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Ford Edge Cooling Fan Replacement–Part 2

Ford Edge cooling fan

Part 1 is here http://www.syntheticoilhq.com/blog/ford-edge-cooling-fan-replacementpart-1video/

This is the project to replace the cooling fan on our 2007 Ford Edge myself, to save part of the $900.00 that Ford wanted. It’s pretty labor intensive, but nothing really unusual.

Ford Edge cooling fan

I think there will be 4 parts to this series, still putting the video together. In part two, we demonstrate the following steps;

  1. Start removing wiring harness from the top of the radiator.
  2. Removing the panel across the top of the radiator.
  3. Moving the hood prop rod.
  4. Removing fender well/ wheel well screws.
  5. Removing splash panel from the bottom of front bumper.


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