now I have saved a bit for last 4 years I can certainly have one and R8 is what I want. Ever since I was a kid I had three dreams one was to have a big house, a good job and a wonderful car. One dream is coming true now let’s hope for the best for the other two. After that all I will need to do is find an insurance company which will insure the car for a low price, which might be a tough thing to do.


Car And Truck Accessories: Feel Like A Kid Again And Get Attention

The great thing about Car Accessories and performance parts for cars and trucks is that it really gives you that feeling of being a kid again. Remember how you felt when you were a youngster, the feelings you had anytime you got something cool and new to play with? Or, maybe you liked to collect GI Joe action figures and vehicles when you were younger, or perhaps you still do collect them. You can recapture those feelings of being a kid again when you make adjustments to your own car or truck with the latest performance parts and car accessories. The world of car accessories can feel just like toys and other cool collectible gadgets were as a kid.

It doesn’t matter if you drive a Bmv or a 4 x 4 truck, car accessories are created for every car, truck, and person to suit their personal preferences. For the techies out there you can find some really cool electronic car and truck accessories to add to your vehicle like a Bluetooth accessory that lets you make a phone call and listen to callers directly through your amped up stereo. Let’s not even get started on stereos. Car stereo systems and all the accessories from amplifiers, to equalizers, and whichever color wires and batteries you can think of turns into an entire other world to explore.

Car accessories aren’t always about electronics and cool sound systems. Trucks and cars can have cosmetic alterations in all kinds of ways with custom made floor mats and seat coverings on the inside, or get to work on the exterior with custom hub caps, lights, and other cool things that will keep your friends envious about how tricked out your car or truck is. Making modifications to your own car or truck is a personal thing and the huge variety of car parts and accessories truly allows you to create an extension of your own personality through the way your car sounds, looks, performs, and feels.

Some car accessory fanatics are all about performance and speed giving little attention to the way it actually looks. . It’s even possible to just make it look like your car goes fast giving the appearance of power for purely show. Car accessories allow you to create just about anything you want out of your car. The joy and exhilaration you once had as a kid with new toys and building with Legos can be once again found by entering the magical world of car accessories.

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New Volvo Driving Experience

The new Volvo C30 was recently introduced by Volvo. Looking at the current economy they are doing really well in selling these new models of C30. In England itself I have seen a massive increasement of C30 on the road from 2008 to 2010. Some have the normal C30 and some enjoy the sporty R Design. I have done few used car reviews but this is the first time I am writing about a Volvo car.

First ever Volvo C30 model was unveiled in Paris in 2006. Few people raised their eyebrows when Volvo revealed the new model saying it won’t do very well but it has taken off like a rocket in some parts of Europe. Many people say they are still not sure about the new Volvo. Many of my friends tell me why I drive a Volvo as they think its more older generation from 40 to 60. Volvo C30 nowadays is driven by many people from different ages; young and old. I have to say that I get far more attention on road now than when I was driving a smaller car than Volvo few months ago.

I don’t think I should tell you but I think its right the new Volvo C30 does drink a lot of petrol. I have a 1.6 litre R Design Sport C30 and to fill the whole tank it costs me around £40 to £50, which runs around 2 to 3 weeks depending on what you use it for. I drive a lot so I guess it will be expensive for me especially now that the petrol prices are not getting any cheaper. This is certainly one down side of the new Volvo C30 R Design other than this is a great drive.

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