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Levi LaVallee World Record Snowmobile Jump Attempt–New year’s eve


Levi LaVallee – MAKES THE JUMP! 412 feet, new world record.

Levi LaVallee will jump his snowmobile alongside Robbie Maddison who will pilot his motorcycle as both athletes concurrently jump over 300 feet of water from the North park to the South park at the Embarcadero Marina Park in the downtown area of San Diego Bay.

 Levi LaVallee

These guys are really nuts. Check here for the complete details.



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Industry-Standard Testing


To determine the fuel economy benefits of its synthetic lubricants, Amsoil conducted the industry-standard SAE J1321 In-Service Fuel Economy Test Procedure.
First, the baseline rate of fuel consumption was determined for two nearly identical Kenworth® T800B diesel trucks and 53’ trailers from Ford® Motor Company’s* Rawsonville, MI fleet. Texaco brand conventional lubricants were installed in each vehicle’s engine, transmission, and front and rear differentials. Both trucks simultaneously completed runs on a 40-mile test route representative of real-world driving conditions beginning and ending at Ford’s Rawsonville fleet maintenance facility.
Fuel consumption was recorded from each vehicle’s engine control module (ECM)
following each run. Although both vehicles were operated using the same conventional
lubricants and according to the same procedures, the test truck consumed an average
of 0.37 more gallons of fuel per run compared to the control truck.




The test truck alone was then thoroughly flushed of its conventional lubricants prior to
installing AMSOIL synthetic lubricants. Both trucks simultaneously completed runs on
the test route according to the same procedures used during the baseline segment. Fuel
consumption data was again recorded from the ECMs. The switch to AMSOIL synthetic
lubricants eliminated the 0.37-gallon difference in fuel consumption per baseline
segment run, resulting in 6.54 percent improved fuel economy.



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Amsoil Equipped Motorcycles Shine In Fuel Economy Challenge




Amsoil Equipped Motorcycles Shine In Fuel Economy Challenge


AMSOIL synthetic lubricants figured prominently in the Vetter Fuel Economy Challenge held May 13 in northern California, where a diesel-powered motorcycle using Amsoil products won by achieving 128.24 mpg. Many of the other bikes also relied on Amsoil products to help achieve results nearly as impressive.


Winning driver Fred Hayes of Hayes Diversified Technologies (Hayes-DT) completed the challenge riding the company’s MD670 F2 diesel-powered motorcycle (pictured above). Hayes bested the next closest competitor by over 18mpg using biodiesel fuel, a lightweight motorcycle design (370 pounds dry) and Amsoil synthetic lubricants throughout.

  • Engine and Transmission – Series 3000 5W-30 Synthetic Heavy Duty Diesel Oil
  • Cooling System – Antifreeze and Engine Coolant, Dominator© Coolant Boost
  • Chassis – Series 2000 Synthetic Racing Grease
  • Chain – MP Heavy Duty Metal Protector
  • Forks – Shock Therapy© Suspension Fluid #10 Medium
  • Fuel – Diesel Concentrate

Competitors completed a 133.5-mile course designed to provide real-world, challenging conditions. The trip, beginning and ending in Carmel, Calif.,

included mountainous terrain cresting a 2,500-foot pass, while the return ride along the famous El Camino Real subjected riders to 30 mph headwinds that tested the limits of each motorcycle’s fuel efficiency. Held at various places throughout the country, the Vetter Fuel Economy Challenge dates to 1980 and aims to encourage development of motorcycle technologies that improve fuel economy while remaining viable for everyday drivers.

The winner must consume the least amount of fuel measured in dollars and cents while meeting all prescribed conditions. Hayes used $4.53 in biodiesel, essentially one gallon, to travel the entire 133.5 miles in challenging conditions, highlighting the bike’s impressive technology and the effectiveness of AMSOIL products. Hayes said his bike showed measurable improvements running Series 3000 5W-30 Synthetic Heavy Duty Diesel Oil and Diesel Concentrate, including easier shifting from the transmission. Competitors had to remain ahead of trailing official at all times to prevent them from padding fuel economy statistics by driving slowly. Two bikes were disqualified for doing so.

AMSOIL-sponsored Hayes-DT focuses on developing the world’s most cutting-edge, heavy-fuel-powered, light tactical vehicles and small engines for military use.

In fact, key Hayes-DT corporate personnel have served in modern military conflicts deployed on Hayes-DT military motorcycles. The bikes receive the most use from the Combat Military Police for rout recognizance and convoy control.

Hayes-DT Street Fighter bike

The Hayes-DT Street Fighter bike achieved 90.82 mpg running biodiesel and AMSOIL lubricants throughout

A second Hayes-DT bike, the Street Fighter, was disqualified after a battery problem caused it to miss the official start. Following repairs, driver Josh Chen rallied to complete the course anyway, achieving 90.82 mpg, which would have been good enough for third place. The Street Fighter used the same lineup of AMSOIL products as the MD670 F2. Although neither motorcycle is available to the general public yet, Hayes-DT is currently working on EPA and EU emissions certification. Until then, competitions like the Vetter Fuel Economy Challenger allow Hayes-DT to showcase the advanced technologies of their bikes and the performance benefits of AMSOIL synthetic lubricants and additives.



The AMSOIL Next Bite named Best Overall Outdoor Fishing Program

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The professionals at the AMSOIL sponsored The Next Bite are pleased to announce that they have been awarded “Best Overall Outdoor Fishing Program” in the 2011 Outdoors 360 Programming Excellence Awards.

TNB’s Pete Maina, who was also up for the Best On-Air Talent Award, is humbled by the recognition. “We were up against some pretty Pete Maina The Next Bitestiff competition- names that I grew up with. This really means a lot to all of us at TNB.”

When asked about the secret to their success, Maina responded “Lots of people deserve the credit for this. Our team, our viewers, our sponsors–they’re all part of the TNB family. It’s funny, because when we first sat down 8 years ago, we discussed what we thought it would take to make a successful fishing show– something that would be viewed as a trend-setter. We built the show around those ideas. Those elements are the same today as they were then– entertainment and education wrapped around a unique format. Sponsors who believe in us. Viewers who can relate to us. And fish. Lots of fish.”

TNB’s unique personality is part of the appeal. Maina, whose looks would fit just as easily with a surfboard on Long Beach or thrashing a flying V on stage with many of his rock n roll musician friends, is viewed as a rebel of sorts within the fishing world. From authoring books like Muskies Suck to being a guest host on numerous other shows, Maina brings an edgy look and feel to everything he does. When asked if that is a departure from the public’s perception of what fishing personalities usually are, Maina’s response is a simple “Who says fishing aint cool?”

If Maina is considered irreverent, then his two partners would be considered stalwarts to traditional fishingThe Next Bite enthusiasts. Both Gary Parsons Gary Parsons The Next Biteand Keith Kavajecz have been around the lake a few times, and are considered by many to be the top two Walleye professionals in the world. Winning a combined 16 world titles including series championships and Angler-of-the-Year awards, and pioneering the AIM Walleye Tournament, their knowledge of the Midwest’s top game fish is second to none. When they aren’t on the tournament trail or teaching at a seminar, both Kavajecz and Parsons do their fair share of tube time, on their own show and as guests on others.

“Fishing is the greatest sport in the world.” Parsons says. “I’ve been blessed to be able to make a career out of my passion. Working with guys like Keith and Pete make it that much better. We have fun, we get to educate people so that their fishing experience is better, and we make a living doing it. Tell me what could be better?”

Kavajecz agrees. “TNB is a unique show, and I’m lucky to be a part of it. As our experience grows, so does our knowledge. We just want to share as much of that as we can. It’s pretty cool that we have that opportunity.”

The Next Bite can be seen on the Versus Network, a part of the NBC Sports Group, Tuesdays 1:00 pm ET (Noon Central) and Thursdays at 7:30 am ET (6:30 am Central) through June 23, 2011.

The Next Bite