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AMSOIL Won’t Let Million-Mile Trucker Retire

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When AMSOIL Dealer Jerry Pruett of Woodhull, Ill. purchased his new 1999 Kenworth over-the-road truck in December 1998, he thought it might run forever if he installed AMSOIL synthetic lubricants. Now with more than 1.6 million miles on the drivetrain and over 1.1 million on the factory-rebuilt engine, “forever” still remains in sight.

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The mileage is even more impressive considering how little work the truck has required. The Detroit Diesel Reliabilt® engine still has virtually all of its original components, including the turbo and fuel injectors. The truck accumulates 2,300-3,000 miles a week hauling loads averaging 27,000-35,000 pounds, with some up to 80,000.

The reliability of the drivetrain is also notable. Though the clutch has been replaced a couple times, the transmission hasn’t been touched. “I’ve done nothing to the transmission. All the gears in it are at 1.6 million miles,” said Pruett. The differential gears are also original to the truck.

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The Importance of Using the Right Oil in Your Car

It’s vital that you use the right kind of oil in your car as it can really make a difference to the life of your engine. Every time you use your car, it wears down the component parts of the engine a little bit more, so using oil is really important to make them last longer and keep things working smoothly for as long as possible.

The purpose of using motor oil is to stop all the metal parts in the engine grinding together and causing damage. Also, when car engines run, they produce by-products such as acid and silica that can be damaging. Motor fluid keeps them from causing damage by making sure the moving parts are all covered in oil. This makes automotive lubricants extremely important.

Because it’s such an important thing, you need to make sure you’re using good motor oil that will keep your car working well. There are three main types of automotive lubricant: mineral, semi synthetic and fully synthetic.

Mineral motor oil

This type of oil needs to be changed more regularly and offer basic protection for car engines, but they often have trouble turning over the engine in cold weather, which means you need to be really careful how you use them.

Semi synthetic motor oil

This type of oil needs to be changed less frequently, which means it is more effective for longer than mineral oils. You also good pretty good protection, particularly when the car first starts up and it it’s three times better at reducing engine wear, but you need to make sure you get a really good quality semi synthetic motor oil to make sure the engine will be able to start smoothly even at low temperatures.

Fully synthetic motor oil

This type of oil is specially formulated to be good at what it does and it can help you make fuel economy savings as it’s much more efficient at protecting your engine and keeping it working properly. It’s a great oil to use if you’re looking to maximise your engine power and overall performance. It also offers very good protection to moving parts of the engine and is the best of the three different types of automotive lubricant when it comes to starting the engine in cold weather. It stops the engine from wearing out and prevents build ups of the sort of dangerous deposits mentioned above. This makes synthetic motor oil a good option for your car.

It’s really important that you use a good, reliable oil for your car engine as otherwise it can lead to major problems. If you use the wrong oil, it won’t be able to cope in the conditions it’s subjected to, which can force it to change its chemical composition. This leads to it turning into a sort of sludge that’s sometimes known as the Black Death. This can cause engines to seize up and terrible damage to be done, so it’s definitely worth giving serious consideration to your choice of car oil.

The selection of the correct oils and lubrication fluids is a vital part of the safe ownership of any mechanical equipment, be it a car or industrial plant. Graham Baylis is working with some of the best experts in the field, Exol Lubricants. See www.exol-lubricants.com