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A Short History of Muscle Cars

From its flashy exterior to its high-performance engines, a muscle car is every inch the perfect automobile. While this type of vehicles was introduced to the public ages ago, it is still the favorite vehicle among car enthusiast all over the world. Also, they are considered a truly valuable collector’s item, making these cars some of the most sought after automobiles on the market. You will see many of these vehicles on popular tv shows and in movies, and some of the most desirable and rare models can sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Today, these vehicles are becoming more and more popular than they have ever been.

A Short Background of Muscle Cars

Muscle cars burst on the scene in the 1960’s, as drag racing gradually rose to popularity. At that point, car manufacturers such as Ford, MOPAR and American Motors produced an extensive array of muscle cars to satisfy its growing market. Muscle cars were characteristically medium sized vehicles with the power of huge engines. These 2-door automobiles were unique in every sense, from their designs to their speed capacities. Exterior designs of this car breed range from those simple yet elegant structures to the fiery and detailed ones largely used for racing. Although these cars were initially intended for sports racing, they differed very much from sports cars.

Features common in Muscle Cars

Over the years, different car manufacturers and individuals have created various improvements and modifications to the original version of muscle cars. Through this, these cars have evolved so much in terms of engines, structure and ability. However, the key features of the old muscle cars remain, and that’s what makes them so incredible and alluring to collectors today. Among the few qualities that define muscle cars and represent even most of the modern ones are large wheels, superior horsepower, expertly crafted car parts and classic, stylish designs.

Some of the Most Popular Models

Muscle cars have consistently endured the test of time. That’s why most of these models have been so popular among racers and collectors alike. There are the Ford’s Torino, GTO, and Mustang. Other well-known muscle cars include Chevrolet’s Camaro and Pontiac Firebird, Plymouth Roadrunner, Buick Skylark, Dodge Challenger and the Super Bee. Chrysler, another leading car manufacturer, has produced its own line of famous muscle cars including Valiant Charger and LX platform.

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