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2000 Neon Wheel Bearing Diagnosis and Repair

Here’s a video showing how to replace the wheel bearing on a early Gen2 neon. This is a rear wheel bearing in my case. I show two short video pieces of the good side vs. the bad side so you can see the difference. Not much noticeable

Neon Wheel Bearing

Neon Wheel Bearing

as far as symptoms but there was a whining from the right rear that was getting louder each day. Finally I was scared to drive it. This was bought on Amazon from Prime Choice for $19.34.


It’s a pretty easy and quick change; it took about 15 min at the most. You need a 30 mm socket, and that’s about it for special tools. You do also need a torque wrench, as you torque the bearing nut to 160 foot lbs of torque.

Torque listings for the Neon are from this link.



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