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Solutions For Increasing Fuel Efficiency Don’t Always Work

By Kathy Jenkins

While fuel prices continue to head upward, people are doing whatever they can to deal with this situation. Even so, not every person is making the best choices in their attempts to increase fuel efficiency. You’ll find people who are buying products that claim to improve fuel efficiency without offering any proof. There seems to be some companies making these products in order to rip people off. People really are looking for the solution but do any of these products actually work?

It’s not that tough to be seduced by the extravagant claims that these products make. Can these solutions really trim expenses on gas mileage and is there valid proof that it does work. Can these vendors demonstrate their claims or is the Environmental Protection Agency right when they say none of the products they have tested, increase gas mileage? Not any of these products have been qualified as legitimate by the foremost authority in fuel economy. All these products possess anecdotal evidence but there many people who will feel ripped off. Even though there’s no proof that they work, with concrete evidence by an unbiased party, doesn’t mean that they don’t work for some people.

How can you really know if these products help when you put them in your gas tank? You probably could not tell since there are so many variables involved unless the improvements are absolutely drastic. The problem with spending hard-earned money on these products is there are numerous things you can do that don’t cost you money, which are known to help your gas mileage. You could save on gasoline by simply maintaining the appropriate tire pressure which many people don’t do. Unless of course you need to pay for the air by way of a machine, normally you can get this for free. But a number of people actually feel it is better to spend several times more or simply spend a lot of money on a frauduct than to simply put air in the tires.

An additional way to save on fuel is to change your air filters on a regular basis. With clean filters, your gas mileage will improve. This is yet another area that people never look at when they want to find ways to save. You’ll save a lot more by removing stuff out of your car trunk and making sure that you use the proper motor oil for your vehicle. Additionally you can save on gas by just not using your car’s air conditioning.

With so many ways to trim expenses on gas without needing to spend a lot of money, there is no reason to try any of those fuel-saving products. To save cash, you don’t always have to fork out money.

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