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Rogue Chopper Scavenger Oil Change Kit–Test With Video

We bought a Scavenger oil change kit from Rogue Chopper. Here is our test, with video.

Amsoil synthetic motorcycle oil.

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I bought this kit last fall. I put it on with standard hand tools. Later, I bought the crimping tool so I could do installs on other bikes. If you are in the KC area, and want to install one of these, let me know and I’ll help out.

We thought this was a very high quality, well designed kit. The customer service was great. I would give this 5 stars out of 5.

Here is an explanation from the Rogue Chopper site;

“We all know changing the oil on our bikes is the most important routine maintenance we perform. So if you are going to change your oil, why not change all of it? We all change our oil by draining and refilling the oil tank and change the oil filter. But we never get the oil out of the engine. We pretend like it’s an insignificant amount or it’s not even there. Yet there is more than 24oz. left in the engine, 20% of the oiling system capacity! Upon engine start up, this old oil mixes with the fresh oil and starts the breakdown and discoloration of the fresh oil immediately.

Let’s face it – the oil filter only gets the particles out of the oil.
We must change the oil because of the chemical breakdown from high temperature and combustion gasses mixing with the oil which is what breaks down and discolors the oil. When you mix 24oz. of old oil with 96oz. of fresh oil, the breakdown of the fresh oil starts immediately. This would be like draining the oil in your car, changing the filter, and then pouring in one quart of the oil you just drained out and the new oil. Then pretend the quart of old oil you just poured in never came out and it’s insignificant.
Rogue Chopper has the fix for this problem; The Scavenger Total Oil Change System. This clever yet easy to use system effectively purges all the oil from the engine when performing an oil change. With this we get no old broken down oil mixing with new oil so our new oil stays fresh longer. It’s great if you want to switch to Synthetic oil from regular oil or the other way, but either way it’s a great product.”


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