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Extend The Life Of Your Imported Car with Servicing At A Foreign Auto Repair Shop

Just like you wouldn’t take your friend to the podiatrist if she had a stomach ache, you probably don’t want to take your European car – no matter if it’s one of the high end luxury models or one of the more practical makes – to just any local auto repair shop. Whether you just need routine upkeep and scheduled maintenance, or your car is in need of minor to major repairs; in order to extend the life of your car and make sure you get the correct parts, you should always take it to the mechanics who know it best.

While automobile engines, in general, share many of the same basic principles and have quite a few similarities across all makes and models, there are some real and specific differences between the Imports and cars that were made in the US. This makes sense, considering how different driving habits and conditions are between the two continents. The differences are quite evident when comparing European and American cars. In general, American cars are much bigger than those built in Europe. Automobiles across the pond are designed to handle small and windy roads and rainy weather conditions whereas, in the US, cars are built to handle straighter roads and longer, less extreme inclines. Large pick-up trucks, for instance, are so common in the US and are a genuine rarity in Europe because they simply aren’t practical there. And since gasoline is so much more expensive over there than here, fuel economy is a top priority.

German cars especially seem to benefit from specialized service, due to the fact that many of their parts, designs, and components are rather advanced and unique and require a certain level of training and experience to be properly cared for. While the same can probably be said of all makes and models to some extent, the likelihood of Joe’s Garage down the street being able to run proper diagnostics and have the correct parts and tools to repair your German import is probably not something you would want to gamble on.

The above is especially true for Audis, as these great cars are not seen quite as often in the US as some of the other German makes, such as Volkswagen and Mercedes. For that reason it is especially important that owners find an Audi service shop that they can trust, and who knows this brand of car inside and out, for all repairs both major and minor.

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