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What To Do After a Motorcycle Accident

I have seen far too many people ruin their accident case before it even gets started because of what they did following the crash. Nobody expects to be hit by a negligent or distracted driver, but it happens, and it is best to be prepared for the worst. Having been in a motorcycle accident myself, I fully understand the process of being a victim in an accident, and how disorienting it can be. The actions you take after the crash, though, can go a long way in determining whether or not you get the money you need from filing an insurance claim. Here are some of the things you need to do:

Report Complaints thoroughly: If you will want to recover money to pay for your medical bills that resulted from the crash, then it is crucial that you report all injuries that it caused. Attempting to be a tough guy by not reporting your injuries will do harm to both your case and your health. Thoroughly communicate your injuries with your doctor so he or she can diagnose what the issue is and how to treat it. It can be very useful later on in the claims process if you have a journal that keeps track of how you felt throughout the process. Motorcycle accidents can result in very serious head trauma, and if this is the case with a loved one of yours, then you should take down the daily journal for them. The facts of the accident and resulting injuries can be lost in the mind of someone who has endured a serious crash, so this can be a huge help for their claim.

Preserve the evidence: Taking photographs of any evidence of the accident and injuries is important in any successful motorcycle accident claim. Photographic documentation will show people who are not as familiar with the aftereffects of an accident that you truly did suffer bad injuries. Taking pictures of the accident scene will help prove fault, which is essential in any injury claim. Also make sure to keep the clothing you wore, and any other remnants of the accident that can show a jury how bad it actually was.

Get Witnesses: It can be a huge boost to the victim in a motorcycle accident case to have witnesses testifying on his or her behalf. It is no longer your evidence versus the at-fault driver’s evidence; it is a neutral third party’s evidence versus the at-fault driver’s evidence. Witnesses can be anywhere in an accident, including in other cars, on the sidewalk, in restaurants and many other places. If you can, check your surroundings for anybody that may have seen the accident happen.

Over 2,000 Washington motorcycle accidents occur every year, and for the most part, it is not the motorcyclist that causes them. Making the right decisions and collecting the necessary evidence after an accident is critical for anyone who is unfortunate enough to be involved in one.

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