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Car Repairs You Should Never Pay For

We all love our cars, but it is not hard to hate car repairs and the inevitable cost that comes with them. However, there are certain car repairs that you should never pay for and which are very easy to do on your own. After all, who wants to pay the price that comes with expensive labor and some of the other “add-ons” that are attached to taking your car to a service station or garage?

One car repair that you should never pay for is replacing a car battery. Sure, this is one of those parts that if it is not installed right means you are not going to be going anywhere until it is. A car battery is actually very easy to install yourself. First, remove the negative terminal followed by the positive. Undo any tie-downs that are holding the battery in place and then pull the battery out. Using a wire brush, clean the terminals removing residue, build up and other materials and simply put the new battery in by reversing what was just discussed. Remember not to throw away the old battery and search for a disposal or recycling center that accepts this type of material.

Another repair that you shouldn’t ever feel like you have to pay for is an oil change. While it may sound like something that is dirty, time consuming and easier done in a shop, an oil change is actually quite easy to perform in your own garage. The only three parts you have to know is the oil filler cap, oil filter and drain plug. All you do is unscrew these three parts to do an oil change and then screw the tops back on. It’s as simple as that. Remember though, do not dispose of the old oil by dumping it in a drain or a sewer. Find a company that disposes of oil and make sure it is handled properly.

Finally, another easy repair to make is the replacing of your air filter. Usually, you will be charged anywhere from $10 to $30 dollars for this to be done in five minutes in a shop. For less money and time you can handle it yourself. The air filter is integral to the good operating of your car and your engine needs clean air for optimal performance. To change the air filter simply open the hood of your car, locate the filter by unclasping the hooks on the big plastic box in front of you (this will be the only big plastic box under the hood of your car). The air filter is in the box, so once you open it up you will see a paper-like device that is probably going to be filthy. Take it out, put a clean one in, then close the box and your hood. Done!

Ultimately, with a little education you will find that the majority of car maintenance is relatively easy and inexpensive to do yourself. Furthermore, it will save you time and headaches at the repair shop. Learn more about what maintenance you can do yourself and keep your wallet happy and your car healthy.

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