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Eric Buell Racing – 1190 Ready To Race in Ohio

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Eric Buell Racing

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EBR 1190 Ready To Race in Ohio

July 07, 2011

A pipe dream is about to become a reality this weekend in Ohio.  The AMSOIL sponsored Erik Buell Racing (EBR) 1190 RS has been in production for the past several months, with more than 30 bikes already in the hands of customers.  At the AMA Pro Road Racing event held in Lexington, Ohio this weekend, the EBR 1190 will race for the first time.

The new bike will be replace the Buell 1125 that top rider Geoff May has been riding so far this season in the American Superbike class.  The new bike will bring more horsepower, better aerodynamics and smoother handling to the Mid-Ohio Raceway.  For company founder Erik Buell, it’s the next step in Eric Buell Racingrebuilding a brand.

Eric Buell Racing

AMSOIL Racing: Erik, we know you’re excited.  How is Geoff doing?

Erik Buell:  Extremely excited, but cautious. We know we are just getting started racing the EBR 1190RS, but we all know what a huge amount of effort it took to get here. The whole EBR team, including suppliers and sponsors like AMSOIL, has been working so hard to get us to this point that it will be a very rewarding moment to see all their efforts on track at last.

AR: So you guys got approved by the AMA.  Not an easy process, right?

EB: This was a complex process, unlike in the past. We had to prove we had produced a certain number of fully street legal 1190RS models that met all EPA/DOT regulations. No special allowances for modifications, or using legality in some other country as a means to qualify. Also we had to supply a complete set of critical parts, all detailed drawings for the parts with tolerances, as well as parts manuals, owner’s manuals, etc. Everything to make sure they can validate that we are racing the street bike with only allowable modifications, nothing custom just for our team.

AR: The bike has a little more get-up-and-go over the 1125?

EB: The bikes will have a bit more than the 1125RR race bikes had,  but they have not been refined or tweaked yet. Basically stock motors, with a base gasket removed to increase compression, and a race muffler and race ECM. So about 180 RWHP.

AR: Is there anything also about the bike we can add?

EB: The bikes started as stock 1190RS models that the race department received about two weeks ago.  And the 1190RS is completely new from front to rear from the old 1125. The radically different bodywork is the visual cue, but from front axle to rear, it is a new bike. So the team has a lot to learn, but are very excited about the potential.

AR: Good luck this weekend.

EB:  Thank you and many thanks to everyone at AMSOIL for their help in getting this bike on the race track.

Racing fuels Buell’s comeback as maker of sport bikes


Eric Buell Racing

Eric Buell Racing  Eric Buell Racing  Eric Buell Racing

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