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BoatsPlus Expands To Include Used Boats In Boat Sales Classifieds :- Non toxic antifreeze.


Highly rated Australian online marine trading site, BoatsPlus, has often targeted on displaying new boats and motors. However, in a bid to offer an inexpensive alternative option to those wanting to buy and sell used boats, it has launched BoatsPlus Classifieds. A Challenge To Existing Ship Sales Sites BoatsPlus Owner, Luke Moulton, decided to challenge existing online used ship sales sites because, he thinks, they're highly priced and do not offer patrons the best bang for their buck. “The net cruising classifieds competition is sort of wild – there are some massive players providing advertisements for both dealers and domestic customers.” he said.

“We think that by leveraging our current infrastructure we may be able to offer an reasonable alternative.” That the BoatsPlus website already receives over 45,000 visitors per month, speaks volumes for the high esteem in which it is held in the Australian boating community. With the addition of the new classifieds section for boat sales, along with outboard motors, yachts and other marine accessories, the site will, Moulton believes, “maximize our existing visitor's experience”. The Australian Marine Love Affair Australia has always had a water-loving population, having a great affinity with water-based sports, including sailing, cruising, jet-skiing, canoeing, kayaking and water skiing. It should thus come as not much of a surprise to learn that boat-ownership is one of the goals of its coastal population. In what many undertake to be challenging industrial times, the trend has been for Australian's to holiday at home, regularly with water based sports playing a major role. As a result, the BoatsPlus team is committed to placing a high level of signification on delivering the very best value to its clients through its new classifieds service.

Used boat classifieds will be an important addition to the BoatsPlus online portal, which currently features : Boats For Sale Ship Engines Outboard Motors Motor Yachts Canoes Boat Share Boat Accessories Personal Watercraft Ship Reviews Time-dependent Free Listing Offer A particularly limited introductory offer for a free classified listing is available now at Free Used Boat Listing distribution press releases .


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