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The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally: Designed For Motor Cycle Lovers

Anyone who’s a genuine motorcycle person has known about the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. If you haven’t known about it but you are into motorcycle rallies, you should definitely attend a Sturgis Rally. Sturgis has been around since 1938 yet it keeps growing in popularity every year. This impressive motorcycle race comes together in Sturgis, South Dakota and top motorcyclists from all over the world come to compete.

Lots of families from all over the country make it a tradition to attend the Sturgis Rally every year. Motorcycle fanatics in addition to their families from many parts of the country ride into Sturgis on their motorcycles to enjoy the fun and entertainment. The few days in Sturgis tend to be loaded with fun for many families and the travel there is just as fun. You should thinking about being in Sturgis in August, if you have a motorcycle and love going to rallies. It is best to make plans early, mainly because a lot of people come. Many stay in camp tents, but some opt for a motel room.

Due to the sheer quantity of people who go to the rally, there is a strict enforcement of all the codes. You must be prepared for this, as you are invited to come, but know that there are fines for fighting, public intoxication, indecent exposure, disorderly conduct and careless driving. Needless to say, there is zero tolerance for consumption of any illegal drugs. There is plenty of food, fun and activities to complement some great concerts. Outside the rally, there are many attractions to keep you a lot more entertained as well.

In route to Sturgis, you should realize that each state you will be traveling through has their own laws for motorcycles. While in South Dakota, be respectful of their traffic regulations since they can be strict if you break them. You should spend some time to learn precisely what they are so that you won’t get caught and forced to pay a fine. Motorcycles are expected by law to have at least one and at most two headlights. At least one tail light needs to be in functioning order, as well as mandatory helmet wearing for anyone under 18. Additionally the shoulders of the person running the bike must be higher than the handle bars. Eyesight protection is required for everyone riding on the bike and they cannot be tinted after dark.

The cycles have to have mufflers because of a noise ordinance. All riders lacking a valid license for motorcycles, are going to have their motorcycle impounded. Exploring Sturgis is a lot of fun for almost any motorcycle enthusiast. Everybody ought to experience the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally at least just once.

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