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AMSOIL Super Chevy Best of the Best: Tri-Five

AMSOIL Super Chevy Best of the Best: Tri-Five

August 21, 2012

In our new blog mini-series we’ll be covering each of the five categories in the AMSOIL Super Chevy Best of the Best program: Nova, Full-Size, Tri-Five, Chevelle and Camaro. These models have sustained a following of enthusiasts over the years, despite most no longer being in production. Next up in the series is the Tri-Five group, named for the glory years Chevy enjoyed with the production of their 1955-1957 models.

Of all the models Chevy produced in the fifties, the big change came in 1955 with the reinvention of Chevy that included the introduction of the small-block Chevy V8. While the Bel-Air is the most popular classic of the Tri-Five group, other models include the Nomad, Townsman, Two-Ten Delrays, Beauvilles, and One-Fifty Handymans. Each came in a variety of options from hardtops to convertibles, to sedans and wagons. In those days, buyers were given the freedom of purchasing a stripped down car and ordering everything from the engine size to the color and accessory options. These options included air conditioning, padded dash, tinted glass and even power windows and seats. The 1957 Bel-Air still holds a place in the minds of many as the iconic American car, known for being a solid, good looking automobile.

In the era of the fifties you could drive off the lot with a brand new Tri-Five Chevy for under $3,000.00. Today, they are worth upwards of $20,000 depending upon their condition. Even those in need of extensive work are fetching thousands, indeed more than their very first asking price. Enthusiasts spare no time or expense in restoring these classics, resulting in one of the largest collector car followings of its kind.

AMSOIL has had the pleasure of witnessing some of the best Tri-Five models turn out for Super Chevy shows and crowning them Best of the Best. Stay tuned for the next installment of the AMSOIL Super Chevy Best of the Best blog series as we take another walk down memory lane to discover what makes these classic Chevys so great.

Photos courtesy of Super Chevy Magazine.

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