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Twin Turbo Kits: What Are They?

People well versed in vehicles know what twin turbo kit is. This term is familiar almost to everybody today. But the information most people have about it is very general. The majority of average people associate twin turbo kits with fast cars and loud engines. Now it’s time to clear up the situation and see what really stands behind these kits.

The main purpose of twin turbo kit is to add more boost and thus increase the power and performance of the car. The noise is a side effect as a rule. Well, it is a side affect for some people while others actually like it. The roar of the car reveals its wild temperament and is a sign of a fast car. So, those associations are well grounded.

To understand the notion of twin turbo kit clearly you should understand the meaning of each word. The first word is easy. Twin means two or double. But now we need to clarify what it is about. It’s about two turbo chargers. They can be either parallel or sequential.

Terms ‘parallel’ and ‘sequential’ are quite descriptive. Parallel turbo chargers are smaller than a single turbo. They both look the same and turn on at the same time. Two smaller turbos mean that the compression of the intake charge is done faster. Though the amount of boost provided by parallel turbos and a single one is the same, but two smaller turbos reach its maximum volume much faster.

The sequential variant is much more complicated. They do not turn on simultaneously. One of them works all the time through the whole rev range while the other one turns on at the higher RPM. This system has some advantages over the parallel turbos as it has the reduced turbo lag and can have extra boost at higher RPM. This is its biggest advantage over the single turbo system as well.

The second word means turbocharger. It directs the compressed air to the internal combustion engine. It is a smoothly operating interconnected system where the compressor in turbocharger is powered by turbine which is activated by the exhaust gases. The compressed air gives more power to the engine.

The last word is also clear. A kit means you have everything needed for a certain purpose. In case of twin turbo, kit means that there is everything you need to turbo charge your vehicle.

Turbo chargers are a great choice for those who like their cars fast and loud. The good news is that any car can be turbo charged! If the only thing that stops your from this step is the thought that you won’t use it every day don’t worry about it. There are certain moments when you just have to use it to feel how great life is and add more fun to it!

Long time ago car changed into not only a vehicle but also a luxury and entertainment object. Many car owners are eager to have high-powered sport car but not everybody can afford it. There is a way out – turbo kits. Those who search how to turn their car into a real masterpiece, visit this site. Lots of info about performance parts and how to buy them.

Even if you don’t manage to find anything you require, don’t get disappointed. Currently we have a truly unique chance to choose exactly what you need for the best price on the market. All that we need is the online technologies. Use search engines, look for “car performance parts“, review blogs, social networks and forums. All this will help you find out lots of different info. And also sign up for the RSS on this blog and you will always keep abreast.

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