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WIX Filters; Air Filters, oil filters, cabin filters, fuel filters

WIX Filters

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In the last three years, AMSOIL has introduced more new products and made more technical advances than during any other period in the company’s storied 34-year history. AMSOIL now provides engine oils for nearly every application, multiple gear oils, greases, fuel additives and appearance products. To offer a more wellrounded selection of automotive products, AMSOIL also offers high quality products from other manufacturers such as Twin Air, Donaldson and WIX. Recently, AMSOIL’s focus has been on the filtration market. The recently launched Ea Filter line includes the finest filtration products in the world for the auto/light truck market, and Donaldson covers the heavy-duty market. To complement the Ea line of filters, AMSOIL now offers WIX filters, allowing one-stop shopping for automotive customers. AMSOIL carries over 700 WIX air, oil, fuel, racing and transmission filters for automotive and light truck applications.

A History of Excellence
WIX is well-known around the world for its innovative filtration products for the automotive and light truck market. Founded in 1939, the Gastonia, N.C., company earned acclaim during World War II when it created an oil filter out of a paper tube, wooden plugs and yarn when steel was in short supply. In 1954 WIX created the revolutionary spin-on oil filter that was eventually adopted as original equipment on most vehicles.

Today WIX manufactures some of the best oil, air, lube, cabin air, hydraulic, fuel, crank case breather and transmission filtration products on the market. The company is also widely known for its support of NASCAR.

Superior Construction
WIX oil filters have a full metal base plate for superior strength at the double seal. They also feature a silicone anti-drainback valve that stays flexible in extreme temperatures. This improves oil flow and keeps oil in the filter to prevent dry starts.

WIX oil filters use an up-front by-pass valve. This design is superior to top-mounted valves because it helps to keep oil from washing past dirty media and entering the engine. The glass-enhanced media in WIX oil filters offers greater efficiency, capturing more 10 to 12 micron sized particles than other cellulose/synthetic blend medias. They also have a coil steel spring to ensure internal filter parts are sealed properly.

WIX panel element air filters have a linear path through the filter for low airflow restriction, a specially formulated adhesive to form WIX’s exclusive pocket pleat for the filter media and a soft sealing urethane gasket molded in place on the filter element.

Radial air filters are constructed of mesh screen on the inside wall diameter for element strength and media protection from backfire. Each round filter is manufactured with heat-resistant plastisol with specially designed crush seals on the top and bottom walls and adhesive seal joining the media ends. Additional Filtration Products AMSOIL offers WIX filtration products for auto/light truck and racing applications. This includes not only standard air and oil filters, but fuel, transmission, cabin air and filters specially designed for racing as well.

Fuel Filters
WIX fuel filters provide unmatched fuel cleansing performance. They prevent pump wear, injector clogging, premature engine wear and help boost fuel efficiency. WIX fuel filters offer quick, easy filter replacement, long life and the possibility of extended service intervals. WIX spin-on filters reduce the possibility of improperly installed cover gaskets, and they provide effective, easy draining of excess water on filters equipped with the drain plug. The superior materials, design and construction of WIX fuel filters provide excellent performance under all types of operating conditions.

Transmission Filters
AMSOIL will also offer the full line of industry-leading WIX transmission filters for passenger cars and light trucks. WIX transmission filters provide superior protection for many transmission applications in the auto/light truck market.

Cabin Air Filters
AMSOIL now carries the entire WIX line of high-efficiency cabin interior air filters for passenger cars and light trucks. See Cabin Air Filter Installations (2MB PDF)

Additional Information
WIX filters are supplemental to AMSOIL Ea filters, but now AMSOIL will offers WIX filtration products that cross to an Ea filter. With the exception of WIX lube filters, all WIX filters should be changed in accordance with original equipment manufacturer’s (OEM) recommendations. WIX lube filter change intervals are extended OEM recommendations to match the drain intervals of AMSOIL XL Motor oil. To find the correct filter for your application, consult the Online Product Application Guide.

WIX Racing Filters
AMSOIL is carrying WIX racing filters in addition to filters for more common automotive and light truck applications. WIX has been a part of racing and NASCAR for many years, both as a sponsor and in the race cars. The company’s long-standing relationship with NASCAR not only demonstrates that WIX filters are high-quality products, but it also shows WIX’s dedication to racing, making it a perfect match for AMSOIL.

Richard Petty began using WIX filters in 1967, winning six NASCAR championships with the help of WIX filtration technology.  Currently, WIX filters are used on more than 20 Sprint Cup cars, including those of two-time champion Tony Stewart and 2007 Raybestos Rookie of the Year Juan Pablo Montoya.  WIX is also an associate sponsor of Joe Gibbs Racing and maintains a partnership with Toyota Racing Development (TRD).

WIX racing filters are specially designed for racing applications and are not intended for normal driving applications. AMSOIL will carry all WIX racing filters, which includes 10 oil, 14 air and 2 fuel filters.

WIX Racing Filters Cross Reference Guide (66k PDF)


The BEST spin on oil filters

let’s start with an expanded view;

AMSOIL Ea Oil Filters (EaO)
Made with premium-grade full synthetic media. Ea Oil Filters feature advanced full synthetic nanofiber technology, making them the highest efficiency filters that are available for the auto/light truck market. AMSOIL EaO Filters are guaranteed for 25,000 miles or one year, whichever comes first, when used in conjunction with AMSOIL synthetic motor oil in normal service. In severe service, change oil and filter at recommended severe service oil drain interval.

Absolute Efficiency
AMSOIL Ea Oil Filters (EaO) have the best efficiency rating in the automotive/light-truck market. EaO Filters provide a filtering efficiency in accordance with industry standard ISO 4548-12 of 98.7 percent at 15 microns, while competitive filters containing conventional cellulose media range from 40 to 80 percent efficiency.

Less Restriction
AMSOIL Ea Oil Filters have significantly lower restriction than conventional cellulose media filters. Their small synthetic nanofibers trap smaller particles and hold more contaminants, resulting in lower restriction. During cold temperature warm-up periods, an EaO lube filter allows the oil to easily flow through the filter compared to a typical cellulose filter. Lower restriction decreases engine wear.

More Capacity
A filter’s capacity refers to the amount of contaminants it can hold and still remain effective. AMSOIL EaO Filters have a greater capacity for small, wear-causing contaminants than competing filter lines do. In most applications, when used in conjunction with AMSOIL synthetic motor oils in normal service, EaO Filters are guaranteed to remain effective for up to 25,000 miles or one year, whichever comes first.

Superior Construction
AMSOIL Ea Oil Filters are made with premium-grade full synthetic media. The strictly controlled processing of this media ensures accurate filter construction, and is what allows Ea Oil Filters to deliver higher capacity and efficiency along with better durability.

Over the service life of a conventional cellulose filter, hot oil will degrade the resins that bind the media. The Ea Oil Filters’ full synthetic media technology is resin-free. It uses a wire screen backing that is pleated with the media for superior strength.

Ea Oil Filters are constructed with HNBR gaskets that are fully tested to extreme distances in numerous severe environments. The filters also feature fully tucked seams, a molded element seal, roll-formed threads and a long-lasting premium-grade silicone anti-drain valve.

AMSOIL Ea Oil Filters provide superior oil filtration for vehicles in the auto/light truck market.

Service Life
AMSOIL Ea Oil Filters are guaranteed for 25,000 miles or one year, whichever comes first, when used in conjunction with AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oil. AMSOIL recommends changing the oil filter at the time of oil change.

If used in conjunction with AMSOIL Motor Oil that is being changed at intervals less than 25,000 miles, the EaO Filter should be changed at the same time. AMSOIL EaO Filters are not guaranteed for 25,000 miles when used with any oil other than AMSOIL Motor Oil and should be changed according to vehicle OEM recommendations.

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Every 2 weeks or 3,000 miles:
1. Check engine oil, transmission fluid and coolant. Check your wife’s car, too.
Once a month or 1,000 miles:
2. Check tire pressure – with tire gauge. Accuracy counts.
3. Check transmission fluid.
4. Check brake fluid.
5. Wax car (to protect finish).
6. Check belts and hoses.
Every 3 months or 3,000 miles:
7. Change Amsoil synthetic oil and oil filter per specs, depending on which oil you’re using. 7500 miles/6 months for Amsoil XL series, and for Amsoil synthetics; up to 35,000 miles or one year, whichever comes first for normal service. Replace AMSOIL Ea oil filter at the  AMSOIL Ea Oil Filterstime of oil change up to 25,000 miles or one year, whichever comes first (other brands at standard OEM* intervals).
8. Lubricate chassis. Many new cars don’t have grease fittings, but find out for your car. Use a good quality synthetic grease.
9. Check transmission fluid.
10. Check all drive belts (fan belts) frayed or cracked belts.
Every 6 months or 6,000 miles:
11. Change oil and filter (Amsoil synthetic oil, per manufacturer specs).
12. Inspect suspension.
13. Rotate tires.
Every 12 months or 12,000 miles:
14. Flush radiator, replace anti-freeze, check air conditioning system.
15. Replace air filters. For comfort, replace cabin air filters available from Amsoil as well.
16. Lubricate chassis.
Every 2 years or 24,000 miles.
17. Replace spark plugs (30,000 miles average suggested for
unleaded gas) and PC valve.
18. Change automatic transmission fluid, filter and pan gasket. Replace with proper Amsoil synthetic ATF.
19. Inspect brake linings.
Every 3 years or 30,000 miles:
20. Check and test ignition wires (replace if needed).
21. Test cooling system and heating hoses (replace if needed).
22. Check drive belts (replace if needed).
23. Replace fluid in differential and manual transmission. Use Amsoil Synthetics for increased fuel economy and extended drains.
Every 50,000 miles.
24. Check brake shoes (replace if needed).
25. If you have a major repair to do, it’s wise to get at least 3 estimates, if possible, before you decide.
26. Read and follow your car owner’s manual – it’s your car’s bible for making your car last longer.
27. Whether you are a man, woman, boy or girl, learn to do some routine maintenance on your car yourself. A multitude of books, videos, magazines and classes are available at your local library that will teach you for free if you don’t know. Learn how to check your own oil, transmission fluid, tire pressure and coolant, etc. You won’t be a victim for unscrupulous shops if you’re knowledgeable.
28. If you find a good mechanic who you can trust, stick with him even if his prices are a bit higher – all things being equal. You’ll always save time, money and aggravation in the long run.
29. Don’t race or gun your engine when you start it up. Accelerate slowly and smoothly when your engine is cold.
30. Avoid burning rubber – it places excessive wear on the transmission, rear end, not to mention your tires. Even though it’s really fun, try to restrain yourself. I know it’s hard.
31. An international tire company estimated that 33% of all tires on the road are under-inflated (low air). Under-inflated tires wear out quicker and have a tendency to blow out easier. They also take more power, and thus, more fuel to roll down the road.
32. A garaged car lasts longer. A car port is next best, and a car cover is a distant third.
33. Avoid jackrabbit starts and stops. Stop and accelerate gradually.
34. Avoid tailgating, tire squealing turns, flying over speed bumps, pot holes and revving your engine.
35. When possible, avoid driving your car during rush hour stop and go traffic periods.
36. Keep front-end aligned, for longer tire life and better gas mileage.
37. Make sure you get promised repairs in writing including how
much it will cost.
38. Avoid car dealers except to have highly specialized repairs done that can’t be done properly anywhere else.
39. It’s hard to be overcharged when you get three estimates before you have the work done.
40. Beware: Cheapest is not always the best. Normally, the best mechanics with the best equipment and training cost more.
41. Often mechanics that charge extremely low prices have inferior or out-dated equipment, little to no formal training or are under-insured.
42. Complex electrical problems are so involved that serious electrical work should be done in an "Auto Electric" shop. They have the equipment, tool and training to do the job more efficiently than the average mechanic.
43. If your car has "Cruise Control" use it. Using cruise control will save you 5% to 10% of a gallon of gas on long trips.
44. Avoid constantly pressing and releasing the accelerator when driving. This practice not only wastes fuel, but it puts excessive wear on the drive train of your car.
45. Don’t ride your brake pedal, this wears out your brake linings pre-maturely, and wastes fuel.
46. Driving with your windows all the way down at higher speeds, will waste 10% more gallons of gasoline than driving with them closed.
47. Research by a major car manufacturer has revealed that neglect of proper routine maintenance is the number one reason for the enormous increase in car repairs being required.
48. Tires purchased at department stores such as Sears, Montgomery Wards, K-Mart etc., can be an excellent value because many are made by leading tire manufacturers. For a list of what manufacturer makes which tires for what department store, write
to: Tire Information Center, P.O. Box 677, Syosset, NY 11791
49. When purchasing or changing tires, make sure you have them spin balanced.
50. Avoid cleaning your windshield with a dry rag or towel. Always dampen with water or some other cleaning liquid. Dry towels grind and scratch your windshield hindering your visibility.
51. Avoid turning on the car air-conditioning while running at highway speeds as this tends to put an immediate heavy load on your compressor and clutch. This could cause excessive wear and tear on these components. Instead turn your air conditioner on
at car speeds below 25 to 30 m.p.h. This helps to preserve your expensive compressor.
52. Try to avoid running your car with the tank low on gas. Keeping a low tank of gas increases the chance of dirt, water/moisture and rust forming in your fuel system. Keeping a full tank decreases the chance of dirt and other foreign matter forming in
your fuel system.
53. Tires driven at 70 m.p.h. wear out almost twice as fast as cars that go 50 m.p.h.
54. A government study has confirmed, the top three causes of car breakdowns while on the road are: (a) running out of gas (b) tire troubles (c) cooling system problems (overheating).
55. The best as well as the easiest ways to find a good car repair shop is by recommendation or referrals from satisfied customers.
56. To work on a late model computer-controlled engines, make sure the shop you choose has the equipment to handle computer-electric service/repair. Sophisticated diagnostic equipment is a must.
57. To choose the right repair shop for you, it’s wise to have a small or minor maintenance or repair job done first to see how the repair shop and mechanic treat you and your car.
58. Give detailed description of your car’s problem when you take it in for repairs. The more you can describe what your car is doing or not doing (thumping, squealing, clacking sound, etc.) the faster and less it will cost for your mechanic to fix it.
59. When in doubt about the cost of a repair or a mechanic’s honesty get a second opinion. This is one of the best ways to protect yourself from being ripped-off until you can find a permanent repair shop.
60. Regular oil changes are the most important thing you can do to protect your engine and make it last longer.
61. If you have a manual transmission, downshift to slow your car down instead of using your brakes. This will save wear and tear on your braking system.
62. Each time you have your engine oil checked, have your transmission fluid checked also.
63. Protect your car’s interior and make it last longer – park your car in the shade or place a windshield guard or cover in the windshield.
64. If you spill something inside your car, clean it up
immediately before it dries. Delaying even 30 minutes can
sometimes leave a permanent stain or spot. NOTE: To better
protect your car seats have them treated with scotch guard.
NOTE: According to current auto insurance statistics, the
average U.S. car’s useful life is 10 years or 100,000 miles. By
following proper preventative maintenance you can often double
your car’s useful life, and spend less time visiting your local

I’ve had multiple cars I’ve run well over 100,000 miles, and some over 200,000 miles. I currently own a 2000 Plymouth Neon with 204,000 miles that runs great, using all Amsoil products.


J&P Cycles® 31st Annual Open House

J & P Open HouseJ&P Cycles® 31st Annual Open House
Don’t miss J&P Cycles’ 31st Annual Open House on June 26th-27th in Anamosa, Iowa. With spectacular events such as Circus Una, Bike Rodeos, Ill Conduct and Dyno Drag, you can be assured there will be something for the whole family. Come visit with top factory reps from over 75 companies, see the incredible Timeline Motorcycle and participate in the ride-in bike shows.J&P Cycles® 31st Annual Open House.
This year’s Open House will also see the National Motorcycle Museum open in its new location for the first time! View the ‘AwesomeNess’ exhibit including 11 of Arlen Ness’ “awesomest” creations. The ‘AwesomeNess’ exhibit will be displayed on Saturday and Sunday at the National Motorcycle Museum. Additionally, Arlen, his son Cory, and his grandson Zach will be in attendance at this year’s Open House. Stop in and enjoy lunch on J&P Cycles, view custom bikes, chat with celebrities, win door prizes, shop a warehouse of savings and much, much more. Check our website regularly for updated schedule of events.



Canard Earns Rising Star Award


Canard Earns Rising Star Award

Team AMSOIL supercross rider Trey Canard was awarded the Monster Energy Supercross “Rising Star Award” earlier this month at the Monster Energy AMA Supercross awards banquet at The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nev. Canard earned the award not only for his overall third place finish in the West Coast Lites class, but for his impressive six-week run in the 450 class. Canard earned podium finishes in five of seven Lites races, as well as five of six 450 class races.

“I really didn’t expect it,” said Canard. “The award is awesome though, and I’m excited about it. The team and I worked hard this season and it turned out really well.”

Canard’s success this season also landed him on the cover of the July issue of Racer X.

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Rinker Kicks Off 2010 Racing Season

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Rinker Kicks Off 2010 Racing Season

Team AMSOIL powerboat racer Terry Rinker was looking to get a jump on the competition at the first race of the 2010 P.R.O.P. Series in Port Neches, Texas. The weekend started strong, with Rinker clocking in the fastest time in the time trials. He took fourth in the first qualifying heat, and after weather forced the cancellation of the second heat, Rinker

started the main event in the fourth position. After making a pass to move to third, Rinker’s quest for a victory came to an abrupt end as the boat spun into a violent barrel roll.

Because the race course was near the Gulf of Mexico, the electrical connections, switches, boat and motor components had been treated with a light coat of AMSOIL Metal Protector and Heavy Duty Metal Protector. A post-race inspection showed very little sign of electrolysis or saltwater corrosion.

Rinker will compete next at the Bay City River Roar in Bay City, Mich. on the weekend of June 26-27.

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Synthetic Motorcycle Oil – Your Best Protection | oil changes

Synthetic Motorcycle Oil – Your Best Protection

Motorcycles are as equally deserving of high-quality lubricants as automobiles. In fact, many motorcycle engines operate at up to 10 000 revolutions per minute – almost double that of a typical motor in a passenger car. At these types of speeds, the stresses in an engine are extremely high, and it is important to choose the right oil to protect internal components.

Synthetic motorcycle oil can really go a long way towards protecting your engine, chain case and transmission. Since most motorcycles are pleasure vehicles that are not driven every day, or not usually driven for extended periods, the amount of time a bike spends parked means that motorcycles are particularly prone to rust issues resulting from storage. Humid conditions can also accelerate the formation of rust, leading to corrosion in the engine and on the chain. Many people assume that since their engine and chain are oiled that they are protected against this type of damage, but in order for an oil to provide maximum protection against corrosion, it must contain special additives which are designed to coat and protect at all times. Synthetic motorcycle oil is specifically formulated with these add

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Windham Wraps Up Supercross Season with Fifth Straight Podium


Windham Wraps Up Supercross Season with Fifth Straight Podium

After winning two straight AMA Supercross events, Team AMSOIL supercross star Kevin Windham wrapped up the year with a come-from-behind third at the Las Vegas Shootout on May 8. He finishes the season with five straight podium finishes and a solid second place finish in the overall standings. Team AMSOIL Lites racers Justin Barcia and Trey Canard finished fifth and 10th respectively in the East-West Shootout.

Lites riders Barcia, Canard, Blake Wharton and Eli Tomac will compete at the first round of the 2010 AMA Pro Motocross Series on Saturday, May 22 at the Hangtown National in Sacramento, Calif. Team AMSOIL racer Brett Metcalfe will compete in the 450 class.

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Upcoming Amsoil Racing Events

Upcoming Events

Team Geico Powersports/AMSOIL/Honda Motocross
May 22
Hangtown Classic – Sacramento, CA
May 29
Glen Helen Raceway Park – San Bernardino, CA

AMSOIL Great American Circle Track Tour
May 21
Anderson Motor Speedway – Anderson, SC
May 22
Dillon Speedway – Dillon, SC

AMSOIL Shock Therapy and Excaliber Monster Trucks
May 21
Saint John, NB
May 22
Moncton, NB
May 29
Gloucester Fair-Ontario, Canada

AMSOIL Cult Energy Activator and Ground Pounder Monster Trucks
May 21-22
Miami, OK

AMA ATV MX Championship
May 29-30
Steel City Raceway – Delmont, PA


Pegram Takes Two Podiums in Sonoma

Pegram Takes Two Podiums in Sonoma Team AMSOIL road racing star Larry Pegram competed May 14-16 at Infineon Raceway in Sonoma, Calif. Saturday’s racing action saw Josh Hayes take a convincing victory, while Pegram got off to a great start and battled Jake Zemke and Ben Bostron for a spot on the podium. Bostron took control of second with three laps remaining, and Pegram earned a hard-fought third place finish. On Sunday, Pegram took advantage of another strong start to take the early lead, but he was overtaken by a hard-charging Hayes on lap six. Like the previous day, Pegram battled with Bostron for position behind Hayes, with both riders repeating their second and third place finishes from Saturday.

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