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Women Riders Nowadays And In The Past

I recall when I was about 11 years old earlier in my previous neighborhood. I was playing out side and I heard the thunder of a Harley Davidson approaching up the road. It sounded so good it caught my attention and I looked up just in time to see the woman riding slowly stopping at the stop sign on the corner. Wow! Cool Thinking to myself. I had by no means seen a woman riding her own motorcycle before. Back then there were not a lot of women riders.

The women wasn’t big at all, and as she happened to take off from the stop sigh she spilled the bike. It was more like she dumped the clutch; lost her footing and she dropped the bike. Well envision, never seeing a bike riding women before and then watching her ditch the bike. It was quite the display.

I have to acknowledge, she had a set. Swear words came flying out of her mouth and I believe at one moment she even kicked the fallen bike. I think she was quite self-conscious. She didn’t skip a rhythm though, she to it and she picked that Motorcycle up and jumped right back on it an off she went.

Let’s move ahead in time about forty years. Though it took close to four decades, women have come to the understanding that motorcycle riding isn’t just for men. Women have come to terms with their fears and the typecast that the bitch rides on the back. More and more you can glance at any major intersection and catch sight of women riders.

Its not just little girly girl 250 cc scooters these women are riding, they are riding full-blown big girl motorbikes, motorcycles like Harley Davidson Sportsters, Softails and full dressers. They can also beseen riding Metric motorcycles like 1500 cc Kawasaki’s, Yamaha’s and Hondas. Still some brave few; ride super fast Sports bikes formally known as crotch rockets.

Go to any motorcycle meeting and have a brief glimpse all-around. I’ll bet, on any particular day about 30% of the riders there will be women riding their own bike.

It isn’t just that women motorcycle riders have had an arousing, a emergence of sorts. It’s that they are organizing as well. It was accustomed to be that the motorcycle clubs were a male dominated gathering. Bike organizations were made up of men that drove the motorbike and their biker mamas that rode on the back. Well that’s all different right now that women are getting off the back and ride their individual motorbikes.

Women’s motorcycle organizations: groups and Associations are bouncing up every where. If you have a laptop with Internet access, go on line and investigate women riders, women motorbike organizations or women bike riders groups. You will discover thousands of bike groups, clubs and organizations that are women Rider specific and that only consent to other women to join.

I guess it was just about time… I have been a biker of some 36 years, I don’t have any hard feelings about this womanly bike modernization. I say kudos it’s about time. Even if, I loved the day’s that I had my woman on the back and she had her arms and legs tightly wrapped around me, I am loving it just as much riding alone with my motorcycle mama riding by my side.

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