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Butler Bike Maps Prints Paper Map For The Digital World :- synthetic gear oil.


GPS lovers, don't give up on print quite yet! Inside a year of building themselves as the authorities on motorcycle roads in the States, Butler Motorcycle Maps has again modified the way that we use paper maps. Along with showing the best motorcycling roads in each state, the newest generation of Butler Maps uses QR technology to link riders to the best places to sleep, eat and explore. QR codes are little printed images that allow users to immediately access content on the internet using a free app downloadable on their smartphone. While the printed code itself never changes, the content behind is consistently updated. “Many individuals see paper maps as a thing of the past, but we see them as a staple to any road trip.

QR codes are the perfect way to keep the reliability of a map yet gain the genuine time information that only the internet can supply. The great thing about QR is it can all be reached freely from the side of the road,” says Justin Bradshaw of Servant Maps. Butler Maps latest edition, the Texas Hill Country, has thirty three unique codes released across the map. Each code has its own function including linking users to film of roads, lists of BBQ joints, places to sleep and even a calender of live music in the area. “This is loads more then a map, we call it a Mobile Tour Guide, it really is all that you need to have the best ride achievable.

Of course, we will always focus on the best rides, but after all, there is much more to a good day of motorcycling then just the roads,” says Bradshaw. Servant Motorcycle Maps has editions for many of the western states and can be discovered at over one hundred dealers across the nation. The water resistant and tear resistant maps retail for $14.95.


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