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How To Change A Flat Tire

Driving can be an enjoyable activity but when one gets a flat tire, then all of the fun is zapped out almost instantly. Flat tires can occur in many ways, the most common type of flat tire is caused by a single prick or small hole. These types of punctures can happen by driving off of the road, by driving over rocky roads, or by strategically placed nails meant to trap cars so that revenge can be gotten on slighted parties. The second type of flat tire is a blowout. If one has a blowout then their automobile must have come in contact with an overly large lump that caused the rubber part of the wheel to completely dislodge itself from the metal part of the wheel. If one ends up in a ditch on the side of the road but a flat tire is not the problem, then they should go to either the car repair factory or the brake repair shop.

The first step to fixing a flat tire is to locate the tire iron, hub nut, and spare tire. One can not to begin to change a flat tire if they are missing any of these essential parts. Then, individuals must survey the situation and make sure that it is safe to proceed. The spent tire must be removed. This can be done by lifting that end of the vehicle higher so the wheel is suspended in the air. This is a difficult task and can take a lot of strength. If one pushes hard enough, however, then even the weakest can change a tire. Often adrenaline can fuel the strength of someone who otherwise would not be able to change a tire.

The next step is to use the hub nut and tire iron to remove the old tire and replace it with the new one. A hub nut is like a key, each one is different and to remove or lock on a new tire, then one must have their car’s specific hub nut. The tire iron is attached to the hub nut to bolt the wheel to the vehicle. Spare tires are often kept in the trunk, attached to the back of the car or sometimes even under the vehicle. If the spare is in the trunk, then it is often under the trunk carpeting or in a side compartment.

Once the tire is one the car, then one should put the old tire either in their trunk or wherever their spare is usually kept. Driving directly to the nearest auto shop is recommended because spare tires can often give out. It is unsafe to travel anywhere without a working backup tire especially if one acquired their flat tire from one of those revenge seeking nail traps. If the flat was a blowout, then unfortunately, it cannot be fixed and a new tire must be purchased. If the flat was just a leak or a hole, then most competent mechanics can patch or fix it.

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