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Twin Turbo Vs. Single Turbo: Differences And Advantages

A turbocharger is a fuel-driven turbine aimed at air compression with the purpose of increasing the power and torque of the engine. If you want a more powerful turbine you should consider placing together air compression and density increase. It enables the engine to have more oxygen per burn. The energy released is directed to the pistons which move the compressed air. This leads to greater amounts of air and fuel within the engine. Thus, you can enjoy your much speedier car and get more pleasure from driving!

Cars with turbo engines are in great demand now and are favored by more and more people. Many cars have twin turbo engines. It has a number of advantages for those who like to feel the power of the vehicle. Twin turbo engine means two turbo chargers aimed at optimal work with air compression.

The advantages of twin turbo are numerous. We will discuss them here. Twin turbo setup provides for the reduction of the lag. It helps produce power faster by using 4 cylinders while single turbo requires all 8 cylinders for optimal boost. This type of engine is great for regular driving in city or normal regime. Twin turbo takes care of smooth engine functioning. In terms of expenses two smaller turbo charges are more efficient than one bigger one. However, some engines require twin turbo chargers for better and more efficient operation. This is related to V-type engines. They work much better together with twin turbo chargers. Of course there are a couple of disadvantages of twin turbo as compared to single one: it takes up more space and its installation is essentially more expensive.

The advantages of single turbo are also worth being taken into consideration. If you need a perfect car for drag driving you should consider single turbo as it is the best option when you need high amount of power. Having power on one side you would have to deal with lag problem on the other side. It is much easier to set up a single turbo than a double one. It is smaller, compact and takes much less space than a twin turbo. This type cools better. Single turbo itself as well as its installation are more cost efficient. As opposed to twin turbo it produces maximum boost at higher RPM. With single turbo you can increase the power to 1500 horsepower and more by acquiring larger setups.

This is a brief comparison of twin and single turbo. The main points show that if you want to reduce lagging, you need to install twin turbo. If you have a car with the V-type engine, you should opt for twin variant as well. And for inline layout, single turbo setup is the best option.

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