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TORC Announces 2012 TORC Racing Schedule

TORC racing Announces 2012 Schedule

December 24, 2011

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TRAXXAS TORC - The Off-Road Championship Series

TORC racing

After a successful 2011 campaign that brought off-road racing to three new venues, the Traxxas TORC Series presented by AMSOIL has set the course for 2012.

TORC racing

The seven weekend, 14-race season will start where it ended in 2011.  A purpose-built track at Cycle Ranch in Floresville, Texas will host the first two rounds of racing April 28-29.  Just 30-minutes from downtown San Antonio, Cycle Ranch offered up one of the most technical race tracks on the circuit this past season.

TORC racing

A return to Red Bud MX in Buchanan, Mich. is on tap for the Memorial Day holiday weekend, May 26-27.  Despite heavy rains and knee-deep mud, the Red Bud faithful saw some of the most extreme off-road racing this year as the TORC series started at the famed motocross facility.

Big market, NASCAR venues in Chicago and Charlotte are mid-season highlights for the premier off-road, short course series.  TORC invades NASCAR country July 13-14 at the Charlotte Motor Speedway. it will be a quick turnaround for the teams less than one week later in Joliet, Ill. at Chicagoland Speedway for a Thursday-Friday event.

Historical venues Crandon International Raceway and Bark River International Raceway round out the new schedule.  The series returns to its traditional ending in Crandon, Wis. on Labor Day weekend.  The final race of the year will be the AMSOIL Cup on Sunday, September 2.

TORC racing

TORC racing


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TORC racing




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Industry-Standard Testing


To determine the fuel economy benefits of its synthetic lubricants, Amsoil conducted the industry-standard SAE J1321 In-Service Fuel Economy Test Procedure.
First, the baseline rate of fuel consumption was determined for two nearly identical Kenworth® T800B diesel trucks and 53’ trailers from Ford® Motor Company’s* Rawsonville, MI fleet. Texaco brand conventional lubricants were installed in each vehicle’s engine, transmission, and front and rear differentials. Both trucks simultaneously completed runs on a 40-mile test route representative of real-world driving conditions beginning and ending at Ford’s Rawsonville fleet maintenance facility.
Fuel consumption was recorded from each vehicle’s engine control module (ECM)
following each run. Although both vehicles were operated using the same conventional
lubricants and according to the same procedures, the test truck consumed an average
of 0.37 more gallons of fuel per run compared to the control truck.




The test truck alone was then thoroughly flushed of its conventional lubricants prior to
installing AMSOIL synthetic lubricants. Both trucks simultaneously completed runs on
the test route according to the same procedures used during the baseline segment. Fuel
consumption data was again recorded from the ECMs. The switch to AMSOIL synthetic
lubricants eliminated the 0.37-gallon difference in fuel consumption per baseline
segment run, resulting in 6.54 percent improved fuel economy.



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Amsoil – Free Amsoil Catalog


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The fall months are the time to place boats, motorcycles and lawn care equipment into storage and prepare snowmobiles, snowblowers and other vehicles for the coming winter.


AMSOIL products are formulated to provide maximum protection for engines and fuel systems during storage, while Amsoil synthetic motor oils’ low pour points provide superior cold-temperature protection and performance in two-and four-stroke winter equipment.


Fall Storage Protection

Gasoline can break down in as little as 60 days, causing varnish and gums that clog injectors, fuel lines and carburetors, leading to poor engine performance and starting problems. In many applications, draining the fuel system can be impractical, and doing so can expose the system to corrosion on the bare metal in the tank and fuel system and cause gasket and seal cracking.

AMSOIL Gasoline Stabilizer reduces the oxidation that occurs when fuel is store for extended periods, improving performance, extending equipment life and decreasing maintenance expenses.Amsoil
During storage, fluctuations in ambient temperatures can form condensation within the engine that can cause surface corrosion on cylinder liners, piston rings, anti-friction bearings and steel/iron contact surfaces on rotational seals. Long periods of storage can also dry out cylinders, often resulting in permanent damage when the equipment is dry-started in the spring.

AMSOIL Engine Fogging Oil offers superior film retention, providing long-term protection against corrosion and dry starts, extending engine life and reducing operating expenses. Its aerosol spray formulation offers easy and clean application, while reaching more components and offering complete distribution of the oil, something especially beneficial in applications with horizontal cylinder orientation, such as outboard motors.

Winter Four-Stroke Performance 

Conventional oils thicken in the cold, which can result in inadequate lubrication to critical engine parts at cold start-up, or even prevent the engine from starting.
AMSOIL Formula 4-Stroke Power Sports Synthetic Motor Oil provides serious protection and performance in four-stroke engines, including ATVs and snowmobiles. Its broad 0W-40 viscosity rating effectively protects in both hot and cold temperature extremes.
AMSOIL Formula 4-Stroke Synthetic Small Engine Oil provides exceptional protection in the severe-service conditions common in both gasoline-and diesel-fueled small engines including welders, skidsteers, compressors, snowblowers and more. It remains fluid at sub-zero temperatures for superior cold-weather protection.
Winter Two-Stroke Performance
Synthetic 2-cycle Oils provides exceptional performance in snowmobiles and other two-stroke equipment. Amsoil DOMINATOR is formulated with heavier base oils for “on the edge” operation, while also protecting pistons and bearings subjected to the rigors of extreme riding.
AMSOIL INTERCEPTOR is engineered specifically for power-sports applications and engines equipped with exhaust power valves. It contains the finest synthetic base oils and additives for exceptional cleanliness, while controlling exhaust valve sticking and providing outstanding overall lubrication.
Gasoline Additive
AMSOIL Quick shot SE is formulated to thoroughly clean varnish, gums and insoluble debris in two-and four-stroke gasoline-powered small engines and power sports equipment fuel systems, restoring peak performance. Amsoil Quickshot effectively addresses performance issues related to ethanol, water and dirty pump gas, while stabilizing fuel between uses and during short-term storage periods. Use Amsoil for fewer fuel related problems and better winter performance.




AMSOIL Signature Series Showcased in Leading Magazines

Amsoil Signature Series

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Amsoil Signature Series

AMSOIL has recently mapped out a one-year, bimonthly advertising plan to showcase its Signature Series Synthetic Motor Oil line in two leading men’s magazines, Car and Driver and Popular Mechanics. Car and Driver is the second-most popular men’s magazine in the country, while Popular Mechanics is the fourth-most popular. The first of six Popular Mechanics advertisements appeared in the October 2011 issue, while the first of six Car and Driver advertisements appeared in the November 2011 issue.

Amsoil Signature Series

click to enlarge

Amsoil Signature Series

According to current circulation data, Car and Driver has 1.2 million subscribers and Popular Mechanics has 1.22 million subscribers. Even more impressive is the “pass-along” readership of both publications, which refers to the total number of readers. Both magazines are often passed along to friends and relatives, are carried by most libraries and are popular choices for various waiting rooms (doctor, dentist, mechanic, etc.). Car and Driver has a pass-along readership of 9-11 million, and Popular Mechanics has a pass-along readership of 7.7 million.

Amsoil Signature Series Amsoil Signature Series Amsoil Signature Series


AMSOIL Signature Series Synthetic Motor Oil delivers extraordinary lubrication in all types of automotive gasoline engines. By combining industry-premier synthetic technology with AMSOIL premium additives, Signature Series Synthetic Motor Oil exceeds the higher performance demands of modern engines. It withstands the stress of higher horsepower, higher heat and complicated emissions control systems. Signature Series Synthetic Motor Oil is engineered to outperform competitive conventional and synthetic motor oils. It delivers long-lasting performance and protection.

AMSOIL, the leader in automotive synthetic lubrication, produced the world’s first API-qualified synthetic motor oil in 1972. Trust the extensive experience of AMSOIL, the First in Synthetics®, to do the best job protecting your engine.

Extends Drain Intervals
AMSOIL Signature Series Synthetic Motor Oil can extend drain intervals far beyond those recommended for conventional oils. Its unique synthetic formulation and long-drain additive system are inherently stable to resist oxidation and neutralize acids over longer periods. Signature Series Synthetic Motor Oil is designed to deliver the best possible engine protection, cleanliness and performance over extended drain intervals. It reduces vehicle maintenance and waste oil disposal costs.

Maximizes Fuel Economy
AMSOIL Signature Series Synthetic Motor Oil is designed to maximize energy efficiency for improved fuel economy. Unlike conventional oils, its uniform molecular structure helps it flow more freely and reduce friction between metal surfaces. Anti-friction additives are included to further improve energy efficiency.

Reduces Engine Wear
Signature Series Synthetic Motor Oil provides outstanding anti-wear protection. It has excellent viscosity film strength to separate metal surfaces and robust anti-wear additives to further reduce wear in metal-to-metal contact regions for improved engine life.

Reduces Oil Consumption and Emissions
Volatility (burn-off) occurs when oil gets hot, causing high oil consumption and emissions. AMSOIL Signature Series Synthetic Motor Oil exhibits an extremely low volatility rate; it controls volatility-related oil consumption and emissions.

Excels in Extreme Temperatures
AMSOIL Signature Series Synthetic Motor Oil resists thermal (heat) breakdown better than conventional oils. It is heavily fortified with detergent and dispersant additives to help prevent sludge deposits and keep engines clean. And unlike conventional oils, Signature Series Synthetic Motor Oil contains no wax, staying fluid in the coldest winter temperatures for easier starting, improved oil flow and reduced bearing wear.

AMSOIL Signature Series Synthetic Motor Oil is excellent for use in all types of gasoline-fueled vehicles. It is recommended for all domestic and foreign vehicles requiring any of the listed performance specifications:

0W-30 (AZO): API SN (Resource Conserving), SM…; ILSAC GF-5, GF-4…; ACEA A5/B5, A1/B1; Ford WSS-M2C946-A, WSS-M2C929-A; Chrysler MS-6395N; Suitable as a replacement for GM dexos1™ (supersedes LL-A-025, 6094M and 4718M)

AMSOIL Signature Series Synthetic Motor Oil is compatible with other conventional and synthetic motor oils. Mixing AMSOIL motor oils with other oils, however, will shorten the oil’s life expectancy and reduce the performance benefits. AMSOIL does not support extended drain intervals where oils have been mixed. Aftermarket oil additives are not recommended for use with AMSOIL synthetic motor oils.

AMSOIL Signature Series Synthetic Motor Oil is recommended for extended drain intervals in unmodified(1), mechanically sound(2) gasoline-fueled vehicles as follows:

• Normal Service(3) – Up to 25,000 miles or one year, whichever comes first.
• Severe Service(4) – Up to 15,000 miles or one year, whichever comes first.
• In all non-gasoline-fueled vehicle applications, extend the oil change interval according to oil analysis or follow the OEM* drain interval.

*OEM – Original Equipment Manufacturer

(1) Engines operating under modified conditions (non-stock) are excluded from extended drain recommendations. Examples include the use of performance computer chips; non-OEM approved exhaust, fuel or air induction systems; and the use of fuels other than those recommended for normal operation by the manufacturer.

(2) Mechanically sound engines are in good working condition and do not, for example, leak or consume excessive amounts of oil, are not worn out, do not overheat, do not leak antifreeze and have properly working emissions control systems. AMSOIL recommends repairing malfunctioning engines prior to the installation of AMSOIL synthetic oils.

(3) Personal vehicles frequently traveling greater than 10 miles (16 km) at a time and not operating under severe service.

(4) Turbo/supercharged engines, commercial or fleet vehicles, excessive idling, vehicles with more than 100,000 miles without prior continuous use of AMSOIL motor oil, daily short-trip driving less than 10 miles (16 km), frequent towing, plowing, hauling or dusty condition driving.

AMSOIL Ea® Full-Flow Oil Filters are designed for extended change intervals. They stop smaller particles, flow more oil and last longer than regular filters. For best performance, use AMSOIL Ea Full-Flow Oil Filters.

This product is not expected to cause health concerns when used for the intended application and according to the recommendations in the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS). An MSDS is available via the Internet at www.amsoil.com or upon request at (715) 392-7101. Keep Out of Reach of Children. Don’t pollute. Return used oil to collection centers.


Premium Protection for New and Rebuilt Engines – Amsoil assembly lube

Premium Protection for New and Rebuilt Engines

Amsoil assembly lube

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Amsoil assembly lube

Amsoil assembly lube

New AMSOIL Engine Assembly Lube (EAL) is formulated to cling to engine parts and provide exceptional wear protection while inhibiting rust and corrosion in newly built or rebuilt four-stroke engines. It is designed to dissolve in oil, helping eliminate oil port clogging and deposit formation, and represents a premium option for performance enthusiasts, engine builders and race teams. It also presents a perfect complement to AMSOIL Break-In Oil (BRK), Dominator® Racing Oil (RD20, RD30, RD50) and Z-ROD™ Motor Oil (ZRT, ZRF).


Clings Tenaciously to Parts
Because building an engine can take from a few days to many months, using an engine assembly lube that clings well to parts for extended periods is critical. AMSOIL Engine Assembly Lube is formulated with a high-viscosity base oil and a unique tackifier for long-lasting, tenacious cling.

Exceptional Wear Protection
During initial startup, engines operate momentarily with little-to-no oil pressure, placing camshaft lobes, lifters, rocker arms, bearings and other critical parts at high risk of wear and failure. In addition to inhibiting wear by clinging to parts, AMSOIL Engine Assembly Lube contains high levels of antiwear additives for further protection.

Inhibits Rust and Corrosion
An engine can sit in a garage partially assembled for long periods, allowing moisture and oxygen to form rust on exposed metal surfaces. Amsoil assembly lube contains rust and corrosion inhibitors that protect engine components during inactivity.

Dissolves in Oil
Grease-based assembly lubes can increase the risk of oil port clogging if the grease is not fully consumed at initial startup, potentially causing engine failure. AMSOIL Engine Assembly Lube is designed to dissolve in oil, helping oil ports remain clean, and helping to eliminate deposit formation under the valve covers and in the oil pan.

Easy and Precise Application
Amsoil assembly lube is packaged in convenient 4-oz. tubes, allowing for cleaner, more precise application compared to other products.

Amsoil assembly lube

AMSOIL Engine Assembly Lube is recommended for any new or rebuilt four-stroke engine, including racing and performance engines, and should be applied to all areas of the engine susceptible to initial startup wear.

  • Tenaciously Clings to Parts
  • High in Anti-Wear Additives
  • Dissolves in Oil
  • Provides Rust & Corrosion Protection
  • Recommended for all Four-Stroke Engines, Including High-Performance and Racing Engines

AS SEEN ON: Making the Rounds with the AMSOIL Mustang GT

AS SEEN ON: Making the Rounds with the Amsoil Mustang GT

Free Amsoil Catalog!

Since its unveiling at the 2010 SEMA show, the Amsoil Mustang GT has been steadily generating a buzz and gaining extensive media coverage.  This project build was created with the sole purpose of stealing the show wherever it appeared, and it’s done a pretty good job of it. Check out the media coverage it has gained, with more to come in the next few months as the Amsoil Mustang GT continues making an example of what a show car should be.




Event Appearances:



November 2010: Unveiling of the

Unveiling of the

AMSOIL Mustang at the 2010 SEMA Show in Las Vegas in the Source Interlink booth.
December 2010: Displayed at the Performance Racing Industry (PRI) show in the main concourse.
February 2011: Displayed in the Ford Motor booth at the Chicago Auto Show, the largest auto show in North America.














Print mentions, feature articles, etc.

March: ‘Road to SEMA’ tech article in Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords Magazine.
April: AMSOIL Mustang GT lands the cover of Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords, with 5-page feature article ‘Tastefully Over the Top.’
May: “An Office with a Great View’ article in Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords, covering interior modification.
June: “Stop, Squat & Roll” tech article in Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords covering brakes, suspension & wheels.
July: “Track Attack’ track testing feature in Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords.

In addition to these event and magazine appearances, the AMSOIL Mustang GT has been featured on the Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords website innumerable times. Extensive Facebook and Twitter coverage has generated additional awareness as to where the AMSOIL Mustang GT has been, and where it’s heading next. Be sure to keep up with the latest news and happenings right here on the AMSOIL website, and in the pages of Muscle Mustangs and Fast Fords. Who knows, you may soon see the AMSOIL Mustang GT at a car show near you.


More information here;




The Importance of Using the Right Oil in Your Car

It’s vital that you use the right kind of oil in your car as it can really make a difference to the life of your engine. Every time you use your car, it wears down the component parts of the engine a little bit more, so using oil is really important to make them last longer and keep things working smoothly for as long as possible.

The purpose of using motor oil is to stop all the metal parts in the engine grinding together and causing damage. Also, when car engines run, they produce by-products such as acid and silica that can be damaging. Motor fluid keeps them from causing damage by making sure the moving parts are all covered in oil. This makes automotive lubricants extremely important.

Because it’s such an important thing, you need to make sure you’re using good motor oil that will keep your car working well. There are three main types of automotive lubricant: mineral, semi synthetic and fully synthetic.

Mineral motor oil

This type of oil needs to be changed more regularly and offer basic protection for car engines, but they often have trouble turning over the engine in cold weather, which means you need to be really careful how you use them.

Semi synthetic motor oil

This type of oil needs to be changed less frequently, which means it is more effective for longer than mineral oils. You also good pretty good protection, particularly when the car first starts up and it it’s three times better at reducing engine wear, but you need to make sure you get a really good quality semi synthetic motor oil to make sure the engine will be able to start smoothly even at low temperatures.

Fully synthetic motor oil

This type of oil is specially formulated to be good at what it does and it can help you make fuel economy savings as it’s much more efficient at protecting your engine and keeping it working properly. It’s a great oil to use if you’re looking to maximise your engine power and overall performance. It also offers very good protection to moving parts of the engine and is the best of the three different types of automotive lubricant when it comes to starting the engine in cold weather. It stops the engine from wearing out and prevents build ups of the sort of dangerous deposits mentioned above. This makes synthetic motor oil a good option for your car.

It’s really important that you use a good, reliable oil for your car engine as otherwise it can lead to major problems. If you use the wrong oil, it won’t be able to cope in the conditions it’s subjected to, which can force it to change its chemical composition. This leads to it turning into a sort of sludge that’s sometimes known as the Black Death. This can cause engines to seize up and terrible damage to be done, so it’s definitely worth giving serious consideration to your choice of car oil.

The selection of the correct oils and lubrication fluids is a vital part of the safe ownership of any mechanical equipment, be it a car or industrial plant. Graham Baylis is working with some of the best experts in the field, Exol Lubricants. See www.exol-lubricants.com