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Double Turbocharger Systems – Why Are They Popular?

Today you will not surprise anybody by a turbocharger vehicle. Many automatic manufacturers offer cars with already built-in turbochargers, and those drivers who have older cars spend big money to install turbocharger to speed them up. So, most of the drivers strive for having faster cars and due to the availability of turbo kits they obtain what they want.

It is clear that time passes and everything changes and develops. This concerns turbocharging technologies also. Today it becomes more and more popular to install double turbo systems that turned out to be more efficient than a single turbo.

So, there is a question what is a double turbo kit? According to its name, it consists of two turbos that compress the air and direct it in an engine. But the system is a little more complicated, rather than two turbochargers installed under the hood of a vehicle. Really, there are two configurations of a double kit of available: parallel or sequential.

By what the parallel configuration is considered, it supposes two identical turbos that are smaller than an installed alone turbocharger. They work simultaneously. And in the result of the simultaneous operation of two turbo the compression is completed much more faster, and the threshold increase is reached quicker rather than in case of a big alone turbo, and the same quantity of the power is produced.

A sequential configuration is a little more complicated. The turbos do not work simultaneously: a turbocharger works during the entire Rev, while the other activates in the higher REVOLUTIONS PER MINUTE. Such a configuration is characterized by delay and additional increase in the higher REVOLUTIONS FOR MINUTE.

So, the principal advantage of both systems is less a delay of accelerating that is so annoying in general. At the same time, the sequential turbocharger system adds more power to an engine than a system with a one big turbocharger. This explains the constantly increasing popularity of double turbo kits and the partial refusal from single big turbos.

Hence, as soon as you decide to speed up your car, be prepared that the experts will offer you a double turbocharger system for the installation instead of a traditional big single turbo. Of course, you will not choose what configuration, parallel or simultaneous, you should get installed. This must be defined by the experts.

What’s needed of you is: the money (not less than several thousands of dollars) and patience to use the public transport during some time (this is not an urgent matter). And soon you will be able to enjoy the speed of your vehicle which will become better than a new one. So, I guess this is worth of spent money, isn’t it?

Long time ago car changed into not only a vehicle but also a luxury and entertainment object. Many people are eager to have high-powered sport car but not all of them can afford it. There is a way out – turbo kits. Those who are looking how to turn their car into a real masterpiece, go to this site. Lots of info about performance parts and how to order them.

Even if you don’t manage to find anything you need, don’t get upset. Nowadays we have a truly unique chance to choose exactly what you require at the best terms which are available on the market. All that we need is the online technologies. Use search engines, google for “car performance parts“, review blogs, social networks and forums. All this will help you find out lots of various information. And also sign up for the RSS feed on this blog and you will always keep abreast.

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