Wooden 2×4 Suspension Repair

I saw this photo and I had to re-post it. I don’t know where it’s from or what vehicle it is, but it takes DIY to a new level.

wooden suspension repair

wooden suspension repair


2000 Neon Wheel Bearing Diagnosis and Repair

Here’s a video showing how to replace the wheel bearing on a early Gen2 neon. This is a rear wheel bearing in my case. I show two short video pieces of the good side vs. the bad side so you can see the difference. Not much noticeable

Neon Wheel Bearing

Neon Wheel Bearing

as far as symptoms but there was a whining from the right rear that was getting louder each day. Finally I was scared to drive it. This was bought on Amazon from Prime Choice for $19.34.


It’s a pretty easy and quick change; it took about 15 min at the most. You need a 30 mm socket, and that’s about it for special tools. You do also need a torque wrench, as you torque the bearing nut to 160 foot lbs of torque.

Torque listings for the Neon are from this link.




Fall Bike Ride MO and KS 

I spend most of the day today out on the Harley. I went over into North East Kansas and then back into Missouri. Here’s a few pictures from the ride​.



BIG Amsoil Sticker on JEEP

Thanks for the photos RB, it looks pretty good! If anyone else needs some big stickers like this, just contact me through our contact form here; http://www.syntheticoilhq.com/blog/contact-us-form/


Amsoil sticker on Jeep

Big Amsoil Sticker on Jeep

Amsoil Sticker

Big Amsoil Sticker on Jeep

Big Amsoil Sticker on Jeep

Big Amsoil Sticker on Jeep

Big Amsoil Sticker on Jeep

Big Amsoil Sticker on Jeep


Killer 77 Fiat X19 Dyno and Speed Tests

This is my buddy Kent’s latest project. Enjoy the video! Contact him over at his website, or follow him on youtube; http://www.automotiverepairsolutions.com/


First the Dyno test


Then the speedometer test;




Garage Freezer Rebuild



Freezer rebuild project is complete. By doing this I saved $1,497.21 by not having to buy a Gladiator garage freezer for Ginger . This cost me about $52.69.

First photos from this summer from cleaning, fixing the interior fan, and adding new cover board on back.

Then painted it HD orange. Tread plate on the front. Painted gaskets black. (Black is the new Black). Force rusted metal bars (before photos included). Attached rusted bars. Rubber tread plate detail on the handle. Latches on the door so it can’t pop open and ruin 1k worth of beef.



Chevy V8 motorcycle – HD Open House

Harley Davidson open house Kansas City plant.

 Sea of bikes!

Bubba Blackwell stunt team.   www.bubbablackwell.com

Harley demo rides for FREE!

  HOG tent.




Harley Davidson KC Plant Open House TODAY

Heading over to the HD open house in about an hour.



Stop by the H.O.G. area to pick up your event pin and meet staff from H-D. Then check out the free 2016 H-D motorcycle demos and a free behind-the-scenes look at the facility that produces the Sportster®, Dyna® and VRSC™ families of motorcycles. Call 1-877-883-1450 (toll free) or for factory tour information.



Kansas City Vehicle and Powertrain Operations
11401 N Congress Ave.
Kansas City, MO , US


Longbranch car meet 99th and Metcalf OP, KS


Manual Operation of BMW Z4M convertible top

Here is a video showing how to manually operate the convertible top on a BMW Z4, for instance if the hydraulic pump failed. It also shows how to operate the hydraulic release latch in the trunk. This is called the “Bowden cable” whatever that means. Here are the factory instructions, with some notes by me in [ ].

1. In the luggage compartment on the left-hand side below the convertible top compartment floor [TRUNK!], pull out the plastic ring attached to a Bowden cable as far as it will go. [watch video]

2. With a 90-degree turn, lock the plastic handle in this position.
In the hydraulic unit, a short circuit is enabled, making it possible to open and close the folding top by hand.

3. Pull the handle of the Bowden cable in the rear panel of the luggage compartment.
The interlock in the convertible top compartment is released.

4. Move the top forwards by hand until it reaches the cowl panel.

5. Take the Allen key from the on-board toolkit. [as you can see in the video, I didn’t have to use the allen wrench at all]

6. Remove the plastic panel from the front roof brace. [not necessary, generally speaking]

7. Insert the Allen key in the uncovered internal hexagon.

8. Lock and unlock the cowl panel lock by turning the Allen key.

9. Take out and replace the Allen key.

Emergency opening:

1. Perform steps 1 and 2 as well as 5 to 7 from ‘Emergency closing’.

2. Unlock and open the cowl panel lock by turning the Allen key.

3. Take out and replace the Allen key.

4. Move the top backwards until it reaches the convertible top compartment