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Turbo Lag Challenges Of Turbo Charged Motorcycles

There is a category of people who just can’t live without speed. They need to have vehicles with great power to get the most from the driving process. Some people give preference to turbo-charged cars while others enjoy speed more on motorcycles than in a car. Motorcycles can develop great speeds. Driving them gives you much more adrenalin than driving in the car. Turbo charged motorcycles are for real automotive daredevils.

There are motorcycles that come turbo-charged from manufacturer. Thus, you do not have to install turbo chargers yourself as you can buy the motorcycle that already comes with it. About 20 years ago Yamaha produced a turbo-charged motorcycle. At first sight it was not that fast and was inferior to some competitive brands. But once that turbo kicked in, it became the best and the fastest. Though, as any other thing in the world it had some aspects that could bother.

One of those bothering things was a turbo lag. If you were not used to driving a vehicle with turbo lag, that could cause quite an inconvenience and complicate driving the motorcycle. It is much easier and more advisable to get acquainted with turbo lag in a car than on motorcycle. There are some specifics you are advised to master before you can drive a motorcycle with turbo power smoothly.

The turbo lag of Yamaha motorcycles lasted from two to four seconds. This means that when you give it the throttle you would have to wait for that extra boost to kick in for up to four seconds. Meanwhile, it would accelerate and the RPM would go up to redline. Not the best four seconds in your life! After this moment is over, you can really feel how powerful the motorcycle is and enjoy the speed. But each time you want to add more boost you would still experience unpleasant consequences of turbo lag.

If you drive the motorcycle on the straight road the driving process goes much smoother. You can run through the gears very fast. But this is not the case if you participate in the race in the mountains. Canyon runs create additional obstacles: uneven way, mountains around, complicated turns etc. Moreover, you would experience some difficulties due to the turbo lag. For example, in situation where you go for the corner fed in the throttle, the turbo would kick in and you would face two options: if you up-shift the speed would be over the limit; if you hit the breaks you would be out of the corner. Tough alternative! It would take quite a while to get used to this peculiarity of the turbo charged motorcycle. The clear conclusion is that turbo lag is not the best attribute of racing bikes.

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