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Advanced Automobiles Of Today Don’t Pollute The Air

By Kathy Jenkins

For some time, we looked at advanced cars as cars that are full of hi-tech gadgets or go very fast. Although with those vehicles, each time the ignition is switched on, it is sending bad stuff out into the atmosphere, and into the world. Currently, quite a few engineers and scientists are looking to make vehicles that are clean for the environment. They have been concentrating on a system that will allow cars to run on energy that is not based on fossil fuels.

These advanced systems are going to use battery power to run electronics, air conditioning and system analytics instead of fuel. It’s being studied and researched very intently in hopes of discovering the answer. Some people involved are considering how such a system is likely to help reduce the amount of pollution being produced and how it can help improve the economy. A quest for alternative energy is important since we will eventually run out of fossil fuels. With a little luck, before we exhaust fossil fuels that we located our alternative and renewable energy source. We are going to one day have an advanced vehicle that not only can go at high speeds but can do so without fossil fuels.

When an innovative car uses up its energy, all we do is plug it in. Even though this advanced vehicle might not ride like a race car, it will not pollute the air. Extra power, which is required for climbing hills, is provided by ultra capacitors. Everything that demands power in these cars, needs to originate from something other than fuel. No matter what you have to do to manage the temperature in your car is vehicle thermal comfort. It might be as easy as rolling your window down or turning the air conditioner on. The advanced car of the future should be a vehicle that will take us anywhere without any potential inconveniences whatsoever and without having an effect on our environment.

The best car is one that is really dependable and calls for little or no maintenance. While our current cars have all sorts of nice amenities, it doesn’t mean it should continue in future cars. Our world is going to transform once fossil fuels have run out. As soon as that day arrives, there probably will not be as many choices as there are today. The truth is quite distressing and many people refuse to believe that it’s going to happen.

Our lives will alter after all the oil has run dry unless an alternative source is discovered by then. It’s possible that day will arrive sooner, rather than later, but we probably should conserve on what we have, in case it doesn’t.

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The Improved 2012 Honda Civic Hybrid

By Kathy Jenkins

The 2012 Honda Civic Hybrid has improved its gasoline economy from 41 mpg to 44 mpg and is now using a lithium-ion battery for energy. For automobiles that do not plug into the power grid, the Civic Hybrid has solidified its second-place position with the improvement in fuel economy. The rise in gas mileage helps make the Civic closer to the Prius and ahead of the Lexus CT 200h. Because the Civic Hybrid is not really a hatchback, Honda claims that it is the most fuel-efficient sedan on US highways.

The Integrated Motor Assist is going to be the fifth released hybrid powertrain system that the 2012 Civic Hybrid uses, which is thin, pancake like electronic motor/generator. The system is similar to Ford and Toyota where it assists the gasoline engine by being sandwiched between the transmission and engine. Even though the car can be operated by just electric power, it usually uses a mixture of both electric and gasoline engines. All engine parts still keep moving even when the car runs for a while on electric power. If the car stops the engine shuts off, and then starts up again when it is time to go, like other hybrid vehicles.

The new 2012 Civic Hybrid includes a larger gasoline engine, along with the shift to lithium-ion batteries. In spite of the boost from 1.3-liter engine to 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine, the horsepower from both electric and gas continue to be the same. The engine works by using the electric motor more often because the engine runs at a lower RPM due to the larger displacement, which results in a quieter ride. Every element of the hybrid system was modified, like the increase of the motor output from 15kw to 20kw. To better take care of temperature, it now uses plastic spacers, together with using more coils and magnets that are widely spaced. The horsepower with the motor has been accelerated simply by three horsepower to 23 horsepower.

The 20-kw Li-ion battery is a major advancement over the nickel-metal hydride battery that was used in the previous model, providing an extra 5kw of power with 30% less weight. Together with the battery’s 35% improvement in efficiency and the IMA system’s greater power, the Civic Hybrid is now offering the capability of using only electric motor power more often, in certain times of cruising at low speeds. Considering the move to lithium battery, the problems that affected the previous battery should now be resolved. Finishing the IMA system is going to be the continually variable transmission. The transmission works similar to a 10-speed bicycle which comes with a drive pulley and a driven pulley which are linked with a steel belt. It is a combination of a manual transmission and also a conventional geared automatic transmission.

With reliable advancements in fuel-efficiency and battery, the 2012 Civic Hybrid has certainly earned its honors. It is definitely giving the Prius a run for its money.

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Tactics To Help Car Owners Save On Gasoline And Cut Down Pollution

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As a car owner, we’re constantly exploring new ways to save cost on our auto insurance rates by getting several auto insurance quotes from different online auto insurance companies. One additional important thing we can perform as a car owner, apart from saving expenses, will be to do our part in saviing and protecting our earth. We are polluting our planet on a daily basis, and the quantity of pollution is constantly growing. We have already caused damage to our ozone layer and actions need to be taken to help make sure that our planet will be able to survive. This is the reason I have decided to share some simple tips about your automobile that can help to reduce the amount of pollution being created every day.

One of the initial things you are capable of doing is to make sure your auto tires are properly inflated. This may sound a little peculiar but let me explain. When your tires are not properly filled with air, your car is not able to use fuel very effectively. Your car utilizes friction so when your tires don’t have adequate air, more of the tire itself touches the ground requiring you to use additional gas to sustain your speed. Unfortunately, you create much more pollution when you consume more gas. Once your tires are inflated properly you will be using much less gas and creating a bit less pollution.

Don’t forget to get a tune up annually for your automobile. This is one thing that many people do not think about. By changing your spark plugs and wires every year you help keep your car operating properly. Aged spark plugs make your car produce more pollution. This additionally causes your car to end up with poor gas mileage. If you change your spark plugs no less than once a year you are attempting to keep your car running better, and producing less pollution.

Many people fail to change their motor oil. Some people follow a rigid schedule and change their motor oil every 3000 miles while other people change it whenever they don’t forget to do so. When your car’s oil is clean your car performs better which, in turn, causes you to attain top gas mileage and reduces the pollution produced by your car. Also if you are one of the people who change your own oil, make sure to recycle the oil appropriately. Virtually any neighborhood auto mechanic or auto store should have the ability to recycle your used oil. There’s no reason to never recycle your used oil simply because there’s no fee to do this.

There are other small things you can accomplish to also help lessen your pollution and save fuel. One thing is to make sure you have a nice and clean air filter in your automobile. A fully clean air filter can certainly help improve gas mileage. It really is a good approach to clean your car on a frequent basis. A filthy car creates significantly greater wind resistance when you are driving. In addition to improving your gas mileage, cleaning your car regularly will extend its life. The longer automobiles last, the fewer cars have to be made, so this reduces the degree of pollution created when new cars are manufactured.

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