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What oil brand do you use? Dealer told me they will not warranty amsoil | Amsoil warranty.

Amsoil warranty

There have been comments for YEARS that using a quality synthetic like Amsoil will somehow void your warranty. This is utterly silly and false. Here’s an example conversation on a Harley forum.  Also, I was at a a local Firestone shop to get my 2000 Neon inspected the other day; it has 217,000 miles on Amsoil and runs fine. Amazingly, they tried to sell me an oil change, and a bunch of other stuff, and were claiming that synthetics are crap (while talking about a car with 217k on it). The conversation turned to Harleys, and the shop manager said they won’t let you use synthetics, but when I pointed out that Harley even SELLS a synthetic now (Syn3) he was unaware of that reality. Plus, Amsoil carries it’s own Amsoil warranty.

Amsoil warranty

Bottom line, there is a  lot of misinformation. Many shops are not motivated to give you options; they are trying to upsell you. Here is the Truth.

Virtually all automobile manufacturers warrant their vehicles to remain free of defect in manufacture workmanship
for a certain mileage or time period. Whether an automaker will honor a warranty claim depends on the vehicle owner providing proper maintenance for the vehicle. For this reason, it is important for vehicle owners to maintain maintenance records. Proper maintenance includes installing appropriate oil and filters. Automakers cannot deny warranty claims solely on the basis of using synthetic motor oil, and they cannot specify a certain oil brand to be used in their vehicles.

Amsoil warranty

Instead, they require the oil meets the appropriate API performance classification and SAE viscosity grade specified
in the owner’s manual.

“Installation or the use of special materials does not, in and of itself, void the New Vehicle Limited
Service and Parts Operations,
Chrysler Corporation

Many high performance vehicles are factory filled with synthetic motor oils and the manufacturers encourage continued use of synthetic motor oils in order to achieve maximum performance, including Cadillac, Chevrolet
Corvette and Dodge Viper. Many other automobile manufacturers neither recommend or discourage the use of synthetic motor oils, requiring only that the oil meets a certain viscosity grade and performance classification.
Automakers may not void warranties based solely on an owner’s practice of extending oil drain intervals.
Dealership personnel and district managers may be unaware of the serviceability of synthetic oils over an
extended period, but they may not summarily dismiss a warranty claim based on the owner’s practice of changing
oil at extended intervals. To do so does not disprove a defect in manufacture or workmanship as the immediate
cause of failure. Vehicle owners may appeal to a factory representative if the dealership and district manager
do not satisfactorily settle the warranty claim. Factory representatives appreciate the value of used oil analysis and
do consider preventive maintenance oil analysis reports in their evaluations of warranty claims, while post-failure oil
analysis is critically important to the disposition of a warranty claim. Their findings pull more weight than the opinions of dealerships or district managers.

“If engine damage otherwise covered by warrantywas found to be unrelated to the engine lubricant,then the consumer’s practice with regard to oilchange intervals would not be a relevant consideration,and the warranty claim would be honored.”

Fuels and Lubricants Division,

General Motors Research Laboratories

ON top of all that, it’s against the law for a manufacturer to specify a specific brand name product. If you want the Amsoil link go here; Amsoil Warranty

If you’re one of those conspiracy folks who won’t believe anything on Amsoil.com, go to the Wikipedia site.

Amsoil warranty  Amsoil warranty  Amsoil warranty

Get the detail in a .PDF Amsoil AND Warranties

Amsoil warranty Amsoil warranty

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