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Stored Equipment Needs Protection – Engine Fogging Oil

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Engine Fogging Oil

As fall turns to winter, customers in many parts of the country begin placing summer work and recreational equipment; including motorcycles, boats, lawnmowers, construction and farm equipment; into winter storage. Ensure customers’ stored equipment is protected throughout the winter season and in top condition when it is put back into service in the spring. Engine fogging oil helps protect your equipment.

AMSOIL Engine Fogging Oil

amsoil engine fogging oil

amsoil engine fogging oil

Fluctuations in ambient temperatures can cause water vapor to form condensate within stored engines. When this condensate comes into direct contact with steel
and iron components, it forms surface corrosion on cylinder liners, piston rings, anti-friction bearings and steel/
iron contact surfaces on rotational seals. Long periods of storage can also dry out cylinders, often resulting in permanent damage when the equipment is taken out
of storage and dry-started. Most two- and four-stroke motor oils are formulated to have an affinity to engine component surfaces, acting as a barrier that keeps condensate from contacting engine components and forming corrosion.
However, the effectiveness of motor oil in this area diminishes with time.


AMSOIL Engine Fogging Oil (FOG)

offers superior film retention, providing long-term
protection against corrosion and dry starts, etending engine life and reducing operating expenses. Amsoil engine fogging oil is an aerosol spray formulation offers easy and clean application, while
reaching more components and offering complete distribution of the oil, something especially beneficial in applications with horizontal cylinder orientation, such as outboard
motors. Consult equipment owner’s manual for application directions.

AMSOIL Gasoline Stabilizer

Gasoline is not formulated for long-term storage and can start to degrade in as little as 60 days, leading to varnish and sludge deposits that clog injectors, fuel lines and carburetors; stick oats; and cause poor engine performance, starting problems, increased maintenance expenses and decreased equipment life. It is difficult to drain all of the fuel from equipment before storage, and doing so would expose the to other problems, including the formation
of rust and corrosion on the bare metal in the tank and fuel system and the drying and cracking of gaskets and seals.
Some fuels are pre-treated with oxidation inhibitors that allow them to be stored for short periods without forming excessive deposits, while other fuels have no inhibitors at all. AMSOIL Gasoline Stabilizer (AST) reduces
the oxidation that occurs when fuel is stored for extended periods, improving performance, extending equipment life
and decreasing maintenance expenses.


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