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Buy Amsoil Now to beat March 1 price adjustment

Amsoil prices are increasing on March 1. Buy now to beat the price increase. We’ve been contacted buy numerous dealers stocking up and signing up, but we will do everything we can to get you set up before the price increase.


October SyntheticOilHQ.com Amsoil Newsletter

Welcome to Amsoil from SyntheticOilHQ.com!

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Fall is here, and in most states that means cooler weather. We have customers across the United States and Canada, so we know there are some lucky folks that enjoy warm weather year around. In this issue, we would like to mention three things you can do quickly and easily to prepare for cooler weather.

Check your antifreeze if you live where temperatures will be below freezing;

  1. Consider a quality biodegradable, non-toxic coolant like Amsoil Antifreeze and Coolant. Amsoil Antifreeze and CoolantThis product is non-toxic, and won’t injure your pets if they accidentally drink it. The Amsoil Dominator Coolant Boost will also allow your car to warm up more quickly in cold weather.  
  2. Check your tires; make sure they are properly inflated, and have good winter tread for use in areas that get snow.
  3. Now is a good time to get new wipers. It’s better to check and replace them now, and not in the middle of a blizzard. We carry the entire line of Trico wipers for any vehicle.Trico winter wipers

For Diesel engines;

  • Amsoil has a complete line of diesel fuel additives to ensure you don’t have any cold weather problems with your diesel fueled vehicle. There is a Cetane Booster, Flow Improver, and a Diesel Recovery Emergency Fuel Treatment. The Diesel Recovery is formulated for use in a system that is already exhibiting symptoms of gelling or freezing. Keep one in the back of the truck just in case.

Amsoil News;

New product vehicle specific pages; under our main link with “SyntheticOilHQ” on the tab, you can now see individual pages with the products related to a specific use. There is one for motorcycles, diesels, heavy trucking, racing, towing, snowmobiles, etc. This is an easy way to see the listing of all products including oil, filters, fuel additives, wipers, etc., that are targeted for a specific use.
All motorcycle products on one page for easy shopping!

New Website – SyntheticOilHQ

If you are interested, here are a few things we would appreciate as we continue to get our new website SyntheticOilHQ up and running. We launched this new site on April 1, and traffic has been doubling every month. We have a Blog, and hundreds of pages of content.

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  • We are considering attending several local car shows in the fall, there will be more news. Anyone who is in KC who might be interested in assisting let me know.
  • We are also interested in any testimonials. A short paragraph of what Amsoil products you like, how you use them, and a photo would be great, and we would post them on the website.
  • We were a vendor at the Gladstone Car Show, check out the pictures here. We also host the website for this site, which is associated with the Gladstone Chamber of Commerce.

Amsoil Coffee MugAmsoil Coffee Mug                                                

Amsoil Stainless Steel Lined Mug
Testimonials get a free prize;
We are also going to start gathering testimonials. If you send us a testimonial that we post online on our website, we wills send you a free Amsoil cup, or some similar logo item. To quality you must;
  1. Send a quality photo of you, preferably with the Amsoil supported vehicle.
  2. Include a short paragraph of your experience with Amsoil; what you use it for, how long you’ve been using it, your experience with the products.
  3. What products you use.
  4. Sending this information to us assumes granting permission to use on our website.
Jonathan Lackman

Amsoil Rider Canard Crowned Champion at MX Finale

Canard Crowned Champion at MX Finale

Pala Raceway proved a perfect spot to crown an new champion in the AMA Outdoor Nationals 250 class and just about everything went right for Team AMSOIL rider Trey Canard.

After gaining ground all season long, Canard needed to make up seven points on rival Chris Pourcel of in the final two moto to bring home his second career points championship.

A strong day of riding and a little bit of luck, (good for Canard, bad for Pourcel), put the championship talk to rest in the first moto. Even though Canard crashed, so did Pourcel and the Frenchman’s was much worse than Canards. A dislocated shoulder took Pourcelout of first race, and caused him to miss the second.

After finishing fourth in moto one, Canard ran with race leader Dean Wilson for much of the second moto before going on cruise control and enjoying his first outdoor championship and finishing third overall on the day.

Watch Race Recap


Watch live online! Pikes Peak International Hill climb

Sunday 9 AMThe Pikes Peak International Hillclimb is the second oldest motor sports race in America. AMSOIL has used the “Race to the Clouds” as a proving ground for its products since the late 1960s when Bobby Unser was setting records on the mountain. AMSOIL, through its partnership with the United States Auto Club, will present Live Racing Coverage from Pikes Peak on Sunday, June 27, starting at 9:00 a.m. Mountain Daylight Time.

via AMSOIL the Official Oil of Traxxas Off-Road Racing TORC.


Ford Knocks 3,000-mile Intervals

Ford Knocks 3,000-mile Intervals

Ford issued an “automotive maintenance myths” statement March 12 that labels the idea that cars need oil changes every three months or 3,000 miles as a myth, though fast lubes caution that such an interval is still smart for many vehicles driven under severe conditions.

“That used to be true, but not with newer cars,” Ford stated. “Because of synthetic oils that don’t break down as quickly, consumers actually don’t need oil changes as often – more like every 5,000 to 7,500 miles – or even 10,000 on the new 2011 Mustang depending on your driving habits.” The 2011 Mustang features a die-cast aluminum deep-sump oil pan that Ford claims provides for up to 10,000-mile oil change intervals

The company’s current recommendation is 7,500 miles per oil change, said Ford Car Marketing Manager Robert Parker. “Special operating conditions are 5,000 miles, 6 months or 200 hours of engine operation, whichever occurs first, and that’s for severe usage like taxis and things of that nature,” Parker told Lube Report.

Ford noted that there may be two recommendations for oil change intervals – one for normal driving and one for hard use – and advised checking one’s owner’s manual to be sure. The c


PM Activity Wrecks Gearbox


Protecting Bearings From Corrosion

In a humid environment, condensate can form in rolling element

bearings and cause corrosion, leading to a reduction of the

bearing life. The condensed moisture's effect can be reduced by

carefully choosing the grease lubricant. Greases thickened with

sodium soap will absorb (emulsify) large quantities of water,

but may, however, soften it to such an extent that the grease

flows out of the bearing.

Lithium soap greases do not emulsify water, but with suitable

additives can provide good protection against corrosion. There

are also a number of greases available containing synthetic

thickeners that offer excellent protection against corrosion,

prolonging the bearing life.

via (8) RoundCube Webmail :: Lube-Tips – PM Activity Wrecks Gearbox.


Mixed synthetic oil with conventional oil! Need help! – BMW

Saw this post tonight…..

Mixed synthetic oil with conventional oil! Need help! – BMW 3 …
Mixed synthetic oil with conventional oil! Need help! Turbo / FI Engine and 335i -335d Tuning / Drivetrain / Exhaust Modifications.

Once again, there is NO risk to mixing synthetic and non-synthetic oil. I’ve done it in emergencies, and it won’t hurt a thing. Also, there are now several “para-synthetic” or partially synthetic oils on the market. This is basically synthetic mixed with petroleum, so how could it be an issue?

Years ago, before Amsoil came out with Amsoil engine flush, we used to put 1 quart of synthetic in with an oil change to clean out sludge prior to changing to Amsoil. It worked great. No problems.


Experts Predict Continued Growth For Synthetics

The arcle below is reprinted from National Oil and Lube. This information is particularly useful for those considering becoming an Amsoil Dealer; as the market continues to grow this is a good way to start your own business, be your own boss, and make some extra money on the side. Fill out this short form for more information on becoming an Amsoil Dealer.

Experts Predict Continued Growth For Synthetics

by Ed Newman
AMSOIL Director of Advertising
This article appeared in National Oil & Lube News, June 2010

For the past few years we’ve read how the lubricants market has been “flat.” Pundits have noted that though not going away any time soon, oil is certainly not a stellar growth sector in the economy. And yet, if you look back at the historical record there has been a segment of the lube industry which has been quietly growing for a long time. We’re speaking of the synthetic lubricants sector, and a new report by the Freedonia Group indicates that U.S. demand for synthetic motor oil is expected to rise more than 7 percent a year over the next three years. These robust numbers might be worth paying attention to.

An April 7 article by George Gill in his Lube Report* from Lubes ‘N Greases highlights the details of Freedonia’s research findings. The opening salvo is a brief summary of the numbers. He follows with this:

“Engine oils and hydraulic and transmission fluids will experience the fastest gains as synthetics finally begin to penetrate the conservative medium and heavy duty truck market,” Cleveland-based Freedonia suggests, “and as increasing new vehicle lubricant performance requirements and growing consumer acceptance further expand synthetics’ share of the light vehicle market.”

Driving Forces
Ned Zimmerman cites four primary drivers for the growth in synthetic lube sales. First, the major brands have stepped up their marketing efforts in this direction. A lot more money is now being spent to make motorists aware of these new lube technologies.

Second, the trend toward OEMs using synthetics in many makes and models will drive demand. GM and others recognize the role synthetics play in helping vehicles attain increasingly stringent Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) requirements. This, too, is helping consumers become more aware of the benefits of synthetics.

Third, Zimmerman noted that while awareness is already strong in the do-it-yourself market, near-term economic pressures will likely drive many others to evaluate and choose synthetics in an effort to reduce maintenance costs.

Fourth, the consumers who make up the bulk of the do-it-for-me market are the kind of people more susceptible to mass marketing. (See point one.)

In short, we’re seeing a convergence of driving forces that will result in the continued growth and mainstreaming of synthetic motor oils and drivetrain fluids. Is this a good thing? Absolutely.

The Trend Is Your Friend
Wall Street has plenty of pithy maxims for investors that sum up pearls of wisdom learned from the school of hard knocks. For example, when you miss a good investment opportunity, there’s consolation in knowing “another bus will be along in fifteen minutes.” With regard to buying stocks Peter Lynch said, “Spend at least as much time researching a stock as you would choosing a refrigerator.” And this Sioux proverb is also a good admonition: “When you realize that you are riding a dead horse the best strategy is to dismount.”

So, the saying that immediately jumps into my mind when I read the Freedonia report is this: “The trend is your friend.”

In sailing, there’s nothing like the feeling of the wind at your back and clear horizons ahead, the sail taut, catching the wind. The wind at your back makes everything easier. Catch the wind. The trend is your friend.

I recently picked up a hitchhiker on a rural highway. He’d been walking near fifteen miles when I came along. Heavy laden with a rather hefty set of baggage, he said he hadn’t minded most of it until this last portion where he came up a rise and was now walking into a headwind. It had been a beautiful day, but it’s tough to walk into the wind. And we all know what happens when you spit into the wind.

I’ve never been a surfer (other than body surfing in Puerto Rico) but I understand the principle. Surfers watch the incoming waves with an eye to the big ones that will give the biggest thrill. They paddle with the trend and position themselves to make a run. When it all comes together, the rush and roar of riding the wave gives an incomparable thrill. The trend is the surfer’s friend. Successful surfers go with the flow, not against it.

Summing Up
It’s a simple message that oil change professionals can profit from. The trend is toward more sophisticated technologies, and high tech lubricants will be increasingly required in the future, as well as desired. Promoting a properly priced premium synthetic solution is the primary way to benefit from this trend.

*“U.S. Synlubes Outlook Promising”, George Gill, Lube Report from Lubes ‘N Greases, April 7, 2010


AMSOIL Events Update: AMSOIL-lubed Matrix Takes First Place at T.O.R.C. Event

AMSOIL-lubed Matrix Takes First Place at T.O.R.C. Event

Ron De Guzman has a true passion for cars and a penchant for taking as much time as needed to create the modifications he envisions for every aspect of his ride. His 2003 Supercharged Toyota Matrix TRD took years of tweaks and modifications to reach the end result it is today. From 12 hour grinds to falling asleep underneath the car, De Guzman puts everything he’s got into finishing what he started.

De Guzman approached AMSOIL back in 2007 as he was preparing his Matrix for SEMA. Toyota was introducing the new body style of the Matrix and looking for the best four in the country when they found this one. They approached De Guzman, took his ride to Las Vegas on a trailer and set him up as a featured vehicle in the Toyota booth. This opened many doors for future opportunities and while at SEMA, Ron met with a representative from the respected and established Los Angeles-based custom auto body shop DONLYSON. It was here that Ron was introduced to the possibility of turning the Matrix into a custom wide body, and he decided to go for it.

It took 2 ½ years to complete the DONLYSON wide-body customization, 4 months to build the DPE wheels, 3-time graphic redesign, plus innumerable aftermarket mods%

via AMSOIL Events Update: AMSOIL-lubed Matrix Takes First Place at T.O.R.C. Event.


New Amsoil ad, take a look

This is an example ad coded to place on Craiglist, backpage, and places like that to get something a little better looking than normal.

Amsoil Synthetic Oil – Independent Dealer in Kansas City. Serving the entire midwest from Texas to North Dakota