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Mate USA Group Rectifiable Pumps, Boat Horns, Rub Rails And Bimini Tops Promoted Via New Distributors And Web Sites


According to a twenty-two June 2011 release from the Nation's Sea Makers Association, the buck price of U.S. Wholesale shipments of outboard-, inboard- and sterndrive-propelled recreational boats thru April 2011 are up 20 p.c over the same period of last year. Building on that upswing the Pal USA Group–a consortium of Italian manufacturers–this week announced a strategic marketing agreement with Lewis Sea Supply, Inc. To distribute Bimini tops, dock fendering profiles, rub rails for boats and other sailing accessories from Tessilmare SRL together with electronic rectifiable pumps, oil change systems, washdown systems, air and electric boat horns and sea hailers from Marco S.p.A. Pal USA Group’s intensive line of top-end marine products and aftermarket boat upgrades will now be available at Lewis Sea Supply locations spanning the Atlantic seaboard from Ft. Lauderdale / Miami Florida to Greenport / Long Island NY. “Mate USA has a firm foothold in the U.S. Sea market that we plan to transform into a position of leadership.” stated Jim Gerum, President of Frontier Sales & Marketing and principal marketing agent for Pal USA Group.

Mate USA Group Reversible Pumps, Boat Horns, Rub Rails and Bimini Tops Marketed via New Distributors and Websites

“To that end, a key objective for our 2011 expansion system is the targeting and absorption of established, successful and reputable distributors like Lewis Marine Supply, which has been satisfying their marine retail agent and sailing purchasers for at least fifty years. And to bring those proved producers on board and keep them on board, our distributor programme will supply them not only with quality products but also qualified sales prospects. Marco and Tessilmare will manufacture the products, of course, and our 2 semantically-focused sites will generate the leads.” Friend USA Group’s mission is to promote the products of Italian manufactures Marco S.p.A. And Tessilmare SRL to the U.S. Marine supply market and American boaters : The Tessilmare line of Bimini tops, other sun tops for boats, and Radial brand PVC and Sphaera brand stainless-steel ship fendering profiles or rub rails are presented online at RubRails-n-BiminiTops The Marco line of “E” Series electronic rectifiable pumps and other gear pumps, with both electrical and air boat horns release press release and sea hailers, can be discovered at GearPumps-n-Horns Both these websites were designed for the Semantic Web–a Net Consortium (W3C) initiative also known as Web 3.0–by Miami web site designer Bruce Arnold’s WebReDesignMiami with Web 3.0 front-end development by associate 0DesignMiami Both sites pass all seven tests of “Web 3.0 Readiness”, including not only basic tests of W3C standards compliance as to content (HTML) and format (CSS) but also behavior, Section 508 accessibility, semantics, feed syndication and links. Every page on both sites is handcoded PHP-scripted keyword-optimized and search-friendly HTML5 and CSS3 for high visibility, and both sites leverage Flash-free “iPad Ready” jQuery animation and VA4Most.js audio / video media show for broad accessibility. The tagline of Bruce Arnold’s South Florida Semantic Site design boutique is “web design with results in mind”. And according to Ron Geuterman, Pal USA Group manufacturers representative for Lewis Sea Supply, GearPumps-n-Horns and RubRails-n-BiminiTops are delivering : “Our goal is to make our marine supply distributors ‘ job straightforward by furnishing them not only top quality sailing products at keen prices but also well thought out promotional resources and, as significantly, exact informed and interested prospects.

Formidable Italian engineering from Marco and Tessilmare is assuring the previous, and results-driven website design by Bruce Arnold’s Miami website design team is enabling the latter.” About the Pal USA Group and Frontier Sales & Promoting Frontier Sales & Promoting is the U.S. Promoting representative for the Pal USA Group, an Italian sea producing consortium that includes Marco S.p.A. And Tessilmare SRL. GearPumps-n-Horns is the U.S. Online distribution portal for electronic rectifiable pumps and air and electric ship horns and hailers by Marco, and RubRails-n-BiminiTops is the U.S. Cruising source for Radial PVC and Sphaera stainless steel marine rub rails and Bimini tops from Tessilmare.

About WebReDesignMiami and 0DesignMiami Site design Miami style involves more than bright colors and alluring aesthetics for Miami web designer, Web 3.0 front-end developer and internet-based marketing guru Bruce Arnold. Concentrating on net position results, his Miami site design firm delivers business marketing and ecommerce websites designed for the Semantic Web that feature W3C standards compliant HTML5 and CSS3 for high visibility and unobtrusive Javascript and jQuery-enhanced screen presentation for broad accessibility.


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