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The Ford Shelby Mustang

For a car company to rise to the top, it needs to be able to produce high performance cars that can transcend through ages and Ford is definitely one of the many companies who were able to do so. From the first car that launched and even up to this day, the company never fails to deliver. But perhaps one of the best cars that Ford has created which is still highly in demand these days, especially for those who collect vintage vehicles, is the Ford Shelby Mustang, a muscle car created by Shelby American.

The first model of the Mustang was created in 1965. It was built as an upgrade from the full sized muscle cars that were available during that era. The first generation Mustang had power engines with the same speed and strength of the muscle cars it preceded but it is lighter as the manufacturers believed that small cars or sports cars will be the next hot thing on the market. However, they did not want to compromise the number of passengers that a car could carry so they modelled the Mustang after the Falcon, one of the hottest compact cars during that time, but they designed it with back seats to accommodate more passengers. At the same time, they added customizable options for the car so that it can be modelled according to the users preference.

On the first day of the launch, the company was able to sell about 22,000 Ford Shelby Mustangs in one day. This indeed helped put the model on top of the charts. They continuously updated the Mustang year after year and they were successful in producing five generations of the car before it was completely fazed out of the market. But perhaps the most successful among all those generations of the Mustang is the 1968 model. Known as the GT500 KR or King of the Road, it dubbed as one of the top selling muscle classic cars even up to this day.

The 1968 Shelby Mustang was equipped with a V8 engine which is so powerful that it can produce up to 248kW of power. This car was indeed what a muscle car should be all about. It runs smoothly with intense speed and high power as it is equipped with 450bhp. At the same time, the cars body got a remodelling which gave it a more luxurious and macho look.

After the fifth generation of the Ford Shelby Mustang released in 1973, the production of the car stopped. But it was revived in 2007 wherein they released a much updated version which all the classic car enthusiast will surely love.

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