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The Classic Maserati A6 Series

If you want a classic car that can deliver the speed and power that you want, all you need is a car from the Maserati A6 series. The Maserati A6 are actually several cars which are all made by Maserati of Italy, for the founders of Maserati, the Alferi brothers. The Maserati A6 is also equipped with a straight six engine with the power and speed that will no doubt get your attention in a hurry. The Maserati A6 is the perfect example of a car that delivers optimum performance, resulting to break neck speeds incomparable to its peers.

One of the Maserati A6 models that you can get is the A6 TR or Testa Riportata. This is 1.5 liter straight six car that was based on the pre-war Maserati 6CM, which can manage 65 boiler horse power. Initially, it appeared as the A6 Sport or Tipo 6CS/46. This type of car is a barchetta or little boat type. It’s built for speed, and can really go fast depending on the driver’s whims. This type is developed by Ernesto Maserati and Alberto Massimino. This model eventually became the A6 1500, a two door berlinetta or your typical sporty coupe. It was first shown in Geneva, Switzerland at the 1947 Salon International de l’Auto. A spider or convertible model is then showcased in 1948 at the Salone dellautomobile di Torino.

There are also 2-liter straight six versions of the Maserati A6. This is the A6 GCS, which is made from cast iron block and can be used for racing and sports. This car is capable of producing 120 boiler horsepower, and was commonly used for high-speed races during its initial release. The A6 GCS also has a single seater, cycle winged racing version called the monofaro. This first appeared at Modenain in 1947. In 1948, it was able to win the Italian Championship while piloted by driver Giovanni Bracco. In order for this classic car to compete in the World Sportscar Championship, it was overhauled, giving way to the creation of the A6GC S/53, capable of delivering up to 170 boiler horse power. It was able to capture the Italian Grand prix in 1953 and 54, by drivers Sergio Montavani and Luigi Musso, accordingly. The latest incarnation of the A6GCS was the A6GC S/54 which was shown at the 1954 Mondial de l’Autombile in Paris. This model was then referred to as A6G/2000, and only around 60 were made worldwide, making it a true classic.

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